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A Night's Tale: 2.1


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A Night's Tale: 2.1

  1. 1. Welcome to a Nights Tale, generation two, part one!Last time, we saw generation two escape from the aliens and aspeech on heirship from Jack Night.Also, this chapter might be awful. I really struggled with writing it, andtrying to think of a plot, and then I lost a ton of pictures, so if its jumpy,Im sorry. I promise that the next chapter will be better. :)Anyway. Moving on -->
  2. 2. Jack and Meadow stood at the end of their new patio, observing thebuilders working on the house. It looked a lot different from the houseMeadow and Jack had raised their children in, but elements of it werethe same.Meadow looked up at the building and frowned.
  3. 3. “Is that a stage on the back of our house?” Meadow questioned,holding her smile in place.“Yeah,” Jack nodded, “Spiral was designing the house and Shelby-”“Shelby designed our house?”“-had recently visited Veronaville. She thought a stage seemed like aunique addition to any house, while Spiral thought it would be great tomake family speeches on.”
  4. 4. “Family speeches?” Meadow blinked, confused, before glaring at thestage again.“You know the talk we delivered on heirship? Spiral was very keen tomake that a tradition, hence why he feels we need a stage.”Meadow turned to Jack and sighed, “Is Spiral still keen on Shelby?”“Why dont you like them dating, Meadow?”
  5. 5. “Shes his first girlfriend,” Meadow shrugged, “I have nothing againstSpiral, I just think he can find someone he...fits better with.”“I know what you mean. Theres weak chemistry between Spiral andShelby. He needs someone hes madly in love with.”“Exactly.”“But Meadow, we have to leave him to it, you know that, right?”“I do, I do.”
  6. 6. “Whats wrong with Mr and Mrs Night? Do they not like the house?”“Im not sure...” The female builder glanced over to them, worriedly, “Ihope the house is all right, weve rebuilt the balcony three times!”“Ill send someone to check everything is okay.”
  7. 7. “How about we go check out the view from the balcony?” Jack asked,as a builder wandered over.“Everything okay with the house?”“Its brilliant!” Jack replied, cheerfully. Meadow nodded in agreement,still unsure over the stage.
  8. 8. “Spirals going to love this!” Jack decided. Meadow couldnt help butgrin.“In that case, this whole project is worthwhile.”
  9. 9. “Stella!” Merc called, pulling his younger sister into a hug, “How haveyou been?”“Not so bad.” Stella replied, truthfully, a hesitation in her voice thatsuggested something had happened to her, and she wanted to talkabout it.“Sounds like you have some news.” Mercury smiled, encouragingly.Stella nodded and began to recall some earlier events.
  10. 10. Charles Okuma was a perfectly ordinary man when he had wanderedinto the same shop as Stella Night the day they first met.He was no different to any other guy, any other townie, but somehow,things were never quite the same after he had met Stella.
  11. 11. First of all, she had started an inappropriate conversation with him,with no introductions or warnings.Charles gradually became intrigued by the young lady, and they beganto spend some more time together.
  12. 12. It quickly became apparent that Stella liked him, in ways more thanfriendship. It surprised him when she brought the subject up of a date,because Charles was pretty sure he was supposed to ask.He agreed anyway, because he didnt want to turn her down. Not forall the money in the world.Stella, however, wasnt so keen and didnt call him back.
  13. 13. While Stella was telling Merc all about Charles Okuma, Spiral,meanwhile, was admiring the view from his dorm room.Bim Lawson looked over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow at the alienwho was clearly interested in her.
  14. 14. “Hey, Im Spiral Night. Youve probably heard of me, right?” Spiralgrinned, “My family just founded a Greek House on campus.”“Oh, look who thinks he can impress a girl with that Im an heir line!”Bim laughed, “I know who you are, Spiral. I know your girlfriend,Shelby.”Spiral blinked, remembering Shelby mention something about beingable to get into university, “Oh...well that makes things awkward.”
  15. 15. “Relax, Im not about to tell her.” Bim replied. Spiral smiled a little.“Why? You dont know me well enough to cover my tracks for me,”Spiral paused for a moment, “besides, she is definitely faithful to me.This would break her heart.”Bim frowned a little at these words, “Yeah...look, we can be friendsright? Just friends.”“Im going to hold you to that...sorry, I dont know your name...”“Bim Lawson.”
  16. 16. “Then its a pleasure to meet you, Bim Lawson.”“Same to you.” Bim nodded, and gently rested a hand on her door,ready to leave the loud common room behind. Spiral waved lazily, andtook off in the direction of his own dorm room.“If only he knew.” Bim murmured, watching him leave, her thoughts onShelby. Without another word, she disappeared into her own dorm.
  17. 17. Weeks began to pass, eventually leading to Stella and Spiral joiningthe family Greek House. It was a fun place, despite its lacking décor,of dancing and parties.“Check it out, Merc, Im doing the robot!”
  18. 18. Spiral only had one thing on his mind though, and it often stopped himfrom joining the party.“The person you have dialled cannot reach the phone right now,please leave a message after the tone.”“Hey, Shelb, its me. Look, weve both been at uni a while now, and Ihavent see you...I miss you...”
  19. 19. “Perhaps we could meet up and go for dinner next week? Call me. Ilove you.”
  20. 20. “The number you have dialled cannot reach the phone right now,please leave a message after the tone.”“Hey, Shelby. Its Spiral. You never called me back about dinner are things?”
  21. 21. “I know were all busy with work and stuff, but its no excuse. I reallymiss you...Shelby? Alright...youre not me soon, okay? Ilove you...”
  22. 22. “Shelby, your phone is going AGAIN, who is calling you?!” Nawwafdemanded.Shelby smiled slightly, “Its some guy I used to date in high school. Nobig deal.”“A clingy ex, right? Theyre the worst.”“It doesnt matter. Forget about my phone.”
  23. 23. “Shelby, its probably guessed that...look, I really want to talkto you...or just hear from you...are you even getting my messages?Come on over to the house at some point, I cant wait to see you. Ilove you. Bye.”
  24. 24. Spiral threw the phone down on the seat next to him, and looked up,irritated, confused and upset.“Why does she never answer her phone? Why does she never call meback?” Spiral demanded, receiving no answer.
  25. 25. A few days passed, and Bim dropped by to see Spirals siblings, justbefore Cara was due to join the Greek House.Bim had just finished explaining how Shelby was cheating on Spiral,and why she wasnt answering her phone, “So what do you think?”“I think my brother is an idiot and needs a real girlfriend.” Stellareplied, fiercely.“Ive known Shelby since I was little...this isnt really like her...” Mercurycommented, “Do we tell Spiral?”“Yes, we do,” Stella said, firmly, “Its just a question of how.”
  26. 26. “We have to do it gently,” Mercury decided, “This whole thing isnt fairon him at all.”“I know, I know,” Stella sighed, “Bim, would you like to do it?”“What? Why me?”“You two are really close!” Stella cried, grinning, “Besides, Im goingout with Charles tonight. I dont have the time.”Mercury coughed, “I, too, have a date tonight.”He promptly blushed, and the conversation turned its attention ontohim.
  27. 27. “Whos the lucky girl, then?” Stella grinned. Mercurys blushdeepened.“Heather Huffington. We met at a club last week.”“Ah...” Stellas grin widened.“Says you. Youre dating that guy...Someone Phoenix?”“Jimmy Phoenix. Hes really nice!” Stella responded, defensively.
  28. 28. “So nice that you wont help our little brother realise his girlfriendscheating on him?” Merc asked, smiling.“Hey, youre too busy with your girlfriend!”Bim cleared her throat, “Ill tell him. I just dont know when.”
  29. 29. After that conversation, the three of them cleared out as Cara movedin. She ended up living in the dorms until the almost-end of hersophomore year. Oops, my mistake?“Whats up with you, Spiral? Youre taking your time eating thatsandwich...”“Have you ever had a partner who wont answer your phone calls?”“Spiral, Ive never had a this about Shelby?”
  30. 30. “How did you guess?” Spiral laughed, “Ah well, its my problem to dealwith. How come you havent been dating the days away like Mercuryand Stella?”Cara shrugged, “People here see me as the cutesy baby sister of thebold legacy kids. The girl in pink.”“So try the matchmaker? Shes usually pretty reliable.”“She has to be for the prices she charges...”Despite the doubts that surrounded the matchmaker, Cara consideredit, and decided to give blind-dates a shot.
  31. 31. So Cara made an appointment with the local matchmaker.“My brother recommended you,” Cara smiled, “I want to find true love.”“How much cash have you got handy?”“Enough.”“Then I might be able to show some interest in your case! Prepare tomeet the love of your life!”
  32. 32. “Um, people usually get this close on a first date?”“They do if alcohol is involved!”“But...”“No refunds.”
  33. 33. “Your hair smells nice, what shampoo do you use?”Despite their strange introduction, Cara and Kennedy actually got onpretty well. He was definitely on the list for being invited back to theGreek House.
  34. 34. After that, it seemed love was in the air for the Greek House.Well, except for Spiral...
  35. 35. Mercury and Heather turned out to be a surprisingly strong couple,despite the fact Heather rolled wants for Spiral, and some of the SimState guys.I guess shes willing to give up affairs for Merc? So romantic.
  36. 36. “Arent you glad you didnt get tied down to Shelby, Merc?” Stellagrinned as she walked past.Unsurprisingly, she didnt get a response from Mercury.
  37. 37. Of course, no Greek House is complete without parties, and so theNight kids started throwing some...but only invited their partners, andBim Lawson.Selective guest lists, I guess.
  38. 38. “Hey Bim,” Spiral nodded, with a smile, “seeing as everyonesdancing...would you like to dance?”“Well, we are the only ones without partners...”“Who said you needed a partner to dance?” Spiral teased, “I just feltlike asking you to dance.”“How nice of you.”“Is that a yes or a no?”
  39. 39. “You and me are going to prove we can dance better than any of thecouples here.” Bim decided, grinning.Spiral nodded, as the song changed, and the tempo slowed. Heswallowed, before reluctantly stepping forward to slow dance with Bim.
  40. 40. Over the house, the slow dance gradually became more and more of acouple situation, complete with twirling and kisses.Spiral felt uneasy about the whole thing, his mind still firmly set onShelby.
  41. 41. “Have I ever told you how much I like you, Spiral?” Bim asked, softly, “Ididnt want to admit it...youre so keen on Shelby, that I-”“You like me?” Spiral questioned, surprised. He suddenly realised hequite liked Bim too. But there was still Shelby to think about. She didntneed to be cheated on.“Bim, I cant do this.”“I figured youd say that.”
  42. 42. “I like you, Bim, I truly do, but,” Spiral backed away, slowly, “I haventseen Shelby...its been ages, years even. I mean, I invited her but...”“Calm down, Spiral.”“Ive got to go.” With that, Spiral took off running.
  43. 43. He ran right out of the door to the undecorated Greek House he hadformed with his siblings – all of the decorating money had been spenton matchmaker dates – and into the street.He didnt know where to start looking for Shelby, but hed start in themost obvious place. Her dorm.
  44. 44. But Spiral didnt look where he was going, didnt look both ways whenhe stepped into the road...
  45. 45. ...
  46. 46. “Spiral? Oh plumbbob! Spiral!”
  47. 47. “Please dont be dead,” Bim whispered, “I cant live without you.”Bim rushed over to Spirals side, neglecting to get the attention of hissiblings, or anyone.
  48. 48. The driver got out of his car, shakily, “I swear I didnt see him. He justcame from nowhere! I could only hit the breaks...I was only goingslowly. He cant be dead!”“Calm down!” Bim cried, though she was anything but calm.
  49. 49. At precisely the wrong moment, Shelby came wandering down thestreet.“Hey, have you seen Spiral? He invited me to some house party-Spiral? Hes been hit with a car?!”“Relax, weve called an ambulance.” The driver said, terrified.
  50. 50. Bim kneeled down, ignoring the fact they were all in the road, andspoke softly to Spiral, “Spiral, honey, come on! Wake up! Dont die,you have a legacy to manage...”Bim couldnt hold back the tears, “Oh, Spiral.”
  51. 51. When Spiral opened his eyes, he wasnt anywhere he recognised.“If theres something wrong with being shirtless in meadow, I dontever want to be right.”“Spiral.” Came a stern voice, “What are you doing?”
  52. 52. Shelby laid down and rested her head opposite Spirals, “You knowyoure shirtless, right?”“Ive chosen not to question it,” Spiral told her, peacefully, “besides,youre not exactly wearing a shirt, either.”“Thats not why Im here.”“Then we should just both enjoy the sunshine.”“No, Spiral-”“Get up off the floor. Both of you.” Added another voice.
  53. 53. Bim appeared at the edge of the meadow as Spiral and Shelby rose.“Calm down, Bim.” Spiral replied, playfully.“No! You cant lay in a field with Shelby!” Bim snapped.“Why not?” Spiral smiled, “Its romantic.”Bim snorted, “Shelby and romantic? They dont mix.”
  54. 54. Shelby disappeared once Spiral had found his feet. Bim looked atSpiral, sadly.“You dont know why youre here, do you?” She asked him, quietly.“Pretty girls in hula outfits? I must be dreaming.”Bim shook her head, “I suppose it doesnt matter.”“Do you want to watch the clouds with me?” Spiral questioned,oblivious.
  55. 55. “No. No romantic advances until you realise why were here.”“Okay, okay, chill out.”With that, Bim left the meadow. Spiral shrugged, and laid down again.
  56. 56. “I dont think Ill ever understand women,” Spiral chuckled to himself,until he realised he was sinking into the ground, “wait! Whats goingon?”Spiral spent his last few moments in the meadow panicking, beforeeverything went black.
  57. 57. On the tarmac of the road, Spiral rolled over and coughed. He ached allover, and had an enormous headache, but he seemed okay.“What happened to me? Did I pass out in the road?”Carefully, he climbed to his feet.
  58. 58. “Whatever I did last night, I dont think Ill be doing again in a while,”Spiral decided, “even if Bim wears coconuts.”A cheerful cry interrupted Spirals thoughts, “Spiral!”
  59. 59. “See? Told you he would be fine.” Shelby grinned, “Time to take myplace a legacy spouse.”Bim didnt like the way Shelby was grinning as she planned to marrySpiral, and instead of reacting, pushed past her towards Spiral.
  60. 60. “Spiral! Youre alright!” Bim grinned, pulling him close. This time, Spiraldidnt shy away.“Bim! Youre not wearing a hula skirt!”“...what?”“Long story. Maybe I can tell you some time,” Spiral winced as Bimsqueezed him, “careful, Bim, Im bruised.”
  61. 61. Spiral kissed Bim passionately as Shelby waited idly.“I guess this means Im not going to be a legacy spouse.” Shelby sighed.Spiral broke away from Bim.
  62. 62. “Yeah, youre right about that. Because you havent bothered to get intouch at all since we arrived at university.” Spiral shrugged, andadded, with a smile, “Is fame and a legacy all you ever saw in me,Shelby?”Muttering and swearing, Shelby turned her back on Spiral andwandered away. Spiral turned his attention back onto Bim.
  63. 63. Carefully, Spiral sunk to one knee, wincing a little at the pain.“Bim...can I ask you something?”Her heartbeat sped up, “You just did, but go on.”“Bim Lawson, I think I love you, and...well...”
  64. 64. “...will you marry me?”Bim did not hesitate, and answered immediately. With the word yes,of course.
  65. 65. And this is where I leave you!I told you it wasnt a great chapter. But meh.Join us next time for graduations, meet-the-parents, weddings andbabies!Thanks for reading!