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A Night's Tale: 1.4


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A Night's Tale: 1.4

  1. 1. Welcome back to a Nights Tale!Last time, we saw the children grow up – Cara was born, and grew upsomewhat more girly than her older sister. Spiral starting datingMercurys best friend, Shelby, which irritated Merc. Then the aliensdecided to take some revenge on the family for disrupting theirresearch, and abducted the kids for research.Sound familiar? If not, I suggest going back and reading the previouschapters, theres not that many.Onto the current chapter!
  2. 2. Merc was the most worried out of all the Night children abducted bythe aliens. He tried everything to calm his nerves – his mind continuedto wander to the subject of Shelby and Spiral.Even now, he still didnt like it.Somehow, his brain would always work its way back to the worry – theworry of what was going to happen to them.
  3. 3. Stella seemed a lot calmer and more relaxed than Mercury was. Butinside her head, her thoughts were wild. She didnt like the coldatmosphere of the aliens...But she, too, was more interested in life back home. Stella wantedthere to be someone waiting for her when they returned. Spiral was solucky to have Shelby.
  4. 4. Spiral, not being able to read the minds of his siblings, had no ideathey were thinking about him. He briefly considered Shelby, beforedeciding there was nothing useful he could do.So he decided to nap.
  5. 5. Cara was trying to think practically, but it wasnt working. She was theyoungest, and had no desire to spend her teen years locked in a roomwith people she was related to.
  6. 6. The Night children were quite often unaware of the alien attention theyreceived While they had inklings of thoughts that they might beobserved, none of them had noticed it so far.The alien was pleased with how well the humans were adapting totheir environment. So far, not one of them had acted out about beinglocked up. Sensible children.
  7. 7. Cara may not have reacted to her imprisonment, but her thoughtswere constantly noted down in a blank book she had found on theshelf.
  8. 8. It was the one place Cara would confess how worried she truly was.
  9. 9. Stella seemed to be the only one doing anything practical.“Spiral, I think we should hold low profiles while here. You know, notact out on purpose,” Stella said.“Why am I the only one getting this speech?” Spiral inquired, smirking.“I know what youre like,” Stella chuckled, “youre likely to meddle, Ithink. So look at it this way, if we behave, we might get out early forgood behaviour.”Spiral laughed, cheerfully, “Stel, this isnt prison, this is an alien basecraft thing!”
  10. 10. For the most part, Spiral agreed. But this didnt stop him beingmischievous every now and then.“Class,” the lead alien, Drone, called to his students, “were going tocontinue our studies on humans. Today, weve got a human and a half-breed to examine.”
  11. 11. “I guess thats our cue, right?” Spiral joked. Cara stared at him with asteady gaze.“Just behave yourself,” she told him, quietly.“Like thats any fun,” Spiral responded, before speaking up, “Drone?May I speak to your class?”
  12. 12. “Go ahead, half-breed Spiral,” Drone smiled, in what he hoped was awarm fashion – he had seen the humans trading similar smiles andnoted they seemed to find comfort in them.“Spiral,” Cara hissed, “what are you doing?”“Teaching this lot about humans, right?” Spiral grinned, and walked tothe front.
  13. 13. “Whats the first difference you can note about my culture compared toyours?” Spiral called out, pausing for answer that was never offered,so he continued regardless.“See, no one on my planet calls anyone by their function, we havenames...we have different appearances...” Spiral smiled at the aliens,who were sporting confused looks, “We are all unique.”
  14. 14. “I dont understand,” confessed one of the aliens. Their partner smiledslightly, picking it up as a human trait.“Basically, the half-breed...sorry, Spiral...says we can never blend withhis society due to our lack of individuality...if I follow his wordscorrectly...” The partner alien frowned, and looked to Spiral forconformation.
  15. 15. “Right!” Spiral agreed, enthusiastically, “but I dont know how to teachindividuality to a class of clones, so I will go about it the only way I seefit...”With one quick movement, Spiral collected a microphone from thedesk in the corner of the room. It was only used for larger seminars, tomake voices heard in the back of the hall. But Spiral had anotherreason for it.
  16. 16. “Here goes nothing,” Spiral whispered to himself, and began to sing asong... “Youre so hot, teasing me, So youre blue But I cant take a chance On a chick like you, Its something I couldnt do”
  17. 17. The aliens were confused. What were they supposed to do? Buteventually, they got caught up the rhythm of Spirals song. “Theres that look, in your eye, And I read in your face That your feelings are driving you wild, But girl, youre only a child.”
  18. 18. “Well I can dance with you, honey, If you think its funny,Does your mother know that youre out? And I can chat with you, baby, Flirt a little maybeDoes your mother know that youre out?”
  19. 19. “Take it easy, take it easy, Better slow down, girl, Thats no way to go, Does your mother knowTake it easy, take it easy Better cool it, girl, Take it nice and slow,Does your mother know”
  20. 20. “I can see what you want, But you seem pretty youngTo be searching for that kind of fun, So maybe Im not the one Now youre so cute, I like your style, And I know what you mean When you give me a flash Of that smile But girl youre only a child,”
  21. 21. “Well I could dance with you, honey, If you think its funny,Does your mother know that youre out? And I could chat with you, baby, Flirt a little maybe,Does your mother know that youre out?”
  22. 22. Drone began to get out of his seat and head towards Spiral, whopromptly dropped the microphone, and backed towards the door, stillsinging. “Take it easy, take it easy Better slow down, girl, Thats no way to go, Does your mother know Take it easy, take it easy, Better cool it, girl, Take it nice and slow, Does your mother know”
  23. 23. Cara ran into the holding room, taking Stella by surprise. She seemedworried and upset, so Stella quietly put the book she had been readingaway – the aliens had good choice in literature, it seemed.Drone locked the door behind Cara, and Stella had to question –where was Spiral?
  24. 24. “Spiral started an alien student rebellion!” Cara blurted out, causingStellas purple eyes to widen.“A rebellion?”“A youth culture, whatever,” Cara replied, breathlessly, “they put him insolitary!”“I told him to behave,” Stella said, sourly.
  25. 25. “Who cares,” Merc said, from his bed on the far side of the room, “itllgive him time to think about things.”Cara glared at her oldest brother, who just shrugged, and continued,“If he started a rebellion, he has to pay the price for it, no?”
  26. 26. “Mercs right, Cara,” Stella agreed, smiling up at her younger sister,“we did warn Spiral not to get himself into any trouble.”“But...but...” Caras lip wobbled, like it did when she was little andwanted to cry.“Hell be fine, Cara,”
  27. 27. “I want out now,” Cara replied, decidedly, “I want to go home. I want tobe able to act like a real teenager, instead of a science experiment.”“Well work something out,” Stella offered, “but not right now. Weregoing to be closely watched for more signs of rebellion.”Cara sighed, and headed over to the bookcase, her thoughts centredon Spiral and escape.
  28. 28. Spiral tapped on the glass door of solitary confinement, but foundhimself ignored. Humming the theme tune to the Great Escape, hebegan to look around.Home was nowhere in sight.
  29. 29. “Ah well, could be worse,” he decided, cheerfully, sitting down, “at theleast the view is good.”But optimism couldnt hold Spirals mind, as his thoughts turned toShelby and whether she was worried about him or not.
  30. 30. As time wore on, Cara grew even more anxious.“Why start a rebellion?” Cara demanded in a furious whisper, “Why?”“Cara, chill, hell be fine,” Stella stated, hoping there was truth in herwords.
  31. 31. “Hey guys,” Spiral called, entering as if it was his cue. He wasescorted by no drone, yet the door had been locked.Stella and Cara looked up at him questioningly.
  32. 32. “How did you get in here?” Stella asked, as Cara wandered off to writein her journal, “The door was locked!”“Apparently, alien technology runs through fingerprints and stuff...youknow, it detects if you have alien DNA or whatever,” Spiral gestured,coolly, “Im part alien, I can open some of the doors.”“And thats how you got out of solitary early, right?”“Bingo,” Spiral grinned.
  33. 33. “Could we use this to get out?” Stella questioned, her voice filled withhope. Spiral nodded, smiling.“I think so,” he responded, “I know where the main control room is...wecould use it to direct ourselves home...”Stella grinned.
  34. 34. “Great,” Merc rolled his eyes, unimpressed, “the troublemaker figuresout how to mess up electronics using his DNA, and were trusting himto get us out of here?!”
  35. 35. “Well, you can stay here if you like,” Spiral turned to face his brother,“or you can get sent to solitary with us, and well all go from there.”
  36. 36. “No one gets left behind,” Stella decided, in an authoritative voice,“why do we need to go to solitary?”“I only know my way to the control room from there...I got a little loston my way back,” Spiral admitted, truthfully.“Then tell us the plan, and well get to it.”
  37. 37. It wasnt long until the Night children figured out how to put their planinto action. They just had to wait for the moment.“Right, so this cubes will monitor your vital statistics, which I will giveto the students for study later,” Drone explained, a simplified version ofthe machines, “and no funny business.”
  38. 38. “Im serious,” Drone stated, after Spiral and Stella had smiled at hiswarning, “you will ALL end up in solitary. Even the innocent two,”With his point made, Drone left, hoping his threats had been enoughto keep the human and half-breed in line.
  39. 39. In no time at all, Spiral had jumped down and was heading for the exit.They had agreed Stella needed to stay behind, or the entire operationwould look like a conspiracy to the aliens.“Good luck,” Stella smiled, “See you in solitary.”
  40. 40. “I cant wait to get out of here,” Stella announced, pulling a face, asshe sat down to wait.
  41. 41. “Alright,” Spiral echoed over the microphone. He had decided the bestroom for causing trouble in was the lecture theatre,“testing...testing...can anyone hear me?”
  42. 42. “What are the odds of this working?” Cara asked, breathlessly. Mercattempted to shrug.“Havent a clue,” he smiled a little. This was fun, “worth a try, though.”
  43. 43. Spiral opted for the song he knew Drone would recognise, the song hehad started a rebellion that would irritate Drones memoriesof last time. “I can dance with you, honey, If you think its funny, Does your mother know that youre out? And I chat with you, baby, Flirt a little maybe Does your mother know that youre out?”
  44. 44. “WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE GALAXY IS HAPPENING IN HERE?!”Drone demanded, entering the theatre.“We were bored,” Spiral said, simply, still talking into the microphone,“Were having fun!”“SOLITARY. FOR EVERYONE. EVEN THE OTHER HUMAN.”Spiral had trouble trying to disguise the smile on his face.
  45. 45. Cara hated solitary the minute Drone had locked them all there. Theunsettling silence would have driven her mad, she wasnt sure howSpiral had coped with it alone.Even when Mercury had opened the door for her, Cara still felt uneasy,and dashed through the archway into the corridor as quickly aspossible.
  46. 46. “Merc!” Cara gasped, as she pulled him into a hug, “What if thisdoesnt work? What if we have to spend more time in solitary?!”“Calm down, Cara, itll be fine,” Merc said, quietly.“I hated it in there, and I wasnt even there for long-”“It doesnt matter now, youre out...”
  47. 47. “Were all going to be okay, Cara,” Merc said, peacefully.“I hope youre right,” Cara sighed, “I just want to go home.”
  48. 48. Behind the glass door of her cell, Stella watched Mercury comfortingCara. If she had alien DNA, she would have unlocked the door herselfand helped out.Instead, Stella had nothing to do but watch Merc be a good olderbrother, and wait patiently for her release.
  49. 49. Pretty soon, everyone was out of their cells, and reunited in thecorridor, through a series of hugs.“Alright, follow me!” Spiral called, in a hushed voice.
  50. 50. Quietly walking through the corridors, a thought had been pulling atStellas mind, “Spiral, do you actually know where we are going?”“Relax, Stella,” Cara smiled, “I trust Spiral.”Spiral turned around, “You trust me?”“Yeah, I do,”
  51. 51. “Yay, someone trusts me!” Spiral celebrated, before grabbing Carashead, “NOOGIE!”“Ouch! Spiral!”“Still trust me?”“Let go!”
  52. 52. “Were so far away from home,” Stella said, quietly, as Spiral and Caraargued in whispers. Merc glanced over at his sister.“Well be home soon,” he offered, in a murmur.“But weve spent most of our teen years with aliens,” Stella sighed andturned round, “Lets just go home.”
  53. 53. Spiral sat down at the main computer, and began tapping buttons.With a frustrated sigh, he tried to manoeuvre the ship, again andagain.He kicked the desk, cursing himself for not playing video games as akid.
  54. 54. “When the times right, those double doors will open,” Stella told Cara,matter-of-factly, “and well be thrown to the pavement outside ourhouse, as if we had been abducted.”Cara frowned, “Wont that hurt?”“Dad survived it twice,” Stella shrugged.
  55. 55. Mercury watched Spiral growing angry with the computer, andreflected. He had been the child obsessed with games, even choosingto play the computer when Shelby came over.“Spiral, let me have a go,” Merc requested. Spiral reluctantly movedfrom the seat, making space for Merc to attempt to steer.
  56. 56. “Trust me, Spiral,” Merc grinned, “Ive played enough video games tosteer this thing.”And with that, the Nights were on their way home.
  57. 57. Night had just fallen when the four teens landed, a little less thangracefully.Stella had perhaps fallen with the most amount of grace, whereas theothers had just face-planted the ground. But all in all, they were okay.
  58. 58. “Dude, we did it!” Spiral grinned, and pulled Merc in for a handshake,and a hug.Merc just smiled, his anger at Spiral fading away.It wasnt long before Meadow and Jack heard the commotion andcame outside.
  59. 59. “My babies are home!” Jack said, stunned, and held his arms out for ahug. Meadow sniffed.“I think you mean our babies,” she grinned, and went to talk to herdaughters, happiness joining them all.
  60. 60. “Of course I meant our babies, darling,” Jack smiled, hugging Spiral,“Theyre home!”Meadow laughed, “I can see that, honey. Unless were dreamingagain.”“No, were really here,” Cara said, quietly, with a smile.
  61. 61. Shelby was walking away from the house after calling to see if the kidswere back, when she spotted the commotion on the front lawn.“Mercury? Stella? Cara?” Shelbys eyes widened, “Spiral!”
  62. 62. The couple wasted no time, and instead of swapping exclamationsabout how they were home, or so happy to see each other, theymerely filled the time with kisses.
  63. 63. “Dont forget to breathe, you two,” Jack chuckled, and wandered overto his own partner.
  64. 64. “Meadow, my beautiful wife,” Jack grinned, “Im so happy.”“I can tell,” Meadow teased, lightly.“Should we tell them weve decided on an heir?”“It can wait until morning,” Meadow said, firmly. Jack didnt argue,instead, he dipped his wife for a kiss.
  65. 65. The next morning came quicker than expected, and it was the dayMercury was due to leave for university.“Before Merc goes, we wanted to know if you all wanted to find outwho the heir is,” Jack asked, “what do you think?”“I do,” Stella instantly answered. Merc and Cara nodded in agreement.“Me too,” Spiral smiled.“Alright then,” Jack said, “but first, a little speech on heirship...”
  66. 66. “Being heir is not just a title,” Jack began, “it makes you the head ofthe family, the symbol of a generation. Its hard work, its responsibility,but it can also be an insane amount of fun,”Here, Jack paused, and glanced at his wife, “especially if you choosethe right partner-in-crime.”Meadow smiled.
  67. 67. “I also want to emphasise that we dont have favourites, and thatyoure all perfect for the job,” Meadow stated, raising her arms, “itsincredibly hard to choose between you all.”Jack nodded at his wifes comments, and continued.
  68. 68. “If you dont want the role, we understand,” Jack explained, “but forheir, weve chosen Spiral.”
  69. 69. “I swear they just gave us a speech on getting married,” Spiral joked,“Sure, Ill do, if the others are happy for me to.”“Im cool with it,” Stella said, instantly, smiling warmly.“Same,” Merc nodded. Cara never expected heirship, anyway, andjoined Stella in the smiling.
  70. 70. “Then its decided,” Jack announced, “Lets party!”
  71. 71. And with that, Jacks time in charge of the family came to an end, anda new era was about to begin...
  72. 72. And this is where I leave you!Join me and the Nights next time for mascots, cheerleaders,streakers, toga parties, more plot, drama professors, Greek housesand more from generation two!Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!