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Space Invaders - Games Based Learning


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3 slide deck to get across in 3 mins why I think a tool to help teachers implement Games Based Learning in the classroom is a good idea.
It was a last minute idea that I opted for over my original idea. Never the best when you've 30mins but it's what makes design exciting.. and no one was going to die.. except me when I lost my thread giving the pressy.. ;)

The 3 slides were under the general banners of:

Slide 1: What is the problem/question/issue?

There are teachers who can see that GBL is a good idea but feel threatened by a context that they don't fully understand.
Also, the Space Invader screen shot is also a metaphore for the classroom.. teach being the gunship under attack.. ;)

Slide 2: Why is the project worth doing?

Classroom statistics... 80% of girls play games, 90% of Boys. But according to US statistics, for every 100 girls, boys are dropping out and being excluded 2 and 3 fold.

Slide 3: What are you going to do with it?

Design a tool that combines the methods of Games design with the methods of teaching and curriculum and create a tool, perhaps through the method of a game, that helps teachers without a gaming background understand the benefits for the classroom.

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