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Information on current topics like volunteering -(“The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity”) and school (only profits or a waste of time?), food habits (what should we eat? what is the most healthy cuisine in the world?) and world dangers (are they real? what will happen unless we stop them?).

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Survey magazine

  1. 1. cover:
  2. 2. Group self-presentation (page 4)Volunteering nowadays – report (page 5) School – a waste of time ? (page 6)Religious diversity - Christmas time (page 7) Being part of a minority group (page 7)Food habits - what to eat ? (page 8) World dangers – are they real ? (page 9, 10) 2
  3. 3. Dear reader! This is our first edition of“Survey Magazine” and I wouldlike to encourage you to read it andintroduce to you moved problems. Inside, you can find someinformation about current topicslike volunteering (on January 8ththere will start “The Great Orchestraof Christmas Charity”) and school(necessity which provides us with image source: profits or a waste of time?) We are touching questions people often reflect on like foodhabits (what should we eat? what is the most healthy cuisine in theworld?) and world dangers (are they real? what will happen unless westop them?) You can also read something about issues, which are veryinteresting, but people do not know a lot about them, like religiousdiversity and minority groups (being a part of minority groups in theUSA). Our aim is to make some kind of a panel discussion so it wouldbe great if you could write a letter or e-mail to our redaction (you canalso find us on Facebook). Our magazine will be more reliable then. We pay attention to environmental protection so you can buy ourmagazine in an ecological – mobile version and read it on computer,phone or tablet. I hope you will enjoy our magazine and reading it would bea pleasure for you. Editor in chief AK 3
  4. 4. GROUP SELF-PRESENTATIONAnna PietrzykAnna is one of Our best journalists. She is very ambitious and go –ahead. She is interested in minority groups, so this is why she writesabout their problems and customs. Religions are her hobby andinterest. Paula Sendorek Paula is very open and outgoing. She always does her orders best. She worries about our future, so she writes about global problems, which are very dangerous.Joanna WężykDo you want to know something about school problems andvolunteering? Ask Asia, because she knows everything about thisissues. She is very creative and resourceful. She always does her job ontime.Aleksandra Kalisz Food is very important part of Our life. If you want some more information about this topic read Ola’s articles. You will find there answers to your questions. Ola is very intelligent and accurate. PS 4
  5. 5. VOLUNTEERING REPORTSymbol of the ‘Christmas Box’ Symbol of the most known 1 2charity campaign Polish charity campaign Last Christmas, on December 18th me and my friend Kuba went to the shopping mall to help people as volunteers. We were packing food to bags and spreading leaflets about ‘Christmas Box’ all evening. ‘Christmas box’ is a campaign, which supports poor and hungry residents in winter time. Thanks to that charity, the help offered can change someone’s life and make their Christmas full of joy. I was really sad and tired because no one wanted to see those people’s problems. Many customers were passing by us without getting noticed this important action but some of them really wanted to share their material goods. Kuba decided not to give up and we did it ! Finally, about three hours later, we had five trolleys full of eating. We reached our point and we were incredibly happy! It was the first time I took part in such an event. I have gained another experience, which taught me to be patient and tenacious. This year I have declared to take part in the biggest volunteer project ever. It is called ‘The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’. Teenagers, adults and even old people join in it to help hospitals with buying medical equipment. For the 20th time, it will take place on January the 8th. I’m excited and ready to go around the city and raise money for good cause. Volunteering is the best way to show compassion and commitment to helping others. JW 1-image source: 2-image source: 5
  6. 6. Is school a waste of time ?1 It is believed that school is an institution, which provides us only with pure profits. Most of students disagree with this opinion. They go to school to meet friends, not to learn. However, I think that in everyday life we would not cope with simple things without education. At first, knowledge is nowhere as needed as nothing else. Without basic skills such as reading or counting we would not manage to do anything. For example, while buying in a shop we would not be able to estimate things we can afford. Moreover, everybody wants to have a good job and earn some money. Is it possible without scholarship ? Of course not. Secondly, how could we ensure our children’s future without knowledge? School teaches us about life too. We learn how to overcome obstacles, make friends, how to behave. Our parents send us to school in good faith. They want us to become wise and responsible because they care about us. Thirdly, pupils attending to that kind of institution have access to new technology. Modern equipment is placed in rebuilt or renewed classrooms. It encourages students to learn more and makes lessons more enjoyable. As a result, the level of efficiency raises enormously. On the other hand, we spend most of the time at school. Instead of doing creative and interesting things, developing hobbies we sit on a chair and learn for tests and exams. Isnt it boring ? Somehow school might be a waste of time. Another argument against is wrong behavior and ill-usage, for example among teenagers and generally in school environment. Bullying, violence or persecution are everyday problems. ‘Terrorized’ children are afraid to go to school and it is a terrifying obligation to them. It is also a difficult problem and duty to deal with. In conclusion, I think we should not perceive education as a penalty or a waste of time. It gives us experience and many other things, that nothing else can give us. Hopefully, someday we will realize that we were wrong about it. JW Logo of my school’s patron – Adam Mickiewicz. 1- image source: %20Home.htm 2-image source: 6
  7. 7. HOW IS IT LIKE TO BE A PART OF MINORITY GROUP IN USA ?Journalist: Hello, nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your knowledgewith us.Mrs. Nowak: Hi, you’re welcome. What you would you like to know?J: At first I have to ask you why had you gone to the United States of America ?MN: Well, I was young, freshly after collage. I wanted to travel, to see world.In that times America was the best opportunity for young people. It was acountry of freedom.J: What nationalities were you surrounded by ? Only Americans?MN: No, no. There were lots of people of other nationalities too. It wascompletely normal. And there were a lot of Polish people. You can meet themanywhere. It is a little bit funny, but also makes you proud and sometimes cheersyou up. It’s good to be with people who speak the same language as you do.And every second person in the USA is of Polish origin.J: Language. How was it ? Did you face the language barrier ?NM: Not really. I had been learning English for many years before, so it wasn’tthat hard. I have learnt a lot there. Mostly new vocabulary.J: How were you treated by others ?NM: I think that well, I wasn’t treated worse just because I was from Poland. Ican truly say that I was treated a lot better than some other Minorities likeMexicans.J: Okay, thank you for answering my questions. AP image source: 7
  8. 8. Food habits - what to eat? There are many different cuisines in the world because nearlyevery country has its own one. Multiplicity of cuisines and food habitsis a consequence of countries’ location and sometimes lifestyle ofinhabitants. For example in Japan people eat fishes (sushi) or fruits of thesea, in India corn products, in Swiss cheese, chocolates and ham, inthe USA fast foods (McDonald’s), in Sweden meat and cheese or inGreece fruit and vegetables. It is hard to state which cuisine is the best, the healthiest or themost popular but the net surfers decided that they like Italian cuisinethe most. In this country the most popular dishes are spaghetti, pizzaand lasagna. Italian coffee and ice cream are also world famous. Healthy food habits: • You should eat 5 times a day. • You need about 2500 kcal a day. • Dinner should be the most abundant dish and supper the less. • You should eat your last meal 3-4 hours before sleeping. • Do not forget about eating fruit and vegetables. • Try to avoid preservatives. AK 8
  9. 9. World dangers – Are they real? Global warming We all are responsible for our planet, but does everyone understand this? Global warming is avery big problem since the sixties. Temperature on the earth and around it is rising very fast.The effects of this process are very dangerous for our future.I interviewed my best friend on the topic.Me: Hey!Bf: Hey!Me: I want to ask you some questions about global warming. Do you agree?Bf: Yes, of course.Me: Do you think global warming is a real danger?Bf: Yes, I think it’s the one of the biggest dangers in our world. Temperature is rising, asa result polar ice caps are melting and all animals which live on the pole are in danger.But it’s not the only one result of this process.Me: Do you know any other results?Bf: For example, destroying of natural ecosystems like Great Barrier Reef. Scientistobserve bleaching and necrosis of GBR. A lot of animals which live there are dying orfind other places to live.Me: Do you think that conflicts in Africa are a result of global warming?Bf: Yes, of course!. The reduction of water supplies because of vaporization and thesmaller crops, in countries suffering from hunger, can cause local conflicts and wars.Me: And what would you do to save our planet?Bf: Everybody knows that deodorants are destroying the ozone layer, which protects usfrom UV rays. So I would try to use just deodorants in the ball and perfumes. Also I goto school by bike, not by car or bus, because I know that they are producing a lot ofCO2, which is the main reason of Global warming.Me: Thanks so much for this information.Bf: No problem. See you soon. PS 9
  10. 10. SAVE OUR PLANET !image source: 10