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Knowledge in a Pill


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“Knowledge in a pill” for those interested in the popular science reports. You can read about many urgent problems of our world and society, such as overpopulation in the world or Stephen Hawkins's view on the Universe. I hope you will also be interested in the phenomenon of the social exclusion in Polish schools, religion diversity, alternative medicine, and the ethnic groups still existing in Poland.

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Knowledge in a Pill

  1. 1. ContentsA word from the editor........................................... 3Cuisine War.............................................................. 4Why are all the low-calorie dietsunsuccessful?........................................................... 5A look at the Universe through the eyes of StephenHawking................................................................... 7Alternative medicine- a real alternative to moderntreatment, or danger.............................................. 9Approaches to religious diversity........................... 11The Poles and Hinduists......................................... 12Lemkos-one of the surviving ethnic gruops inPoland................................................................... 17Why do we constantly deepen the process of socialexclusion in Polish schools?...........................………. 19Are there too many people on our Planet?............. 22 2
  2. 2. A Word from the Editor I would like to present the first issue of our new magazine “Knowledge in a pill” for those interested in the popular science reports. You can read about many urgent problems of our world and society, such as overpopulation in the world or Stephen Hawkinss view on the Universe. I hope you will also be interested in the phenomenon of the social exclusion in Polish schools, religion diversity, alternative medicine, and the ethnic groups still existing in Poland. Certainly you will relax by reading the articles about a possible cuisine war and a low- calorie diet. So if you are ready, turn the page and read all this fantastic reports.Greetings,Matylda Konstantythe Chief-editor 3
  3. 3. Cuisine War Who doesnt like eating? Food looks so tasty that we just cant onlywatching it! It works like a maghnet, nobody is able to resist sweets anddelicacies. We hear "So many countries so many customs" especially cuisine. Sometimes we dont have only one favourite- we may like Italian pizza and Japanese sushi. Others love Mexican spice or German and Polish food full of meal. Look at the result of our "teenagers questionaire" about favourite food: Favorite Food 12 Mediterranean 10 Spanish Italian 8 Turkish French 6 Polish 4 Japanese Chinese 2 Indian 0 Thai Mexican e h h Ch e n ch Tu n an h Ve can n ai Vegetarian es s ria l ia is is ea l is Th ne en di an rk in an i Ita Po ta ex In pa Fr Sp ge rr M Ja ite ed M Without any doubt the winner is Italy, but people also like Asian cuisine. 4
  4. 4. Why are all the low-calorie dietsunsuccessful? First we have to remember what exactly a mysterious word – metabolismmeans. In short, it is energy necessary by our organism, when we are relaxing orsleeping. We need this energy to have an appropriate body temperature, make ourheart beat, get intestines and another organs work. The fact is that, when weproduce more energy in a given moment, we have to eat more at the same time.Now let’s think, why do we always try to lose our weight only by no eating?Perhaps we will manage to lose some kilograms but certainly it will lead to thehateful yo-yo effect. The basic principle is as follows: while we are on a low-calorie diet, ourorganism and our metabolism work on a “calories – saving mode”. Why? Becausein such a way it prevents the body self – destruction, and additionally by slowingthe rate of energy acquisition it creates the adipose tissues. Energy is required forall kinds of bodily processes including the use of muscles and producing a glucoseto ensure the longer work of all organs. This kind of adaptation will help us whenwe find ourselves in a jungle or in a desert, if we do not eat for several days. Butunfortunately when we want to lose our weight it leads to failure. What is worse, acouple days later we will probably get back to our old weight.So, how many kilocalories should we eat daily to lose our weight? That is the basic question, but the answer is not only one. The mostimportant is that the metabolic rate differs for everyone and it depends on age,height, diet and family genes. The better thing we can do is to contact with adietician. When we want to compose our new diet by ourselves, remember thateating less than 1200 calories a day can also slow down your bodys metabolic rate.Thus women should not eat fewer than 1200 calories a day and men should not eatfewer than 1500What do we need to remember while on a diet? 5
  5. 5. The rate of consumption of calories depends also on the amount of muscleswe have. The more muscle we have, the higher our metabolic rate; the less musclewe have, the lower our metabolic rate. This is why a muscular man has a highermetabolism, and a 20-year-old womans metabolism is faster than a 80-year-oldwoman. According to research, the body loses a proportionately high amount ofmuscle with a very low calorie intake and this may considerably suppressmetabolism by up to 45 percent. When want to lose our weight we need to increase the amount of activitywe have each day so we can burn more calories and shift some kilograms. Manysports, like jogging, swimming, tennis or aerobic can help us to rebuild our muscles.We also have to remember to increase the amount of protein in our diet. Sourcesof protein include lean meats (chicken, lamb, pork, turkey), cheese, nuts, eggs, low-fat yogurt, milk, tofu and fish. Certainly you must stop eating sweets and bigportions of bread. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it raises ourmetabolism. If you eat nothing in the morning, your metabolism will be still“sleeping”. Many specialists recommend eating 25% of daily calories for breakfast.Also when you are on a diet you have to eat some synthetic vitamins and minerals.Interesting is that spices help with reducing ones weight and getting slim! Youneed to add spices, such as: pepper, chili, ginger, cinnamon, horseradish andmustard , to everything because they increase the temperature of the body. I hope that this article help you in losing your weight wisely and slowlywithout giving in to peer pressure. You can create your special diet which will begood, healthy and help you slim and maintain your weight for a long time. M.K 6
  6. 6. A LOOK AT THE UNIVERSE THROUGH THE EYES OF STEPHEN HAWKING "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a veryaverage star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something veryspecial." These are the words of Stephen Hawking, one of the best physicists,mathematics and cosmologists in the world. I agree with him, but I think that noteveryone knows the most important facts about the Universe. In this article I will tryto explain thoroughly the concept of the Universe as used in the Hawkings books. Firstly, I must say what the Universe is. It will be simple - it is everything. Itis space, time, every form of matter, energy, planets, comets, stars, people, animals...The synonym for "the Universe" is cosmos, earth or nature. Secondly, perhaps not everyone knows who Stephen Hawking is. He is a 70-year- old man, who suffers from motor neurone disease and he has the left side ofhis body almost completely paralyzed. But... Who cares? He is one of the mostintelligent people in the earth! It seems that he does not care about his disease much- he has had it since he was 21 and he still works and he is open to the world. He isknown for his contribution to the fields of cosmology and quantum gravity,especially in the context of black holes. He developed theoretical evidence that blackholes should emit radiation. He is a professor in Cambridge. He is known thanks tothe release of many bestselling popular science books. His first book was "A Brief History of Time". In this short book he is tryingto describe the current state of theoretical physics. He is also telling about Einstein,Galileo, Newton and... God. He is saying that the Universe does not need, nor didnot need the interference of any God – the Universe simply goes on. The next book was "Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays."That book is about the latest discoveries in the study of the Universe. Hawking goesbeyond the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and the Big Bang and collidesmatter with antimatter... It is a collection of essays, in which the author presents hisown insightful reflection on the Universe."The Universe in a Nutshell" is actuallycomplementary to "A Brief History of Time". The author is explaining how difficultit is to combine general relativity with quantum theory. Hawking is comparing thetheory of Einstein with the theory of Feynman. He is describing some new theories,but he actually repeats much of what he wrote in his first book. 7
  7. 7. "On The Shoulders of Giants. The Great Works of Physics and Astronomy".In this book Hawking is writing about the greatest works of Copernicus, Galileo,Kepler, Newton and Einstein. He is showing how their pioneering discoverieschanged the way we see the world. He is also telling the story of their times andinteresting facts from their lives. His fifth book "A Briefer History of Time" is nothing more than an extensionof "A Brief History of Time". His last book, bearing the title "The Grand Design" is about the Big Bangtheory. Hawking is saying that the Big Bang was a natural consequence of the lawsof physics, so God was unnecessary to the creation of the world. In this book hebrought down Newtons theory, who believed that the Universe must be created byGod, because it cannot arise from chaos. That are all his books - now I will explain some concepts provided by them.The Big Bang is considered the most probable model of formation of the Universe.Before the Big Bang there was nothing, because there was no space, matter andtime. We also know something weird about the two theories described inHawkings books – the theory of Newton and the theory of Einstein - both are goodand they describe world very well, but they cannot work together, because they aremutually exclusive and we still do not know why. The difference between those two theories perfectly illustrates the twinparadox, which was described in one of Hawkings books - "A Brief History ofTime". Newton said that time is always the same and cannot change. Einstein - that 8
  8. 8. everything is relative - even a time. Twin paradox is a thought experiment, in whicha twins make a journey - one twin flies to Space in a high-speed rocket and returns atEarth. And we realize, that the twin who flied into space is... younger than thesecond twin! It says, that Newtons theory is true only on Earth and the Einsteinstheory is true only in Space. I think, that when you read my article you may be really surprised and someof you can see, that physics can be very interesting. W.CZ ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE - REAL ALTERNATIVE TO MODERN TREATMENT, OR DANGER? Nowadays treatment is on really high level. We have equipment, fantasticdoctors, clean hospitals etc. But sometimes treatment is very expensive and it is notalways possible to cure the diseases like AIDS or cancer. That is why some peopletry to cure themselves using alternative medicine. Firstly, I want to present some forms of alternative medicine. It can be -acupuncture, herbalism, voodoo... People usually come to a shaman - he is a personlike a doctor, but he uses unconventional methods of treatment. Most of all, I amconvinced to acupuncture - it is proven, that people from Far East live longer thanwe do because they make use of it. Secondly, I must say, that I understand people who try alternative medicineinstead of modern treatment, but only if they are too poor to pay for an operation ortreatment. On the other hand, I see many really bad things in alternative medicine - forexample some shamans are awful people - they just wheedle money out of patientsand do not help, sometimes their treatment may lead to health damage. I think that alternative medicine has its own pros and cons and, if people aregoing to professional doctors at the same time- it is not dangerous and can evenhelp. 9
  9. 9. Are you curious what surgeons think about alternative medicine? You canread it the interview with a Polish surgeon, Wojciech.the Interview:Journalist: Good Morning!Wojciech: Good Morning, Im very happy, that I can talk with you.J: Thats good, do you know what is the subject of our talk?W: Alternative medicine, isnt it?J: Yes, exactly. In short - what do you think about it?W: Hmm, I think that it can be something really good, but only if its used togetherwith conventional treatment. It mustnt be applied alone, we shouldnt forget aboutappropriate treatment, because sometimes it can be dangerous.J: What do you mean by dangerous?W: I think that it may even lead to death... But as I said - only when it is usedirresponsibly!J: Are there any pros of alternative medicine?W: In my opinion yes. The biggest one is that it can help for example in some caseswhen "normal" medicine fails. People just think "Im sure - it helps me" and it reallyhelps them!J: Youre talking about the placebo effect...W: Yes.J: you think, that it exists?W: I think that all alternative medicine is mainly based on placebo.J: Ok. What about the cons, Im sure that you can mention many of them, cant you?W: I told you about one really big minus of alternative medicine. Another... It maylead to some abuse...J: What does this mean?W: It means that if you (for example) go to a shaman, who doesnt really knowanything about medicine and wants only to extort money, then this can end badly.J: Oh, it sounds really bad... So youre against alternative medicine?W: No, did I say something like that? I can see bad and good sides of it.J: Have you ever met somebody, who has tried alternative medicine?W: No, I dont remember. Even if so, I dont ask everyone if they had triedalternative medicine (laughs). 10
  10. 10. J: Yeah, it can be really weird (laughter). And you? Have you ever tried alternativemedicine?W: No, I havent needed this.J: Arent you curious how it is like?W: No, probably not.J: Last question - I have heard that some people in Far East live longer than us,because of using acupuncture. Do you think its true?W: Maybe yes, I dont know exactly, but its likely that it is true. Really, lastquestion? (laughter)J: Unfortunately - yes. What a nice talk, readers will certainly learn from thisinterview a lot of interesting things.W: Oh, thats good! Im glad that I can help.J: So... Goodbye!W: See you! W.CZ Approaches to religious diversity Nowadays there exist a lot of religions, but fortunately ourPlanet is so big, that it can hold all of them. So what is the goal ofwriting this article?... The problem is not about the amount of surface area or lack ofit but about people who just cant accept others choice. Everyonethinks their religion is the most valuable and true. Thats natural,because we always want our best- also in the case of faith. In thepast there were only a few kinds of religion, but it didnt preventconflicts. The example is East West Schizm (also known as theGreat Schizm), which took place in 1054. Then the State Church OfRoman Empire split up into the Eastern Orthodox and the RomanCatholic Church. So now, we live among people who believe in 11
  11. 11. different gods profess other religions than we do. Therefore it is noteasy to avoid wars. We should believe in our God, fulfill the dutiesand develop knowledge about neighbouring religions. Fights wonthelp anyone, they arent needed. On our Planet there live so manydifferent people and it isnt possible to share the same views onworld, rules, future and death. If we are more calm and peaceful, lifewill be happier and better than today! A.B THE POLES AND THE BELIEVERS OF HINDUISMHinduism? Yeah, I have heard about it….Be honest. We know nothing about Hinduism – the religion professed by billion ofpeople all over the world, and we also have no idea of how many people in Polandare adherents of Hinduism. We know something about Buddhism but what aboutHinduism? Only Holy Cows and dots on foreheads. But this religion is in fact morecomplicated and interesting and yet surprising in its simplicity. The knowledgeabout it came to Poland directly from the English. By the way, this religion is somuch different from ours that it is difficult to decide what is true or false. 12
  12. 12. One God of HinduismPeople in the West think that Hinduism has plenty of gods and idols, but it is nottrue. There is only one God – the powerful and endless Brahma, the Supreme,Universal Soul. Yet Hindu religion is also populated with myriad gods andgoddesses who personify aspects of the one true God. Here are just some of themany Hindu gods and goddesses : Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the protector andShiva – the destroyer.India and religionIn Hinduism there are some key beliefs such as the concept of dharma which can bedescribed as right conduct, righteousness, moral law, and duty. The rules guide thefollowers through life in order to create inner peace for themselves and collectivepeace for the rest of the world. People do not live separately but human society islike a huge machine. Each part of it has to work properly. Hinduism perceives allhuman beings as Divine and having the power of awareness, sacrifice, andadherence to the divine order. A Hindu believes that everyone is the embodiment ofGod. Another concept is that the individual soul (Atman) is immortal. The soul doesnot die but is reborn into another life form when the body dies. This is known astransmigration. The kind of body the soul inhabits next is determined by karma(actions accumulated in previous lives). The goal of the individual soul is Mokshawhich is the soul’s release from the cycle of death and rebirth. It occurs when thesoul unites with Brahman by realizing its true nature because everything except forBrahma’s reality is an illusion.Do you think it is complicated? Everything is complicated for us because ourconcept of soul and God is totally different.Hinduism – an individual religionThe main difference between these religions is that Christianity recognizes oneomnipotent God in three persons, while Hinduism has in its roots thousands of godsand believing that all of them are a manifestation of one god and one omnipotentpower. The Hindu people believe that the liberation of soul may be achieved byseveral paths , while Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to get toHeaven. 13
  13. 13. The dot on the foreheadIt appears that the dot on the foreheads of many Hindu women called “bindi” is onlya kind of decoration. It can be a blessed symbol, a traditional symbol of marriageand there are also several other explanationsHeavy black makeupIt is interesting why even children wear kohl or heavy black makeup. It is believedthat the human eye is also considered to be a mirror of the soul. Mothers apply it toto their infants eyes soon after birth to prevent the child from being cursed by theevil eye or to "strengthen the childs eyes". Kohl was originally used as protectionagainst eye ailments. Another reason is that it may protect one from the harsh rays ofthe sun. Woman in Apsara’s costume, aHindu female spirit of the clouds and waters 14
  14. 14. Hinduism – the extreme reincarnationAs other societies, the Hindu society is divided into four classes or castes (“varna” inSanskrit) and multiple smaller groups, or subcastes (“jati”). The system was oncebased on the occupation an individual decided to take up and their characteristicsand inclinations. Thus it was their own choice, nowadays the circumstances of apersons birth dictates their caste. It suggests that people are born into a certainworldly position because of karma and they should accept that. It is hard for us tounderstand their point of view. For example, when a child is born without arms orwith some disease they believe that it is a punishment for the sins committed in hispast life. The rich treat the poor very badly because they think that they are reallybetter than others and the poor deserve their fate.How many Hindu people are there in Poland?There is no reliable information about the number of Hindu people in Poland. Themost popular is a group of Hare Krishna with around 915 to 50 000 members. Thereis also (Czaitanii Mission), with 97 to 1500 people. The Sathya Sai organization hashold plenty of meetings in Poland and reported that the number of participants wasabout 200 believers in 2002 and it is increasing each year. There are also people ofIndian origins in Poland. They usually work as sellers, wholesalers, brokers oryoung employees of international corporations, especially in computer industry.I think Poles are ready to meet people from other cultures and religion. Hindupeople are seen better than Muslims, they are associated with Bollywoodproductions. We do not understand them but we are fascinated by their interiorpeacefulness and the ability to wait for the unknown. M.K. 15
  15. 15. Lakshimi- Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, wisdom and fortune16
  16. 16. LEMKOS - ONE OF THE SURVIVING ETHNIC GROUPS IN POLAND I think that very few people know about Lemkos.. That is why I am writingthis article - I want to bring you their history and culture. There are still several surviving ethnic minorities in Poland. For exampleLemkos – a distinct ethnic group from the southeast corner of the country. Lemkosbelonged to the eastern branch of Christianity, used the Cyrillic alphabet and spokeEast Slavic language - they were half-Polish and half-Ukrainian. Their onion-domedwooden churches are still scattered over mountainous areas of the Beskid Sądecki,Beskid Niski and the Bieszczady mountains. The northern slopes of the Polish partof the Carpathian Mountains has been Lemkos’ home for centuries. Due to theinaccessibility of these areas, Lemkos lived here freely for many years. This state of things has changed with the arrival of the 20th century and thetwo World Wars. In the interwar period, both Poland and neighbouring Ukraine triedto get Lemkos on their side and make them think about Polish or Ukrainiannationalist causes, but with no success. Near the end of WW2, the UkrainianInsurgent Army (UPA) sent some of its members to fight in Lemkovyna (that’s howLemkos are calling their region). Only few of Lemkos actually sympathized with theUPA, but the new Polish People’s Republic didn’t see it that way. Since that timeLemkos are sometimes considered by Poles as Ukraino- and Russophiles. The result of this opinion was Operation Vistula (Akcja Wisła), the worsttragedy to befall the Lemko this century. In the spring and summer of 1947 theentire region was depopulated, whole villages emptied, as the Lemko were scatteredthroughout the northern and western territories of Poland. After 1989 they started totry restoring their cultural identity. Nowadays in Poland there live about 5600 Lemkos. We can find them in thatregions of Poland like Lesser Poland, Lower Silesian Voivodeship and PodkarpackieVoivodeship. I know personally 8 Lemkos, they live in a small village in BeskidNiski called Zdynia. November 24, 2008 officially introduced the first additionallanguage named Lemko to the village in Poland. 17
  17. 17. I said that few people know about Lemkos, but I am sure, that many peopleknow about famous artist Andy Warhol who was of Lemko origins. There has beena lot of Lemko artists in Poland and abroad. For example Nikifor Krynicki, or Bohdan Ihor Antonycz. Nikifor was aprimitive painter who lived in the 20th century in Krynica - Zdrój. He lived alone inpoverty and most of his life he was regarded as mentally retarted cripple. He waspassionately absorbed in painting. Bohdan was a 20th century Ukrainian poet. Helived only 28 years, but he wrote many books of poetry. I think it is a great nation - their culture, traditions and history are veryinteresting. I am interested in them very much. Lemko people are slowly becomingmore recognised in Poland. There are a lot more information and exhibitions aboutthem than in the past. I wish the world was also familiar with their heritage becausethey are many people among them who changed the world. Just like the brilliantpainter, Krynicki. W.CZ Lemkos from the village of Zavadka 18
  18. 18. Why do we constantly deepen the process of social exclusion in Polish schools? At first let’s try to define the areas of a social exclusion in Polishschools. We must consider some questions, such as: who or whypromotes exclusion, who is isolated and what are the criteria of thisprocess? The socially excluded is a group of students who theoretically area part of the school community, but because of some reasons theycannot fully participate in school life. At the origin of this process maybe some decisions of school authorities local governments, theapproach of school principals, teachers, parents, and finally the studentsthemselves. I will try to show in this article some of the root causes andthe criteria of social marginalization in Polish schools. Social exclusionmay take place because of some wrong decisions of the governmentofficials which prevent the equal access to the certain goods. There wereintroduced scholarships for the poorest children from small villages inPoland a couple of years ago. It turned out very quickly that only fewpeople have taken advantage of this. This is not because they did notneed nay money, quite the opposite. The parents or the students had tobuy the necessary items first on their own. Next, they had to go with theinvoice to the institution, and after this they could have their moneyback. The system was designed to monitor whether the money receivedis really spent on the students needs, rather than on alcohol for theparents. But unfortunately, those families had no money to purchasesome goods for their children, so instead of help, the situation hasdeteriorated. Now, what can we say about a true phenomenon of creatingspecial classes only for the talented students in many public highschools in Cracow? In this way, an education gap has been created 19
  19. 19. between the talented ones and those who are not. It may lead to thecrisis of adolescence and increase the possibility of drug use. Thescientific research shows, that around 40% of high school students thinkthat school is a bad institution and teachers don’t understand them, don’thave enough time for them and are unjust towards them. Sometimes, itis very hard to get to school because of architectural barriers thatprevent people with disabilities from accessing buildings. Parents of adisabled child may prefer to chose a school near their house instead. It iseasier when the family lives in a big city as there are usually severalschools with special program for such students. But what if the familylives in a small village? The only thing that parents can do is to sendtheir child to the special school far away from the house and meet himonly at weekends. It has to do with emotions and difficult choices theyhave to make. Another problems are related to the school life. A teacher mayorganise an expensive abroad trip for his class. Some parents can affordit but some don’t have enough money and these children have to stay atschool and take part in normal lessons. The main cause of socialexclusion here may be traced to lack of money. What happens to theclass community? The class is divided into those who can afford muchand those who cant, those who have been abroad and may shareexperiences and those who had to stay at home and go to school. Thusteachers have to be aware of different social backgrounds of theirstudents and try to integrate students. The marginalization can be a result of stereotypization. Astereotype is a relatively stable ability to feel, think and act in a certainway. It helps us to live easier, we do not need to learn everything allover again. Well, what happens if the learned stereotype does not fit thereality and causes that we cannot, and what is worst, we don’t want tocommunicate? There are many children from other countries in Polish 20
  20. 20. schools. How do they integrate into a new school community? What isthe reaction of other students? Are they friendly and polite or quite theopposite? How can we help the new students from different cultures oranother race? Sometimes they do not know Polish well enough ant itmay result in poor grades. Maybe we all should try to think about what we can do to reducethe effects of marginalization. There are many schools where thewealthier parents pay for meals for the poorer children. Also childrenbring lunch for two and share with friends. A teacher can organize acheaper trip or ask the parents to pay a bit more to allow everyone toparticipate in this event. I am sure all of us can find a lot of similarideas. I think we should have more discussions about social exclusionand related topics during our lessons. Usually we are afraid of what is unknown. Sometimes peopleexpress aggression towards others because they do not understand them.Let’s stop being afraid. It is important to remember that there is thephenomenon of social exclusion in schools, be able to see it, and thinkwhat is possible to do to help, recognizing the beautiful differenceinstead of prejudices and fears. M.K. 21
  21. 21. Are there too many people on our Planet?• It is estimated that there are 5 babies born every second. 2 to 3 babies survive ( There are approximately 490,000 babies born every day worldwide.• In October 2011 the world’s 7 billionth human inhabitant of our planet was born.• An average human drinks around 60670 litres of water in his lifetime. These facts may shock you, but they are really true. In Europe there are more and more couples who do not want to have children. Thus the birthrate is dropping constantly. Financial crisis, long working hours, lower average salary or the cost of living may be blamed for the situation. It is typical for highly - developed countries such as the USA and West Europe. On the other side, there is Asia where 60% of all people live. China and India are the only nations with more than milliard citizens! But children there are another source of income as they may get a job and earn money. Living conditions dont matter. Overpopulation causes problems with fresh water, which comprises only 2,5% of water resources. Our planet will run out of room and natural resources. We must start living a different way – it is no longer a question of maintaining our standard of living, but of surviving on the planet. A.B See more: 22
  22. 22. A swimming pool in one of Chinese towns- Daying Muslims going to annual meeting in Bangladesh 23Birma- one of the loosely-populated country in South-East Asia
  23. 23. Boys and girls from Philippines, who live at rubbish tip50 % of inhabitant of India are younger than 25 years.Here:Pupils from New Delhi on their way home 24
  24. 24. Muslims going to annual meeting in BangladeshStudents in a dorm (China) 25
  25. 25. The crew of Knowledge in a pill wants to say “thank you” to all readers,we hope that you like our newspaper andyou will buy it again! Let science be with you! 26