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  1. 1. Religious diversity: a threat, something to be afraid of or a positive sign of our times? Ever since the people started to migrate, they are forced to face a phenomenoncalled religious diversity. The more we travel, move, discuss and exchange ideas, the morewe get to know other points of view, cultures and religions. Throughout the centurieseverybody used to be extremely afraid of it, as it might shake the frail balance of their lives.This led to persecuting all the “pagans”, “witches” and “heretics”. Nowadays, we live insocieties based on tolerance and equality. We are bound to live on good terms witheverybody who differs from us. Is it a good thing? And does it really work in practice? To me, there is barely anything more interesting and valuable than diversity.Development is one of major aims in human life. If we want to broaden our minds we can’tstay in the same place forever. We have to change and the only way to do it is getting toknow something that varies from us. This is particularly important in terms of our faith. Lotsof us fear of getting accustomed with other denominations. If our faith is weak, seeing othercustoms and beliefs can weaken it even more. People are afraid of changes afraid of seeing avalue in Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc. because if they liked it they might dream ofconversion. And this would mean a sin. I guess this is a very easy explanation for howprejudiced are born: people simply want stability. For someone who thinks that way,religious diversity actually becomes a threat. I do not believe that spiritual safety is worth such a sacrifice. Getting along well withthe others seems to be far more important than feeling secure. If we let ourselves noticeeverything thats worthy in another religions, we can even enrich our faith. However, even those who are eager to meet people of various denominations cansometimes find it very hard. Poland keeps being a far more uniform country than UnitedStates, France Germany or Great Britain. Nearly 90% declare to be Roman Catholics. Therest are mostly Protestants are Orthodoxies. They all originate from Christianity and havemany similarities. The religions of the South and East remain a curiosity. Hopefully, ourcountry is developing economically and immigrants from Asia and Africa start to come tolive in Warsaw, Gdansk and Cracow. They bring with them their Gods and ideals. Maybe, ina few years, we will live in a country where everybody has Jewish, Hindu and Muslimfriends and stays away from stereotypes. Now the only thing we can do is learning about theothers and broadening our horizons. Lets do so! Summing up, I am definitely for religious diversity and all its benefits. I am lookingforward to the day when we all not only accept every denomination but also think ofdiversity as a normal and healthy state. Let’s forget about biases and become a part of a newworld, where everybody can be whoever he wants to be. Where everybody can freelycultivate his customs. Where ideas are exchanged every single day. Where we know ourplace, we don’t feel lost and we respect the others’ places. I hope this will come soon. I hopethis is already coming. Julia Chabasiewicz