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The first number of Feel The World includes articles about very different, but also very popular problems and social issues in our life. You can read here texts touching upon a questions like: correct food habits, religion diversity, minority groups and alternative medicine. Articles were prepared by our experts and qualified journalists work on the social problems everyday. We hope that we will help you to extend your knowledge and you will enjoy our magazine. Have a nice reading!

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Feel the world

  1. 1. From editorial staffDear Readers!The first number of Feel The World includes articlesabout very different, but also very popular problemsand social issues in our life. You can read here textstouching upon questions like: correct food habits,religious diversity, minority groups and alternative medicine. The articles wereprepared by our experts and qualified journalists work on the social problemseveryday. We hope that we will help you with being up to date with the mostchallenging problems of our modern world. Enjoy our magazine! MCADVRTISEMENT Book a book Are you tired of staying in the long queues to borrow the book which is already taken? Visit our website: www.bookabook.uk, book online and come to get it. It had never been so easy! We have many libraries around Europe – you can choose one near your home! Gain knowledge, we are waiting for you. Check our adresses on www.bookabook.uk and choose one which is closest to your home:) NP
  2. 2. Religion is very important for us. It can beexplained as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, natureand purpose of the universe (according todictionary.reference.com). There are so many religionsin the world and this situation can be described asreligious diversity.Religiousdiversity…… • “It is a variety of beliefs, religions in one place, society, Europe”. • “It is the existence of different religions in the world”. • “Religious diversity for me are different religions, different beliefs but the same God”. • “Diversity lets us be open to new people and in this way broadens our horizons; the freedom to belive in what people choose”. • “ This is a diversity of faith in your own God, in views on the world and your own rules for life according to your religion”. • “ We shouldn’t be closed for only one religion but accept and develop our knowledge about the other religions and views”. http://eusphere.republika.pl/Religious%20Diversity%20Poland.pdf Living in such a diverse world is not so easy. Historyshows that many wars have been caused by religious
  3. 3. 4diversity. The most horrible thing is that we can stillfind some conflicts related to religions.What is religious diversity? Is it a potential danger orfreedom of choice?Most people think that it depends on our behaviour andattitude If we are tolerant and open, religious diversitywill mean freedom of choice. It will make us feel that wecan take decisions by ourselves, that we are independent.The last survey, which was conducted at the lower-secondary school in Cracow, showed that nearly 3% of theinterviewed teenagers usually pay attention to otherpeople’s beliefs. 13 % strongly disagree with that and themost of the respondents (43%) are neutral.On the other hand, some respondents associate religiousdiversity with negative social conditions. 46.67% of theteenagers think that discrimination is the mainconsequence of religious diversity. It means that nearly47% of respondents associate religious with danger andintolerance. There are other results below:The result Valid percentDiscrimination 46.67%Immigration 24.44%Civil Unrest 13.33%Unemployment 8.89%Poverty 4.44%All of the above 2.22% According torespondents, a conflict related to religious diversity isbrought about mainly by stereotypes. So it means that itdepends upon us. If we do not share harmful stereotypes,we will be able to create a better place to live in.Religious diversity brings to society a lot of benefits.It promotes tolerance and understanding, lets us meet newpeople, get to know their customs and culture. It improvescultural experiences, facilitates the integration ofminority groups into society. It “may lead todiscrimination and it may help to deal with it at the sametime”. Nowadays religious diversity is a symbol of libertyand respect, it proves that we are able to create a betterworld without religious conflicts.
  4. 4. 5 Time to think…What do you think about religious diversity? What does such diversity mean to us? Does it make the life easier? Write down your opinion and take part in creating the new world. LKWyour hen you watch TV, you can find programmes in every language. You have an opportunity to learn about other countries without leaving home. You know everything about wars,performances and political developments in the furthestplaces of the world. Why? Because the global village isthe part of a huge process which is called globalisation.Globalisation – the process of increasing “global relationships ofculture, people and economic activity” (en.wikipedia.org).There are many kinds of globalisation: • Globalisation of the economy – is caused by freedom of commerce and freedom of the flow of capital. Everyone has a possibility to buy and use consumer goods, which are produced in different countries. • Political globalisation – it refers to the changes in institutional and policy regimes and rising to power different associations which influence or govern the world as a whole or a part of it. • Cultural globalisation – it means that people have the same clothes, watch the same films, listen to the same music. International events are broadcasted in every country.
  5. 5. 6Globalisation – blessing or danger…?Globalisation makes the production costs lower. It also creates a possibilityto develop new technologies. Globalisation gives us an opportunity tomonitor human rights and helps to rebuild countries after naturaldisasters.On the other hand, globalisation has some disadvantages. Firstly, manylanguages and customs are disappearing, the mass culture is getting morepopular. Secondly, the production usually takes part in poor countries sowe can see that a lot of employees are exploited. Finally, globalisationdamages the environment.So, to sum up I must admit that globalisation has both some advantages anddrawbacks. It is not an easy phenomena to define, however, we allexperience the results and feel a great impact of it upon our lives.What do we think about it?“Globalisation builds the new world, the world whichis my home”. Asia, 16“I’m really happy that I live in this world. I have friends form differentparts of the world. We can write to each other and talk together”. Phil, 30“I can’t see the sense of globalisation. We lose our culture,without any diversity the world will be horrible, I’m reallyafraid.”. Tomek, 17“We have nice clothes, we can listen to the fantastic music. It’s great but what aboutpeople who work in terrible conditions and earn little money? Is it fair?” Julia, 15“Globalisation gives us many opportunities. The worldis open for everyone, we can study at the bestuniversities.” Maria, 18 LK
  6. 6. 7 An enemy is a person who doesn’t Irrational using of a computer can havewish us luck, harms us, does not want to really bad effect on our social life.help. And a friend? I asked my computer To sum up, a computer is rather aabout it. The first website was about friend than an enemy. It is an importantArystoteles and his opinion about part of teenagers’ life. It helps, entertains,friendship. He wrote that there are a few allows to contact with friends. Our lifekinds of friendship: a perfect one, which is would be much harder without thisa value in itself and the one that has a equipment. It is not like a real, humanfunction – giving pleasure or utility. friend but considering the other meaning A computer with an internet given by Arystoteles a computer can beconnection is a main source of knowledge, treated like a buddy. It may keep you busyit helps us teenagers while learning. It is a with activities both pleasurable andhuge storehouse of expertise. It contains rewarding while being very useful ininformation from all fields of knowledge, everyday life.for example science, history, biology etc.Friendship is not only about giving or AStaking. Nice and pleasant moments spenttogether are really precious. A huge advantage of a computer isthe fact that it provides with entertainment.Shops offer lots of different computergames and interesting programs.Intercourse with the computer is a greatway of spending free time. Giving an opportunity to keep in touch with people all over the world is areally friendly feature of computers.Programs like “Gadu-gadu”, “Skype” or“MSN Messenger” and social networkingsites like “Facebook”, “My Space”,“Twitter” make our life easier. It is free ofcharge opposite to mobile phones. Callsand text messages send many times everyday are really expensive. On the other hand, nowadays weare spending too much time in front of thescreen. It consumes our time and energyand has a negative influence on our health.
  7. 7. 8 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE – OPPORTUONITY OR THREAT?I n recent years there are many new There is also nocebo effect – the methods of treatment and many “reaction or response refers to harmful, new specialists. They offer unpleasant or undesirable effects a natural, painless, noninvasive and subject manifests after receiving an inertmore effective treatments. All this dummy drug or placebo. Nocebopractices are called alternative medicine. responses are not chemically generatedThe definition says that it is a healing and are due only to the subjectspractice "that does not fall within the pessimistic belief and expectation thatrealm of conventional medicine." It is the inert drug will produce negativebased on historical or cultural traditions, consequences.”rather than on scientific evidence. As an example of both of the Alternative effects I am going to give you a story of treatment includes: Mr Wright. In 1957 he had been acupressure diagnosed with a cancer and a huge (pressure of certain tumor (as big as an orange) in his head. In areas of the body), hospital in Long Beach, he heard that acupuncture there is a horse serum called Krebiozen. (putting needles He wanted to try it so he told his doctor into specific areas to make an injection. He did it on Friday of the body), and on Monday and the tumor decreased. apitherapy (treatme Two months later, Wright read an article nt of bee products), about bad effects of the serum and hisaromatherapy (treating by special scents), tumor got bigger again. To keep patient’sbioenergy, phytotherapy (herbs), hope the doctor told him that he wouldhypnotherapy, homeopathy (using highly get an injection of double action. In factdiluted preparations), chiropractic it was a neutral liquid but the tumor(manipulation of the spine), urine decreased again. The man had beentherapy. There are as many advantages asdisadvantages of alternative medicine. Itgives hope to people with incurabledisease and is less painful thanconventional treatment. „Miracle-workers” have better contact withpatients than overworked doctors and useunderstandable language. On the otherhand, alternative treatment is oftenuntested and can be dangerous. Thedoctors are not responsible for theirpatients. There are also many cheaterswho want to swindle people out of money. healthy for two months but then he readIt is hard to check if the medic is honest a definitive report again. He died twoor not. days later. Opinions are various. Scientists If you are considering alternativesay that it is not really effective and treatment, my advice is to choose thepeople, who have already tried it, doctor and the method sensibly andappreciate effectiveness of these spend your money considerately. If youmethods. A Polish woman told me that have not decided yet, write to oursince she had tried acupuncture she was magazine experts. We will do our best toable to sleep all night. Doctors explain help you!good results of alternative medicine bythe placebo effect. Placebo is a simulated ASmedical intervention. Sometimespatients given a placebo treatment willhave a perceived or actual improvementin a medical condition. The phenomenonis called the placebo effect.
  8. 8. 9The minority and ethnicgroups in Poland. While walking down the streets of the Polishcities we can hear foreign languages, we can notice all skin colours and observe peoplewearing clothes typical for other religions than Christianity. Some of those people are tourists,who arrive to Poland to take a sightseeing tour. They take photos, buy souvenirs and theycome back to their homes. But there are some among them who stay here in Poland to liveand work in our country. Why? There are lots of reasons. To beginning to understand the sense of so-called ,, minority groups” we must firstlyunderstand what exactly it means. A minority group is a group of people who live on theterritory of a country but differentiate from the social majority by language, culture, ethnicorigin or religion and strive to keep their culture alive. Minority groups are created by people who often left their homeland to change theirlife conditions, who were forced to leave by the law or they had to escape to save themselves.The good example are members of the Belarusian opposition who do not agree with thegovernment of this country. They can be arrested and be given a prison sentence thereforethey have to ran away and hide abroad. In Poland, there exist may of minority groups, usually people from neighbouringcountries. The list of the greatest includes:BelarusiansThey live mainly in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, where their representatives take part in thelocal government. This minority is composed of over 48,000 people according to the Polishcensus of 2002. The vast majority of them are members of the Orthodox Church.GermansThis minority group includes about 150 thousand people living in the south-west part ofPoland, in the region of Opole, Katowice and Częstochowa. In those regions, German are themajority of inhabitants so they have quite a huge impact on local politics taking part in thelocal government. The most of them claim that they are Catholics, only some of them areProtestants.UkrainiansUkrainians are the third the biggestminority group in Poland (about 27thousand members). They residemainly in the south-east part ofPoland. They are Catholics andOrthodox.RussiansIt is a group consisting of 3 thousandpeople. The most of them are descendants of Russians emigrants who in the time after the
  9. 9. 10First World War did not come back to Russia because of politic reasons. They are member ofthe Orthodox Church.ArmeniansAccording to the Polish census of 2002, 1,082 people identified themselves as Armenians.The first Armenians appeared in Poland in the XI century. Actually, they live near to thesouth and east borders and in such big cities such as Warszawa and Gdansk. The Armeniansof Poland are Catholics.JewsThe Jewish minority group consists of about a thousand people. They live in scatteredlocalities in Poland but especially in big cities. The first mention about them comes from theX century. Jews are the followers of Judaism.RomaThis ethnic minority includes about 13 thousand of citizens. The first testified document abouttheir presence in Poland comes from 1401. They used to wander from one place to another.Nowadays they live mainly in towns throughout the whole country. The most of them areCatholics.LemkosThey are a group of about 6 thousand citizens. In the past they lived in the Lemkivshchynaregion – situated in the Lower Beskid Mountains and part of the Beskid Sądecki Mountains.After the World War II, most Lemkos were resettled to north and west of Poland. They areCatholics or Orthodox.TatarsAbout 450 people belong to this ethnic minority. They live on the territory of Podlasie. Theybegan to settle there in XVI c. The Polish Tatars have lost their mother tongue but they arestill Muslim.KaraimsThey are the smallest ethnic group, includes only about 40 citizens of Poland. They live inWarszawa, Wrocław and Trójmiasto. The first groups of Karaims (people of Turkic descent)arrived from Krym in XVI c. and settled near Lwów and Halicz. They lost their motherthongue. They have got their own religion which comes from Judaism. In Poland, minority and ethnic groups have specific rights. They are guaranteed in theConstitution of the Republic of Poland, the Election Law, the Association Act, the Law on thePolish language, the Educational Act, the Regulation by the Minister of National Educationand other international laws that have been adopted by Poland. Particularly they have the rightto learn their mother tongue and to be instructed in their mother tongue, to develop their ownculture and traditions, to follow their own religion. They have got possibilities to create their own educational institutions and the right toelection privileges. This shows that the Polish law has suitable regulations to prevent socialexclusion of minority groups. Though there are a lot of stereotypes about the members of eachminority group. Some of them might seem funny and exotic but there also negative ones.Education is the key to success and overcoming harmful beliefs and it can bridge any socialdivide. MC
  10. 10. 11 Arabian Spring of Nations Last year ( 2011), we could observe events in the majority of African and severalAsian countries which has begun a new chapter in modern history. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,Bahrain, Syria, ,Yemen, Algeria Iran, Jordan, Kuwait ,Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Mauritania,Saudi Arabia and Sudan people have got tired of power abuse. Bad life conditions,restrictions and hunger have evoked strikes and protests against dictators. Historianscompare it with the Spring of Nations which took place between 1848 and 1849. Some countries have reclaimed independence but others had to submit. Last yearwas really aloud about civil war in Libya. The armed conflict between the citizens and thegovernment turned out to be very bloody in some cases but no one wanted to give up.Finally the war ended in October, 2011 after the death of Muammar Gaddafi – the dictatorof Libya. Political and social unrest has forced many people to change their homeland.Hundreds of civilians have died. The difficult situation in the region is not over yet. Althoughthe leaders are now trying to bring everything under control, people are still holding on totheir weapons. Countries of Spring of Nations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_Spring MC
  11. 11. 12 WE GIVE OURSELVES THE POWER In public opinion, helping otherpeople is associated with giving, forexample, money, time, energy. After ahalf of the year of collaboration withone of the Polish foundations ‘ALMASPEI’, I realised that it is rather gettingthan giving. Christmas presents for children and The foundation takes care of their families and many other things. Iterminally ill children. It is a hospice, have met a lot of incredible peoplebut not a typical one. Volunteers do there and I have made new friends.their best for little patients to make feel After some time I decided tothem like at home with parents to the take up a special course and work withlast day of their life. sick children. Volunteers of the At first I participated in foundation are visiting little patients,collecting money. It seems to be a playing with them and organisingsimple and easy job. In fact, you have birthday parties. Dressed as charactersto work all day standing in front of a from fairy tales and books for children,church with a special box. Even in they come with presents and spend allwinter when it is minus 10 degrees day in the wards of ‘ALMA SPEI’.Celsius (°C)! At first I thought that it These children suffer practicallydid not make any sense but when I all the time and theynoticed that people really started to give are almost dying.a lot of money and were interested in But they are alsothe foundation work, I changed my very positive, full ofmind. Some people wanted to became a energy in contrast tovolunteer and others wanted to help us – healthy people.only financially but almost no one was We take care of money and other material things instead of enjoying our everyday life. We are forgetting main values like family, love, happiness which we need to focus on. I have realized that after spending some time with sick children. They have taught me that I should enjoy every second of my life and have give me their energy and passion. They have shown me how toleft insensible. be a human and have given me an Then, I started helping in the honest lesson of life.office. We had been creating Christmas AScards for donors, making lists of
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. 14EVENT Japan in Cracow In May 2011, a charity concert called "Cracow for Japan” took place. It was organisedfor the victims of the earthquake and tsunami inJapan. The concert was intended to bring us, thePoles, closer to the mysterious culture of the FarEast. Many artists were involved in the event.Some of them were associated with the tradition ofthis country. Geishas were the main attraction.Those attending the event had the opportunity tolisten to Japanese music and watch Samuraiperforming traditional fights. There wereJapanese gardens, calligraphy and tasty sushi aswell as instruments like shamisens, koto andshakuhachi. We cannot wait for other events organisedby Costume Artistic Agency Geisha-art. We are looking forward to next concerts.Check the website: http://gejsza-art.pl NPFILM REVIEW Machine Gun Preacher Machine gun preacher is a true story about Sam Childers, acriminal who has changed. Influenced by the events of his life, thedrug dealer becomes a better man. He arrives to the Sudan to help innocent, homeless, poorAfrican children, who are kidnapped and made to be soldiers. The story is very addictive, touching and telling aboutimportant issues of todays world. The movie is worth recommending, so I am inviting you to thecinema. :) NP
  14. 14. 15 Music can be a ‘personality mirror’ – your taste in music can show what sort of person you really are.A lthough the question ‘What is your favourite music ‘ seems to be overused, almost everyone has their favourite tunes on apersonal MP3 player or an iPod.Show me tracks you have on your MP3 player and Iwill tell you who you are. What we listen to giveshints about our lifestyle and personality.1. Open, easy – going and talkative.If you enjoy listening to hip hop, rap, funk, soul, electronicmusic and dance, there is a great chance that you are an open,extrovert who loves chatting with others. You might also tendto be impulsive, romantic and spontaneous.2. Sophisticated and creative.If your music collection is full of classical pieces, jazz and operamusic, you are very likely to have above – average intelligence.You enjoy sophisticated art and, at the same time, you aren’t abig fan of sports. On the other hand, remember not ‘to overdooperas’. According to psychological research, people who watch
  15. 15. 16operas too often may fall into depression or even commitsuicide.3. Peaceful daredevils and independent soulsIf you are a big fan of alternative, heavy metal, rock music andgangsta rap, you are very likely to enjoy risk and physicalchallenges (especially on your own). Although you like adrenaline,you are not a violent trouble-maker. Music gives you an energyboost, but doesn’t provoke aggression.4. Sociable and friendly optimists.If you are keen on pop music, you are likely to be a popularneighbour or a member of your community. People enjoy yourcompany thanks to your optimistic attitude to life. You oftenattend social get – togethers and various parties. LK
  16. 16. 17Quickly or healthy? People in Europe have begun to eat kinds of cheese (blue cheese, cottage cheese)more and more unhealthy. What is the reason? or baguettes.It is worth considering whether they havebecome lazy or have no time to cook? National cuisine is a traditional way ofcooking which had started many years ago.On festivals, during family meetings, peoplestill try to make something traditional, butwhy not everyday? Finally, people in Poland have a plenty options to choose from. Among many specialties of the traditional Polish cuisine there are cereal and flour products (noodles, dumplings), stewed cabbage, sausages, cream or cottage cheese and many soups (especially vegetable). Although, there are so many delicious dishes in Europe, people choose fast food more often, as a cheaper and faster solution.Italians have a lot of pasta on their menu. Nowadays, they have no time to eat healthy,Meals are based on it. Other things like they are always in rush, because of school ortomatoes, cheese, olives are just topping. Of work. If they keep eating ready made junkcourse we cannot forget about Italian pizza food , they will ruin their health.which is well-known all around the world! However, it is worth to understand thatThis cuisine is very delicious but sparing the time, we are losing our health.unfortunately – calorific. NP The French cooking style is not soeasy to follow. World knows especiallyFrench wines which are really exquisite andaromatic. Dishes are tasty too but not foreveryone. Snails, frogs and sea food aremostly for gourmets. We can find heresomething simple too, for example many
  17. 17. 18DINNER DISH FOR TODAYSPAGTETTI BOLOGNESEIngredients:  20 grams of minced meat  spaghetti pasta  clove of garlic  tomato sauce  cheese  salt and pepper  olive oilHeat the oil on a frying pan and put meatshredded into pieces. Chop the garlic intovery small pieces and put it into the pan.Meanwhile, boil 3-4 litres of water in asaucepan. Put the pasta into boiling water, add salt and stir from time to time. Put tomato sauce intothe frying pan with fried meat and stir for a few seconds. When everything is ready put the pasta andthe meat sauce on a plate and sprinkle it with grated cheese.DESSERT FOR TODAYCHOCOLATE MUFFINSIngredients (for 12 muffins):  1 chocolate  2 cups of flour  1,5 cup of castor sugar  2 tablespoons of cocoa  2 teaspoons of baking powder  1 cup of milk  0,5 cup of oil  1 eggCrush the chocolate and mix it with flour, sugar, cocoa and baking powder. Then mix the rest of theingredients in a separate bowl. After that put everything together and mix it for a few minutes.Meanwhile preheat oven to 180 degrees. Put the mixture in a special muffin form and bake for 20minutes. ENJOY YOUR MEAL ! :) AS