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PAYING ATTENTION                Assignment 2 – A Crash Course in Creativity                                               ...
STORES I VISITEDFlower Market                                                             Single salesperson             ...
STORES I VISITEDGold Jewellery Store    Groups of customers are usually families    Theme of store is white and gold   ...
Store ---->      Apple iStore       Gold Jewelery        Furniture Expo       Flower Market        Dominos Pizza          ...
Apple iStore     Gold Jewellery     Furniture expo       Flower Market           Dominos                City              ...
Apple iStore        Gold Jewellery      Furniture expo     Flower Market      Dominos            City                     ...
Apple iStore       Gold Jewellery      Furniture expo      Flower Market      Dominos             City                    ...
Apple iStore        Gold Jewellery      Furniture expo       Flower Market      Dominos             City                  ...
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Supriya_VentureLab_2012_Creativity_Assignment2 pay_attention


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Venture Lab 2012 Creativity Class Assignment 2 - 'Pay Attention'

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Supriya_VentureLab_2012_Creativity_Assignment2 pay_attention

  1. 1. PAYING ATTENTION Assignment 2 – A Crash Course in Creativity Supriya Kurpad 29 Oct 2012This course is offered as a part of the venture-lab initiative by Stanford University.
  2. 2. STORES I VISITEDFlower Market  Single salesperson  Attractive colourful appearance  Customers spend average 10mins  Customers know exactly what they want  Store draws customers in  Noise of haggling b/w owner & customersFurniture Expo  Customers get feel of each product  Customers arrive in groups  Customizable products  Open Door  Instrumental music played  Well aerated and well lit atmosphereDominos Pizza Outlet  Tiled floor  Customers follow single path  Salespersons wear uniform  Medium sized branding outside store  Average age of customers is 25yrs  Salespersons have script for greeting customers and answering queries
  3. 3. STORES I VISITEDGold Jewellery Store  Groups of customers are usually families  Theme of store is white and gold  Doors are closed  All products are at eye level  99% of customers buy products  Security is visible inside the store and at entranceApple iStore  Closed doors  Makes passersby feel products are ‘out of reach’  Recently launched products are on centre table  Salespersons have uniforms  Less than 30% of customers purchase products  No noise. Well lit environment.City SuperMarket  Lures customers with promotional offers  Customers can feel products  Price of products easily available  No uniform for salespersons/assistants  Tiled floor  Impulse items are placed near cash counter
  4. 4. Store ----> Apple iStore Gold Jewelery Furniture Expo Flower Market Dominos Pizza CityQuestions Store Supermarket(below)Before No, it doesn’t Yes. Displaying Yes. Displaying Yes, by the sights Yes. Image Yes. DisplayingEntering large images of large images of and fragrances of display and large images ofDoes the products and products and the flowers. convenient products andstore draw discounts discounts location discountsyou in? If so, outside the store outside the outside the storehow? and in nearby store and in and in nearby area nearby area areaIs the door Closed Closed Open Open Closed Openopen orclosed?How does this Products are Products are Everyone is Everyone is Closed doors Everyone ismake you exclusive and exclusive and welcome to take welcome to take help keep the welcome to takefeel? out of reach to out of reach to a look, get a feel a look, get a feel store hygienic a look, get a feel passersby passersby of products of products of productsHow big is the Medium. Classy. Large. Formal. Very Large. Small. Dusty. Old Medium. Medium.sign lettering Colourful. signage.and in whatfont?What does it Branded store. Display carefully Display grabs Inexpensive Well branded. Invitestell you about Attention to decided. Cares attention. products. Customers can customersthe store? detail while about customers Invites expect good building store. customers. serviceEnvironment Black and white. White and gold. Pale colour Old cemented Display of many Multi coloured.What is the Makes the store Well planned. In scheme. Keeps walls. Makes me large pictures of Keeps the storecolor scheme appear classy. tune with the attention on feel products are families enjoying atmosphereof the store? products. the furniture. cheap and pizza. Makes me lively.How does this Many large affordable to salivate!affect you? mirrors. everyone.What type of Glossy floor with Vitrified tiles on Carpeted floor. Cemented. Tiled floor. Light Cemented floor.floor does the white tiles. Rich the floor. Light Red. Important Vendors find it coloured. Clean. Non slippery andstore have? feel. pink. Adds while displaying easy to clean. easy to pushHow does this beauty to the furniture. carts on.effect the store.environment?How high is Not high. Limited High roof. Feels Very high. Low roof. Makes Normal for a Very high.the ceiling? range of like many Spacious well me want to keep dining place. Multiple floors.How does this products. products to look aerated, the shopping Comfortable Feels like I havefeel? through. comfortable experience feel. to spend lot of shopping – “quick”. time there to get considering a good idea of all no.of shoppers. produtcs. I fdont mind being there longer.How brightly Normal. Good Dim – yellowish Very bright. Well Few small bulbs. Normal. Well lit. Very well lit.lit is the look at products. lights. Makes lit. Easy Hard to check Special lights on Comfortablestore? How gold glitter shopping even quality of all images on the shopping 24*7does this more. Provides in the evening. flowers. walls – ofaffect you? relaxed feel. Purchase based families eating on trust. pizza.How loud is Silent. Quiet Silent Loud Some noise. Silent. Silentthe peacefulenvironment? observation of products.What is Occasional Instrumental Salespersons Haggling Instrumental Instrumentalcausing the conversations music at low from different between music at low music at lownoise? between volume. companies customers and volume. volume. customer service Peaceful trying to get multiple Occasional guys and observation of customer vendors. announcement. customers. products. attention. Announcements of offers on loudspeaker.
  5. 5. Apple iStore Gold Jewellery Furniture expo Flower Market Dominos City Store SupermarketIs there music - Music fits the - - Music fits the Music fits theplaying? If so, environment. environment. environment.does it fit theenvironment?Store Comfortably Comfortably Comfortably Slightly hotter Comfortably Comfortablytemperature warm warm warm than comfortable warm warm Well temp airconditionedIs the store Few products. Crowded. Good Crowded. Good Crowded. Good Limited regular Crowded. Goodcrowed with choice for choice for choice for menu. choice formerchandise customers. customers. customers. customers.or is itsparse?Does the No Yes. Flowers and Smells of wood Wonderful mix Smells of pizza Nostore have a fragrance sticks of fragrances and ketchup!distinctive used to decoratesmell? the storeWhere is the Managers Managers Many counters - Cash register is a Managers Managerscash register counter well counter well one each for normal box with counter well counter close tolocated? within the store within the store each company the one person within the store the exit at the expo managing the store.How visible is Non existant Very visible at Visible at Non existant Non existant Visible atthe store entry/exit points entry/exit points entry/exit pointssecurity? and within the storeHow long do 30Mins – thats 2-3hours – till I 2-3 hours – 10mins. Time to 90mins – Time 30mins to walkyou want to the time to get a have looked at a because of the pick whats to order and through all alleysstay in this good hands on wide range of large area of the required, pay up have a mealstore? with latest designs, tried it store and time and rush out. with friends products and decided to check various whats best for designs me.Does the Very Very No. Products of Yes. Makes Slightly affected. Slightly affected.environment significantly. significantly. different costs products appearinfluence the by different very affordable.perceived companiesvalue of the available withinmerchandise? same environmentHow long Less than a Less than a Less than a Few minutes Customers One assistantdoes it take minute. minute. minute. because one approach watches eachbefore a sales man runs the counter within a alley. He comesperson show minute of to help onlyinitiates walking into the when store.Does the Initially yes. Initially yes. They ask The store Yes. They follow No script.salesperson Later Later customers what owner/salespers a script to takehave a script conversations conversations theyre looking on listens to the order andto follow with depend on what depend on what for and take it what the informeach hes asked. They hes asked. They from there. Very customer asks customers aboutcustomer? have been have been customized and delivers it. combo-offers. taught what to taught what to approach. He rarely speaks say about each say about each to mention the product product cost or the occassional festive offer.
  6. 6. Apple iStore Gold Jewellery Furniture expo Flower Market Dominos City Store SupermarketDoes the Mostly, no. But Mostly, no. But Mostly, no. But No. All get same No. All get same No. All get samesalesperson those who show those who show those who show treatment. treatment. treatment.treat different more interest in more interest in more interest incustomers a product get a product get a product getdifferently? more interest more interest more interest from the from the from the salesperson. salesperson. salesperson.What is the 1 salesperson for 2 salespersons 1 salesperson 1 salesperson. 1 salesperson 1 salesperson forratio of every 4 for every for every 2 Doesnt matter for every 3 every 10salespeople customers customer customers how many customers customersto customers? customers.What age and Salespersons & Young. Female. Young. Male. 1 per store. Mixed gender. Owner/Managergender are manager are 20-30yrs old. Early 20s. Could be male or Early 20s. about 40yr oldthe young. Owner is 50yr female. males. Male andemployees? Male.Early 20s. old male. female assistants in early 20s.Are the Only to give Saleswomen all _ Yes, to decorate No Nosalespeople demo wear gold chains the religioususing the and bangles photos in thestore store.products?Do the Yes. Western Yes. Beautiful No No Yes. Western Nosalespeople uniforms. traditional wear. uniforms.have auniform?Do the Yes. Very much. Yes. Very much. No. Can be Yes. Customers Yes. Very much. No. Can besalespeople improved. dont expect improved.match the salespeople instores image? fancy uniforms. They get what they expect.Products Latest range Latest range. Latest range Same everyday. Same everyday. Products on sale.What is thefirst productthat younotice?Is there a Yes. Looks good. No. It would _ _ No Centre tablecentral Attracts need extra displays productsdisplay table customers security. on sale. Older,with featured attention. less-in-demandproducts? productsWhere are Nothing on- Nothing on- At entrance Nothing on- Nothing on- At the entrance.items that are sale. sale. sale. sale. Near the cash“for sale” counter wherelocated in the people wait instore? queuesHow are the First by date of By function By price Colour Vegetarian/ By function.products release. Then by Non-vegetarian Then by price.arranged? By function.function? Byprice? Bycolor?Are there free Free, engaging Products can be No No No Only on somesamples or demonstrations tried. perfumesdemonstrations?What All. All All All All Commonly used.products areat eye level?
  7. 7. Apple iStore Gold Jewellery Furniture expo Flower Market Dominos City Store SupermarketWhat items in Oldest products Most expensive Most expensive Most delicate - Most expensivethe store are products products products productsin the leastaccessiblelocations?Where are most expensive most expensive most expensive most expensive – most expensive most expensive –the most and – most visible. – most hidden – most hidden most visible. – most hidden most hiddenleast least expensive least expensive - least expensive - least expensive least expensive - least expensive -expensive - most hidden most visible most visible - most hidden most visible most visibleproducts Combo costs arelocated? displayed more than single order costsAre the prices Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yesof theproducts easyto find?Are there No No No No Yes. Cakes and Yes. Chocolates,impulse items Cookies. socks,near the cash handkerchiefs,register? mint etcCustomers With friends. With family. With family. Most are alone. Groups. 30% alone. 70%Are most Groups. Mostly women. Large groups or Mostly women. Friends/family. in groups of maxcustomers couples. two. 99% ofalone or with groups are momssomeone and kids.else? What istherelationship?What is the 27 40 30 40 28 30average ageand gender ofthecustomers?Do customer Yes. Yes. Yes. No No Yes.touch theproducts? Isthisencouraged?Do most Mission to check Most are on a Most are on a ALL are on a ALL are on a ALL are on acustomers out the latest mission to buy. mission to buy. mission to buy mission to buy mission to buyappear to be product.on a mission Browsing.or are theybrowsing?What percent Less than 20% Above 90% About 60% 99% if not all All Allof customerspurchaseproducts inthe store?When a Yes No Yes Yes Yes No. They mostlycustomer know whatenters the theyre lookingstore, do they for.tend to walkin the samepath ordirection?
  8. 8. Apple iStore Gold Jewellery Furniture expo Flower Market Dominos City Store SupermarketHow long do 30mins 2hours 3hours 10mins 90mins 30minscustomersstay in thestore, onaverage?Other Presence of sales Glass top display Salespeople Customers to They dont seek They offer freeObservations: people and the helps customers carry samples of this store are customer home delivery immediate get a better look different many and feedback at any services once a attention at products. textures and frequent. They time that the customer drops customers colours in which know exactly customers are off a list of receive while furniture items what they want within the store. required items, walking in can be custom and how much at the store. prevents made. the want. They customers from expect their entering the Advance business to get store “just to booking of over within take a look”. EMI discount rates 10mins and options (critical by paying a dont look for to India middle small premium extra frills. class) are with a validity of displayed. 6 months Most customers encourage have a standard customers to order book the discount price now and use it anytime within 6months.THANK YOU!