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Around a Few Big Buttons


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Around a Few Big Buttons (AFBB) is a Nordic ecosystem to develop Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and services for seniors’ independent living. The ecosystem aims to leverage the nascent Nordic IoT scene (programmable buttons, smart lights, sensors, etc.) through open data and open practices of a strong user driven community. AFBB will develop together social practices and technologies.

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Around a Few Big Buttons

  1. 1. FEW BIG BUTTONS A Nordic movement and a platform for creating IoT based services for independent living Suo&Co 2015 /
  2. 2. Independent living is a big challenge… Could it be as simple as having few big buttons? YES and NO
  3. 3. FEW BIG BUTTONS is a proposal for an alternative way to develop technology based services for independent living.
  4. 4. Current situation I A wide variety of input and output devices that sense, control and trigger basic functionalities are being developed every day – both as open hardware and close hardware. This development is referred as Internet of Things (IoT) and it is making do-it-yourself (DIY) “smart homes” possible.
  5. 5. Many of these IoT are buttons…. Or
  6. 6. Current situation II In order to be able to live longer at home, as we grow old we would benefit greatly from keeping certain basic practices under our control, such as being able to answer the phone, have a video chat with a grandson or buy food online. IoT is offering possibilities to develop these practices.
  7. 7. “A big button to contact our niece via video” (Opens the Skype app in the mobile phone, logs in, calls the person, and switches on the video).
  8. 8. “A button I can press when I feel lost and need to get back home”. (Triggers a map app, checks current position and provide directions on how to get home via headphones)
  9. 9. “A light that blinks when a caretaker’s visit is approaching”
  10. 10. “A big button to buy my regular shopping list” (activates a supermarket online app, opens up the default shopping list and places an order).
  11. 11. Situation III • Many people (elderly/care givers/service providers) are already developing and adapting these IoT solutions to their own needs, but they can not share these experiences and practices easily. • Many people are not willing or able to develop their own solutions (lack of time, IPR restrictions, interest or capabilities) • There is room for new products to be made both commercially and as a community effort. Some hardware components are missing (e.g. many buttons and sensors, but few controllable lights etc.).
  12. 12. By pooling resources and knowledge through building a platform: a Nordic community and a movement, more can be achieved, than by isolated technological solutions.
  13. 13. Hardware (Buttons, sensors, lights, etc.) Software (Code, scripts) Around a Few Big ButtonsServices (Panic button, food delivery, etc.) Caregivers Cities and Municipalities Companies / Start ups / Organizations I Repository GitHub-like II Stories III Discussion Forums IV Catalogues Apps Services Hardware V Events Demonstrations Meetups Tea partiesI Inventory (who is using what) Seniors Open data and code Ready-made scripts and apps for DIY Off the self products and Services Living Lab and Test environments Care providersDeveloper communities (OSS / OK / etc.) Extended family Neighborhood
  14. 14. What’s new? à An infrastructure to leverage already existing technology focused specifically in seniors everyday life needs à Motivate and empower seniors, relatives and caregivers personnel to network à Link commercial partners and developer communities with real life communitites
  15. 15. In practice à A socio-technical infrastructure that converts existing solutions into concrete and viable configurations for independent living. The community collects: à Descriptions, use cases reusable scripts, etc. in ways that can be shared. à Documents available choices à Stewardship and maintenance, both as paid service or voluntary work.
  16. 16. “Thanks, together we can make it”
  17. 17. Thanks Suo&Co