Healthcare project.


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Healthcare project.

  1. 1. Team: Up! Members: Doan Thi Thai Hang Nguyen Tuan Hung Nguyen Bang Nhat Nguyen Ha My Vo Son Hai Healthcare center.
  2. 2. Outline I. Why needed the healthcare center. II. Our plan for this project. III. Our actions for this project. IV.Assessments.
  3. 3. Why needed the healthcare center. 1. Current situation. • At ISVNU:  Having only one medicine chest.  Having no healthcare center. • Around ISVNU.  Having a private pharmacy.  Having a nearly healthcare center but unpopular. The need for a healthcare center in IS
  4. 4. Why needed the healthcare center. 2. Challenges and issues. • Lack of money for equipment & facilities. • Lack of experience and knowledge. • Lack of rooms and places.
  5. 5. Our Plan for this project. 1. Our plan:  Establishing a healthcare center.  Raising the role of healthcare center.
  6. 6. Our Plan for this project. 2. Our steps: • Creating a complete project. • Presenting to administrators of ISVNU.  Making a financial plan.  Creating structure.  Hiring and managing staffs.  Finding a suitable place.  How to run.  Examining opinion by surveys.
  7. 7. Our actions for this project. 1. Action: • Interviewing Dr. Nguyen Hai Thanh. • Interviewing doctor Nguyen Thi Cuc and Nguyen Van Binh. • Making the surveys. • Estimating of equipment report. • Creating a quotation sheet.
  8. 8. Our actions for this project. 2. The results. • Collecting the survey & making analysis. • Receiving an investment($5,000-$6,000). • Finding a suitable place. • Completing a quotation sheet. 94% 6% Opinions of setting healthcare center Students agree Students disagree
  9. 9. Our actions for this project. 3. Next steps. • Taking out the establishment permit. • Finding the suppliers. • Finding the labor resources. • Negotiating with IS administrator.
  10. 10. Assessments. 1. What we learned about leadership. • Guiding and distributing works. • Creating the inspirations. • Realizing the role of leader on setting goal & motivating members. • Learning how to listen and make last decision.
  11. 11. Assessments. 2. What we learned about creating change. • Improving the old and creating the new. • Making a clear plan & motivating ourselves. • Having essential knowledge. • Learning how to find helps.
  12. 12. Assessments. 3. What we learned about working in team to create change. • Learning the way to work scientifically. • Knowing how to arrange logical schedule & collecting necessary information. • Learning how to listen and respect. • Learning to give up the self-interests.
  13. 13. References. • Interviewing Dr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Vice Rector of IS on November 03, 2011at 11.09 AM. • Interviewing Doctor Nguyen Thi Cuc in the healthcare center of northern electricity company on November 08, 2011 at 2:30 PM. • Interviewing Doctor Nguyen Van Binh as Vice Rector of hospital of Division 395 in the Third Military Region. • Collecting the statistics by paper surveys& online surveys from students and teacher of IS. • Design pictures from