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Slides from Mainebiz Momentum Convention 12/2012

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Portland Public Library Business Resources

  1. 1. Sonya DurneyBusiness and Government Team Leader Portland Public Library
  2. 2. *please note: I am adding a few slides to reflectthe narration that accompanied the slides…To start the presentation: I introduced myself asthe PPL Business and Government Team Leaderand then described the scope of the B+G Team(on the following slide)
  3. 3.  Business Research Law Economics Government Information Financial Literacy Work Skills and Career Development
  4. 4.  Online business databases and directories available from your desktop with a library card Trained, professional library assistance Downloadable e-book and audiobook titles Full-text, online trade journals and magazines Relevant programming on important topics Facility rentals Online language learning programs …and more. Contact your local librarian to see what’s new at your library!
  5. 5. *The resources to be discussed during thispresentation are specific to the Portland PublicLibrary.Some databases are available to all ME librariesthrough MARVEL!; others may be availableelsewhere – check with your local library.Anyone can get a PPL card – if they wish.Further, many libraries throughout the state arealso developing strong relationships with theirbusiness communities.
  6. 6.  Anyone in Maine can get a Maine State Library card  MSL Online Library Card Registration Anyone in the Southern Maine Library District can get a PPL card at no charge  Counties served: Cumberland, York and selected Oxford county towns (Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Hiram, Lovell, and Naples) Anyone can get a PPL card for $20 per year
  7. 7. New web pages arranged to follow the “Steps to Starting a Business”Entrepreneurial night - workshops and networking opportunitiesFree, business counseling (on a one to one basis) - conducted byrepresentatives from SCOREA small business resource nook - print resources and contact informationfor local agenciesElectronic DatabasesA series of small business workshops with local business leadersEstablished a chapter of Maine Entrepreneurs which use library facilities
  8. 8. Fall 2012 Workshops: Three Keys of Email Marketing Social Media Marketing 101 QuickBooks 101 Marketing Strategy Development Power of Email Marketing Understanding Your Business Numbers
  9. 9.  Provide resource training workshops for Chamber of Commerce members. Host seminars on:  social media  how to do a press release  how to create Powerpoint presentations Allow use of library for after-hour training sessions to local business people
  10. 10. The public library in Presque Isle has launched aresource area to help people realize the dreamof entrepreneurship or starting a nonprofit.WAGM-TV did a story on what they are offering.The library also offers: A Foundation Center Cooperating Collection of grant resources USA passport application acceptance services
  11. 11. THE RESOURCES!*for the presentation we looked at the databases live, in the following slides I provide useful video tutorials
  12. 12. The following slides contain links to suggested video tutorials *Please note that many of these tutorials are “borrowed” from other libraries, so the library homepage will look different. All PPL business databases will be found here:
  13. 13.  How to Access the 2010 Census Data (3:50) - Gale Cengage How to Generate a Demographics Report (5:43) - Gale Cengage How to Use Maps (7:30) - Gale Cengage
  14. 14.  Reference USA and Entrepreneurship (3:17) - Alkek Library, Texas State University Reference USA for Nonprofits (4:07) - Lake Villa District Library Reference USA for Small Business - Lake Villa District Library Job Strategies Using Reference USA (11:02) - Reference USA Resource Center
  15. 15.  LegalForms (2:51) - Gale Cengage
  16. 16.  Researching the Video Game Industry (2:50) - Chad Boeninger - Ohio University How to Find a SWOT Analysis (2:30) - Chad Boeninger - Ohio University Finding international industry information (2:21) - Chad Boeninger - Ohio University - 2nd half of the video is relevant to PPL resources
  17. 17.  Quick Starts (4:27) -Gale Cengage Searching (2:21) - Gale Cengage
  18. 18.  Basics (5:28) - Gale Cengage Case Studies (2:04) - Gale Cengage Content Types (6:00) - Gale Cengage Searching (5:23) - Gale Cengage
  19. 19.  Online Newsstand  Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Consume r Reports, Fast Company, Money and Inc. MARVEL! –  The Wall Street Journal, The Kiplinger Newsletter, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review and more!
  20. 20.  Morningstar Investment Research Center (2:54) - King County Library Morningstar Investment Research Center (16:51) - Morningstar Investment Research Center. You can PLAY ALL or watch individual videos on:  Companies  Funds  ETFs  Markets  Portfolios  Help and Education  Newsletters
  21. 21.  Value Line Online Database - Overview (4:29) - Carmel Clay Public Library * Please note that PPL no longer carries the print version of ValueLine, we subscribe online only. Value Line Tutorial Stock Screening & Support Section (5:41) - Carmel Clay Public Library
  22. 22. Questions? Comments? Sonya Durney (207) 871-1700 x 729 durney@portland.lib.me.usPPL Business and Government Team (Group)