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Smart phone. addiction. blindness


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My Flip book's mentioned how bad can the addiction of smart phone harm or distract a person. I had used 10 pages light color for introducing how people using smart phones nowadays. And I dim the color down until it is a black and white pictures, because I just wanted to show that, the longer looking at the screen, the longer you can't see the color of the sky, the mountain, the water and the rainbow. At the end, i pull the color back up to light, happy color. Just wanted to send a message to those who are still addicting with their smartphones and not looking things around them, I really want them to try. The real world is amazing that our little small world in the phone can not even compare.

Smart phone. addiction. blindness

  1. 1. What  does  the  evolu&on  of   technology  give  us?  
  2. 2. With one touch
  3. 3. .  
  4. 4. Social  talking  and  mee/ng  do  not  look  like  this  anymore    
  5. 5. More  like  this…  
  6. 6. Instead of looking for new information just beside us, our smart phone tell us everything.
  7. 7. And  of  course   you  want  an   iphone  when  he   has  one  too……  
  8. 8. But  what  if  there  is  one  day,  you   do  not  have  your  phone  on  the   train?  
  9. 9. And  NO…   “Facts  show  that  98%  of  all  business  professionals  are  only   using  5%  or  less  of  their  Smartphone's  capability.”  
  10. 10. Instead of starring at your smart phone all the time….
  11. 11. Had you ever put down your phone and looked around to see what you were missing?
  12. 12. This is what you had missed…
  13. 13. Smile     Smile  that   you  see  in   the  mirror  of   yourself.     Smile  that   you  see  in   the  windows   of  yourself   when  you   walk  by.     Smile  that   comes  from   the  others.  
  14. 14. Just  like   an   eyetest   You  have  to   get  the   other  eye   blind  to  be   able  to  see  
  15. 15. And don’t we have the right to change it?
  16. 16. + All images from Google images Sources