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Oasy swater


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Oasy swater

  1. 1. Oasys water !1
  2. 2. EO work principle TM!2
  3. 3. Municipal!3
  4. 4. ManagementJim Matheson is a respected clean technology visionary andleader. As a General Partner at Flagship Ventures hespearheaded their sustainability practice, helping to build it intoa leader in the venture capital industry. At Flagship, Jim started,financed and served on the Board of Directors of several newventures including Mascoma, Midori and Novomer and servedas Chairman of the Board for Oasys Water. He also served asthe Department of Energy’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Jim is adecorated Navy F-14 and FA-18 pilot. His duties included flyingover 200 combat missions from an aircraft carrier, serving as aTOPGUN Instructor and leading the Navy’s Adversary Program.He retired in 2008 as a Commander in the US Naval Reserves.Jim is actively involved in numerous clean tech andentrepreneurial organizations and serves on the National Boardof the Clean Tech Open and the New England Energy Council.He earned his BS from the United States Naval Academy andhis MBA from The Harvard Business School. !4
  5. 5. ManagementLisa Sorgini Marchewka has 15 years of commercialand technical leadership experience in the watertreatment industry, specializing in membranetechnology. Prior to joining Oasys she held globalmarketing roles, including spearheading theSiemens Water Technologies municipal productstrategy as Global Director of Strategic Marketing.She also worked as a consulting engineer with CDMSmith. Lisa earned her BS in Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering from Worcester Polytechnic Instituteand her MBA from Carroll School of Management atBoston College. She is a member of the AcademicAdvisory Board at WPI and a member of IDA. !5
  6. 6. ManagementMarek Nowosielski has extensive experience inwater treatment technologies, including processdesign and manufacturing. At Oasys, Marekshowed his engineering prowess leading thedesign team and the demonstration of thecompany’s first product – the Membrane BrineConcentrator (MBC). Prior to joining Oasys Waterhe was responsible for the design of membrane-based water treatment plants for GE Water andProcess Technologies. Marek earned his MEng inChemical Engineering from the University ofCambridge, his M.Sc from Cranfield Universityand his MBA from Babson College. !6
  7. 7. Make new water !7