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名字,专业,大几的学生,我    住在哪儿?
好吃的东西!            热狗厚的菜比萨饼
你可以参加什么活动? 你可以参观地方?
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Hello everyone! My Chinese name is Li Rui Wen. My English name is Rachael. My major is Anthropology and East Asian Studies. I am a third year student. Right now I live in a dorm at NCC.

我今年暑假的安排是去以色列 参加人类学的挖掘活动。我毕业以后想去土耳其的研究生院,想学人类学。

This summer break I plan to go to Israel to participate in an Anthropology dig. After I graduate I would like to go to graduate school. In Turkey I would like to study Anthropology.


My specialty is flan. I use white sugar, eggs, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and vanilla extract. I really like to eat flan!


Chicago is in America’s Midwest. Chicago is in the north of Illinois and to the west of Lake Michigan. Because of how close Lake Michigan is, the winters are very cold and the summers are very hot. I think the best time to visit is Autumn and Spring. Both Autumn and Spring are short and mild. Chicago is a very pretty city. There are tall buildings everywhere. During the Winter, there are a lot of pretty Christmas lights. Chicago also has good things to eat such as: deep dish pizza and hot dogs.

芝加哥有很多地方你可以参观。我最喜欢地方去是Field博物馆,Shedd海洋 馆,Adler天象馆,还有Buckingham喷泉。你也可以去Sears塔(现在称呼Willis塔)。你可以参加活动,比如:看歌剧,看Cubs棒 球比赛,看Bears美式足球比赛还有去买东西。

Chicago has a lot of places you can visit. The places I most like to go to are the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and Buckingham Fountain. You can also go to Sears Tower (now Willis Tower). You can also take part in activities such as: seeing a musical, seeing a Cubs baseball game, seeing a Bears football game, and going shopping.

在密歇根大街很多衣服店铺。我很喜欢Urban Outfitters, Topshop,Forever 21等等。你得试试厚的菜比萨饼和热狗。厚的菜比萨饼有非常厚的皮和很多奶酪。热狗只有芥末,腌菜汁和洋葱。你可以在剧院看歌剧 “芝加哥的布罗德韦”。它是纽约的歌剧。

At Michigan Avenue there are a lot of clothing stores. I really like Urban

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  1. 1. 名字,专业,大几的学生,我 住在哪儿?
  2. 2. 暑假的安排,我毕业以后想。。。
  3. 3. 我的拿手菜是。。。
  4. 4. 在哪儿?天气?城市?
  5. 5. 好吃的东西! 热狗厚的菜比萨饼
  6. 6. 你可以参加什么活动? 你可以参观地方?
  7. 7. 你可以在这儿买到/看到/吃到什么?
  8. 8. 火车,时间,风景?