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Wrigley stadium
迷人的芝加哥 Kewen-2012-12
迷人的芝加哥 Kewen-2012-12
迷人的芝加哥 Kewen-2012-12
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迷人的芝加哥 Kewen-2012-12


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我叫白可文- My name is Bai Kewen

我是四年级大学生 –I’m a 4th year college student.

暑假我住在芝加哥的北边- During the summer I live in Chicago’s north side.

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我毕业以后想住在外国。- After I graduate, I want to live in a foreign country.

我想住在中国和法国。- I want to live in China and France.

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我的拿手菜是意大利面. – My cooking specialty is spaghetti.

Slide 4:

芝加哥在中的美国的中部。- Chicago is in the middle of America.

芝加哥的气候春夏秋冬都有, 是一个非常美丽的城市。- Chicago has all four seasons. Chicago is a beautiful city.

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芝加哥的北边有的过很多节日。-Chicago’s north side has festivals. The October Fest is a lot of fun.


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在Wrigley Field 看棒球也很好玩有意思(try to use different adjctives). At Wrigley Field you can watch a baseball game which is also fun.

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芝加哥的北边也有公用的动物园,叫 Lincoln Park Zoo. Chicago’s north side also has a public zoo called Lincoln Park.

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迷人的芝加哥 Kewen-2012-12

  1. 1. 芝加哥白可文四年级我住在芝加哥
  2. 2. 意大利面
  3. 3. Wrigley stadium
  4. 4. 动物园