Ensuring distributed accountability


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Ensuring distributed accountability

  2. 2. Abstract Cloud computing enables highly scalable services to be easily consumed over the Internet on an as- needed basis. A major feature of the cloud services is that user’s data are usually processed remotely in unknown machines that users do not own or operate. User’s fear of losing control of their own data can become a significant barrier to the wide adoption of cloud services.
  3. 3. Existing system Conventional access control approaches are developed for closed domains using a centralized server . Actually, these approaches are not suitable due to the features characterizing cloud environments
  4. 4. Disadvantages User’s fears of losing control of their own data Data handling in the cloud goes through a complex and dynamic hierarchical service chain which does not exist in conventional environments.
  5. 5. Proposed system We propose a novel automatic and enforceable logging mechanism in the cloud. Our proposed architecture is platform independent and highly decentralized, in that it does not require any dedicated authentication or storage system in place. We go beyond traditional access control in that we provide a certain degree of usage control for the protected data after these are delivered to the receiver.
  6. 6. Modules Cloud Information Accountability (CIA) Framework Distinct mode for auditing Logging and auditing Techniques Major components of CIA
  7. 7. System Configuration H/W System Configuration:- Processor - Pentium –III Speed - 1.1 Ghz RAM - 256 MB(min) Hard Disk - 20 GB Floppy Drive - 1.44 MB Key Board - Standard Windows Mouse - Two or Three Monitor - SVGA
  8. 8.  S/W System Configuration:- Operating System : Windows95/98/2000/XP Application Server : Tomcat5.0/6.X Front End : HTML, Java, Jsp Scripts : JavaScript. Server side Script : Java Server Pages. Database : Mysql 5.0 Database Connectivity : JDBC.