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Kaizen corporate presentation

  1. 1. There is always a better way.
  2. 2. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  3. 3. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  4. 4. Our Philosophy “It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best” ~ W. Edwards Deming, pioneer of ‘Kaizen’ ~ At Kaizen Research and Marketing we apply the principles of ‘Kaizen’ to not only continuously improve ourselves but also in Plan Do helping our clients exceed customer expectations by delivering the best. PDCA* We believe that in order to deliver the very best it is essential to keep questioning , to keep reinventing and to keep learning. At Act Check Kaizen we do just that. There is always a better way to do every task and it is our constant endeavor to find it for every project and every client.* PDCA is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement of processes and products. It was made popular by Dr.W. Edwards Deming. 4
  5. 5. Our TeamKamlesh Shukla, Founder and Managing DirectorKamlesh is one of the stalwarts of the Market Research and Promotion industry. In a career spanning 30 years, Kamlesh hasworked with some of the most prominent companies in the sector. Starting at IMRB, he steadily moved up the ranksworking with leading Market Research agencies – MODE, MARG and ACNielsen. His work involved managing multiplelarge pan-India projects and the teams executing them. His last Market Research assignment was as the National Head ofACNielsen’s field group, following which Kamlesh moved on to Market Men. He spent the next five years building andgrowing the company’s activation and promotion business. Kamlesh lives in Mumbai with his wife and three daughters.Sunita C Bhagatjee, Executive DirectorSunita brings over 18 years of experience in sales and marketing with her. At Kaizen she is responsible for managing anddeveloping the activation and promotions business. Before coming to Kaizen, she has held senior management positions atleading companies such as BPL where she was responsible for new channel development and marketing, Essel Group whereshe managed the first ever press and television campaign for Dish TV and Gitanjali Gems, where she was responsible formanaging promotions, marketing communication and major alliances. Sunita completed her B.Sc. from Mumbai Universityand MBA (Marketing) from SIMSREE. She lives in Mumbai with her family.Shayam Karmakar, Executive DirectorShyam is responsible for providing thought leadership to Kaizen’s Market Research business. He has over 30 years ofexperience in the industry where he has worked across a wide variety of assignments. More significantly, he has contributedto the FMCG sector, Environment, Rural Health and Social Development Programs, Pharmaceutical, Industrial andEconomic Research. Over this period, Shyam has held senior positions with MarketRx, ACNielsen, Fortis, a leading PSU andas a consultant to IGIDR (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research) and a Media Research company. He completedhis Masters from Indian Statistical Institute, specializing in Market Research and Sampling. He lives in Kolkata with hisfamily. 5
  6. 6. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  7. 7. Our Solution A learning based approach ensures more effective customer engagement, meeting business objectives Define Engage Listen and Learn Create Solutions Objectives Consumers Single point ownership of both phases ensures no knowledge loss • Test/Launch a new • Understand • Create • Leverage research concept/product. consumer needs, differentiated learning during • Improve brand expectations and products and follow-up perception and aspirations. solutions based on marketing and awareness. • Get real-time need-gap. promotion. • Create feedback on your • Improve existing • Fine tune execution differentiation. concepts/products. products based on in real-time using • Generate trial and • Determine most consumer feedback. Kaizen’s integrated drive sales. attractive consumer • Create innovative research-marketing • Drive customer segments and marketing strategies approach. loyalty. marketing channels. to drive trial and • Benefit from highly conversion. effective execution. Client Kaizen 7
  8. 8. Some of our Clients 8
  9. 9. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  10. 10. Our Services Market Research* Brand Building Direct Marketing • Qualitative • Promotions • Sampling ­ Ethnography ­ Door-to-door and in- ­ Door-to-door programs ­ Focus Groups store demo’s ­ Kiosks and Road Shows ­ In-depth Interviews ­ Kiosks and Road Shows ­ Haats and Bazaars ­ Observation Studies ­ In-home/kitty parties ­ In-Store, Mall/Multiplex ­ Diary/Journal Studies • Merchandising and Shopping Arcade • Quantitative ­ In-Store, Mall/Multiplex ­ Exhibitions ­ Concept Tests, Pre-Post and Shopping Arcade • Sales Studies ­ Pubs and Bars ­ Door-to-door sales ­ Awareness and ­ Cigarette shops/street ­ Mobile marketing and Perception Studies kiosks and hawkers WoM programs ­ Usage & Attitude Studies ­ Outdoor Branding ­ Tele-calling based sales ­ Satisfaction Studies • Digital Marketing campaigns ­ Mystery Audit and ­ Build and manage online ­ School and RWA events Opinion Polls presence/campaigns ­ In-store/Modern Trade* Our sister company ‘Fieldnet’ offers a variety of Market Research support services and back-end services. Please ask for the corporate presentation to know more about Fieldnet’s service portfolio. 10
  11. 11. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  12. 12. Our Differentiators 1. Unique combination of Market Research, Promotion and Activation experience: Kaizen learns along with you during the research phase and then is able to leverage that learning when executing subsequent marketing activities. 2. Execution model based on real-time effectiveness tracking and ongoing learning: Kaizen builds research elements into the entire execution process, measuring effectiveness at each stage. This regular tracking helps in keeping the execution programs relevant and in delivering maximum RoI. 3. Focused yet flexible: Kaizen focuses specifically on your needs that are directed towards improving consumer engagement. We ensure that we understand consumer needs in the research phase, so that subsequent execution can be planned accordingly. We are also mindful of the fact that despite the best planning, all successful promotion and marketing campaigns depend on the ability to improvise on the fly when required. 12
  13. 13. Uncompromising Focus on Quality 1. Stringent team recruitment process: Strong emphasis is placed on selection of manpower for all our projects. All prospective candidates go through multiple interview rounds and skill assessments that test their attitude, commitment and abilities. 2. Robust training: Depending on the scope and size of a project the execution team is either trained by the key management staff or a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach is employed where the supervisory staff is trained and they in-turn coach their respective teams. 3. Real-time monitoring: We recommend a 1 to 6 supervisor to staff ratio for all our projects. This enables the supervisors to accompany team members, conduct spot checks and back- checks on a daily basis. 4. Independent auditors: An independent team of auditors provides a second layer of quality control. 10% of all field contacts are verified physically or via phone. 5. Performance based remuneration: Our staff incentives are typically 20% of basic salary and are not only designed to reward target achievement but also quality work. We also use incentives as a tool to control misrepresentation and fraudulent reporting. 6. Customized execution: We plan every project keeping in mind even the smallest details. Parameters such as timing of execution, demographic of the field staff, geographic location, target respondent/consumer profile, nature of the client’s business etc. are all carefully assessed during the project set-up phase. 13
  14. 14. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  15. 15. Our Offices Kaizen Research-Marketing L- 355, Ground Floor The Dreams Mall Near Bhandup Station Delhi Station Road Kanpur Lucknow Bhandup (West) Mumbai-400078 Ahmedabad Indore Kolkata Nagpur 022-2512 4615 Mumbai info@kaizen-research-marketing.com Pune Under construction Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Cochin Call Kamlesh @ +91-98927-87127 Head Office Zonal Head Offices Field Offices 15
  16. 16. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  17. 17. FMCG / Marketing Model Testing (1/3) Background and Objectives • The client had come up with a new marketing concept with the goal to improve the quality of life of the hand-wash/semi-auto washing machine users by providing them an affordable washing system viz. a fully automatic washing machine with a high performance detergent. The ultimate goal was to improve market share and penetration of their detergent brand on the back of this marketing tactic. The key objective of the project was to validate In-store pitching and some key elements of the marketing concept. These included: sales • Effectiveness of the door-to-door marketing model for driving trial/purchase. • Potential for scalability of the concept to a national, pan-India activity. • Successful integration of existing promotional activities with the new concept. • Role of microfinance in driving trial and purchase. • Impact of ‘relationship marketing’ among purchasers to drive long-term loyalty. Live in-store demo 17
  18. 18. FMCG / Marketing Model Testing (2/3) Execution • Based on the client’s strategic needs and specific product and concept features, SEC B/C were targeted for promotion and research in Northern India over a 3 month period. • In the first month, door-to-door teams delivered over 4,000 pitches aided by printed material and pictorial demo’s. Along with the door-to-door campaign, promoters were also stationed at appliance stores where they delivered pitches to walk-in consumers with the aid of a live demo. They were also tasked with engaging the consumers who came as a result of the door-to-door activity and with closing the final sale. • In the second month, along with the appliance store activity, a promotional activity resembling the client’s typical ‘kirana store’ promotions was organized and was linked back to the new marketing concept. The promotion was aimed at educating consumers about the new concept on their purchase of the clients Door-to-door marketing detergent from the kirana shop. • The third month involved passive observation, where all promotional aids were removed and sales were tracked. 18
  19. 19. FMCG / Marketing Model Testing (3/3) Results • The results helped the client understand: • Trial – Are there sufficient trial levels to make the concept financially viable? • Integration with existing promotions – Does integration with existing promotional programs drive incremental trial and positive ROI? • Microfinance – Does finance drive incremental consumers to Door-to-door team in- purchase the machine? field briefing • Source of volume – Is there cannibalization and/or conversion from hand wash in all channels? • Operational cost – Can the program be executed in a cost efficient manner that is easy to execute and are all marketing elements are scalable. • Pitch – Is the pitch promoters are delivering, effective? • Reconfirm conversion – Do consumers really convert to the client’s detergent after the initial ‘free’ supply that they get with their washing machine purchase is over? Client observed in-home pitching 19
  20. 20. FMCG / New Product Testing (1/3) Background and Objectives • The client had come up with a new concept in the hair-care segment and wanted to test acceptability and overall consumer reactions towards their new product. They wanted the project to be executed as a promotion, where the consumers are educated about the product and then it is offered to them for sale. The idea was to understand barriers to trial and repurchase along with general reactions towards the product overall. Beside this overall objective, the client wanted to project to be able to help with: Door-to-door marketing • Identifying the strongest benefit and overall consumer proposition or ‘hook’ to drive product trial among the target segment. • Developing a deeper understanding of the kind of consumers who are most interested and if HH penetration for the client’s brand can be improved with this new product. • Understanding consumer habits and re-purchase process. Outdoor trial and sales kiosk 20
  21. 21. FMCG / New Product Testing (2/3) Execution • Based on the client’s strategic needs and specific product features, SEC A/B were targeted for promotion and research in Northern & Central India. • A promotion based research approach was used. A majority of the data collected was qualitative and observational. • Home parties were organized and retail kiosks were set-up where consumers were introduced to the product by promoters using a verbal pitch, TV and live demo’s. The kiosks were operational for Home party a period of 2 weeks and consumers were allowed to purchase the product from the kiosks itself. • Two weeks of kiosk promotion and sales were followed by a 6 week door-to-door campaign where consumers were allowed to repurchase the product. • 120 follow-up interviews were also conducted with all types of consumers (rejecters, trialists, repurchases) to gather feedback • These were followed by 12 in-depth interviews and 10 focus groups with distinct consumer segments (satisfied/dissatisfied) to develop a deeper understanding of product benefits etc. Home party with demo 21
  22. 22. FMCG / New Product Testing (3/3) Results • The results helped the client: • Create a clear and compelling message that will encourage product trial among the target consumer segments. • Develop a strategy for positioning and marketing to groups where their existing products/brands have a low penetration rate. • Identify areas of strength and weakness as well as repurchase drivers for the new product. Home focus group In-depth (home) interview In-depth (home) interview Home focus group with demo 22
  23. 23. Healthcare / New Product Launch & Sales (1/3) Background and Objectives • The client had come up with a new range of health enhancement products and wanted to create awareness about their brand as well as launch the products and drive maximum trial/sales. • They wanted the activation to be executed in a way that would not only achieve the above objectives but also help build the image of their new brand along pre-defined characteristics. The client did not want to pursue the traditional retail channel for initial launch and sales of the products. The products were to be Product display made available only through doctor clinics and on prescription. Therefore it was essential to design an activation program that would: • Create a strong health oriented identity for the brand, distinct from other commonly available OTC health supplements. • Position the products close to prescription drugs endorsed by physicians, thereby lending credibility to the brand. • A secondary objective of the activity was to collect information on consumer reactions to be used to refine product parameters (packaging etc.) and fine-tune marketing messaging. Introduction to the products 23
  24. 24. Healthcare / New Product Launch & Sales (2/3) Execution • The client initially wanted to pilot the execution model at housing societies in Mumbai. 200 housing societies were selected after careful consideration to their location and resident profile. • Keeping the desired health-oriented positioning of the product line in mind, a customized activation plan was devised. The execution was centered around the theme of ‘community health’. • The team personally met RWA representatives of each society and introduced them to the products as well as the ‘one day’ event Audience at the venue planned for their society. Letters of invitation issued by the RWA were circulated to all households in the society. • The activation itself revolved around a free health check-up camp where trained doctors and nurses conducted evaluation including BMI (Body Mass Index), blood pressure, blood sugar, orthopedic, ENT and dermatology. • The event also included a presentation about the entire product range, sampling and an opportunity to buy the products. Real time consumer feedback was collected by the Kaizen research team. Health check-up camp 24
  25. 25. Healthcare / New Product Launch & Sales (3/3) Results • The program was a resounding success with good turnout at every society. An estimated 1.2 lakh consumers were exposed to the program. Overall, more than 6,000 paid trails were generated. • Real time consumer feedback collected, helped the client in refining their packaging and pricing strategy. It also validated the program’s success in meeting the client’s brand building objectives. • Based on the success of the activation model, the client has asked Real-time consumer Kaizen to draw up plans for a pan-India activation program. feedback Queue for health check-up Games for children at the Product sampling venue 25
  26. 26. ContentsWho we areWhat we doHow we can help youWhy work with usGet in touchSelected Case StudiesOur World in Pictures
  27. 27. Indoor Branding & Merchandising 27
  28. 28. Outdoor Branding & Merchandising 28
  29. 29. Vehicle Branding 29
  30. 30. Activation 30
  31. 31. Sampling 31
  32. 32. Kiosk Promotion & Sales 32
  33. 33. Door-to-door Marketing & Sales 33
  34. 34. In-store Promotion & Sales 34
  35. 35. Road Shows 35
  36. 36. Market Research In-depth interview including live hair wash Rural focus groups Door-to-door interviews Urban focus groups 36
  37. 37. Thank You