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  1. 1. “Sunlight After Sunset” Landmark AD in Solar. Catchphrase was coined by Mr.Sinha, & creative was finalised by Mr.Sinha with Advertising Agency after several iterations Trivia : Advertisement Agency got a Award for this Slogan
  2. 2. In 2009, Vodafone unleashed “ZooZoo” campaign. More than 1Bn$ has gone into this Campaign, and today Vodafone is synonymous With ZooZoo. BUT, 2 years before Vodafone SBI pioneered use of cartoons with Mr.Kumar, to convey various Solutions offered by Sharp’s MFP team. The 1st of it’s kind idea to use cartoon in an AD for the serious category of Office Automation was given by Mr.Sinha. While the Marketing spend was <0.1% of that of ZooZoo, Mr.Kumar captured minds of all CIO / CTO of the country, and is remembered even today.
  3. 3. Slogan for his AD for Projector was also given by Mr.Sinha. The line “The one that works on the day of your meeting” perfectly captures the agony of the System Administrators in India, who has to struggle to make a projector work with the dignitaries of his Company looking down with extreme irritation.
  4. 4. Sharp took the 2012 Diwali by Storm with this BOLD Campaign Attractive Positioning of AD AD and Campaign was completely designed by Mr.Sinha
  5. 5. Air Purifier Campaign Creative idea from Mr.Sinha