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Web services


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Web services

  1. 1. Web Services
  2. 2. • Create Service • Download axis go to Windows then preferences in Web Services click Axis2 Preference then give Axis 2 runtime location click apply
  3. 3. • • Create dynamic WebProject AddService Click on Modify • Click on Axis2 Web Service Check box then click on finish
  4. 4. Create a new Class PerformOperationClass Right Click on AddService Project click on new and then others select Webservice and click on next
  5. 5. Select Web Service Runtime ApacheAxis2 and Service implementation PerformOperationClass
  6. 6. Start the server and click on finish
  7. 7. Run the project on server and click on Services link and click on PerformOperationClass
  8. 8. Copy the wsdl url.
  9. 9. Create Test Client Dynamic web Project in configuration select apache axis 2 and right click on Test client Project and select Web Service Client and click next
  10. 10. Give the service wsdl url and select apache axis 2
  11. 11. • This is how two different projects are interacting