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War level campaign mcd election 2017


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war level campaign for MCD election 2017, social media campaigning for MCD election, door to door campaign, display Van Campaign, Commando visibility campaigning, personalized face to face connect campaigning

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War level campaign mcd election 2017

  2. 2. PartnersInExcellence was conceived almost a decade before to bridge the biggest gap between the political leaders and their voters. It's always challenging for every leaders to stay actively connected with their ward or constituency due to having hectic schedule of work and travel. That’s where PartnersInExcellence comes into the picture to remove this constraint through its thorough researched, ground activities being performed (at Local) with having Best-in-Class technology assistance and well experienced team players. PartnersInExcellence has worked in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan and travelling ahead with catered more than 200+ local constituencies’ of the country. we have worked for MPs, MLAs, Counsellors, and growing aspirants by assisting them with our expert political advisory services. PartnersInExcellence has very sound and well versed team comprising of MBAs, Graduates, Technologist, Media Advisors, Legal Advisors qualified from institutes of repute. An Overview - PartnersInExcellence
  3. 3. WHY STRATEGIC CAMPAIGNING FOR MCD ELECTION 2017  BJP in central Government.  AAP government in State and their gross root level campaign.  Ostracism of Indian National Congress  Patriotism Plaintiff Of BJP  Modi Magic  States election result like UP, Uttrakhand…etc.  Anti incumbency factor for existing councillor .  New way of political campaigning and social media intervention .
  4. 4. STRATEGIC CAMPAIGNING To meet out the tough competition in MCD election 2017, Winning candidate has to do extra efforts because the way of election campaigns have totally changed in last few years. Keeping the change in mind we are offering a war level strategic election campaign for individual candidate.
  5. 5. WARD LEVEL SURVEY (WLS) To understand the demography of ward and mood of ward voters , we will conduct a ward survey with sample size of 1200-1500 voters in the ward . Survey will help us to identify the key issues of the locality to work upon with best in class solution. Through the applied solution, it’ll surely improve the perception of the localities focusing in favour of our candidate.
  6. 6. DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGNS (DTDC) This is one of the important activities that will make a positive turn out for our candidate. In this activities our team will handover personalise distribution of handouts to the localities.
  7. 7. VISIBILITY PERFORMANCE - COMMANDO CAPSULE (VP) Team of volunteers with handouts and wearing T- shirt with candidate’s image, will make an awareness in the ward on regular basis to make a synergetic presence of candidate.
  8. 8. PROMOTION AT PUBLIC PLACES (PAP) Team of volunteers will cater morning and evening joggers, residents for the personalised handouts . standee with pic and message of candidate will be put at in & out of Park.
  9. 9. JANSAMPARK YATRA MOVEMENT (JYM) Team of volunteers will join our candidate for Jansampark yatra for two days, to make an additional impact on face to face connect.
  10. 10. WALK ON WHEELS (WOW) A display van with recorded AV of our candidate will be visiting in the ward for 2-3 days to reach maximum ward residents. This will make an effective and efficient visibility of the candidate.
  11. 11. DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES (DMS) 2.5 Lacs and above Personalised messages to ward residents. Personalised emails to ward residents. Social Media Management (Facebook, Whats App Promotion).
  12. 12. CONTINGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICES (CMS) It’s our expertise to deal with unexpected circumstances that generally arises during the course of political campaign and always be ready with plan “B” to enhance the candidate efforts.
  13. 13. SERVICES CHARGES & PAYMENT PLAN Rs.5,50,000.00 (Total - Campaign Cost) 50% at the time of agreement 20 % within 7 Days after agreement 20% within 14 days after agreement 10% before last day of campaigns as per EC.
  14. 14. THANKING YOU On behalf of Partners in Excellence we wish you for a great success . Sunil Mishra Political Consultant 85271-93263