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Political Marketing


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Political Marketing/advertising and their impact on voters mood.

Published in: Marketing
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Political Marketing

  1. 1. Marketing Impact for political Victory Why Strategic Marketing Consultancy Required for political success ? Partners in Excellence. Sunil Mishra-8527193263
  2. 2. History • Political marketing in India has been introduced in early beginning of twentieth century but major impact has been seen from 2004 Lok Sabha election when BJP came with slogan” India shining” and “ Feel good factor”. post 2004 it comes in regular practice in Lok Sabha election 2009, 2014 and several state assembly elections. Political marketing helps to make wave for any political parties and adversely dents the vote share of competitors.
  3. 3. Lok Sabha Election 2004 BJP • India Shining • Feel Good Factor The campaign did not reflect the reality focus on urban growth story while neglecting the distress and backwardness of the rural landscape. INC • Aam Aadmi ko kya mila Congress Countered with the campaign “Aam Aadmi Ko Kya Mila”.
  4. 4. Lok Sabha Election 2009 BJP • Majboot Neta, Nirnayak Sarkar • Determined leader decisive government. • Bhay Ho No Gender focus, Negative shade INC • Aam aadmi ke badhte kadam Har kadam par bharat buland. • Jai Ho Elements around woman, good feeling , positive marketing.
  5. 5. Lok Sabha Election 2014 BJP • Mission 272+ Campaigning. • Modi for PM. • Brand NAMO • Tea Vendor –CM Gujarat-PM • Modi Jee Aane wale Hai. • Chai Pe Charcha. • One Note One Vote • NaMo Online store – on line merchandise portal like mug,stationarry , T-shirt. INC • Mai Nahi Hum. • Har Hath Shakti Har Hath Tarrakki.
  6. 6. Thanks One can easily see the impact of strategic approach for the political success. As a strategic consultant we believe in synergising the environment by valuable input. Sunil Mishra Political Strategist 8527193263