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What is field engineer


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Field Engineer is the perfect stage to exhibit your abilities specifically to organizations that are currently looking for contractual workers. You should simply make a profile on its site that features your experience and capabilities. Organizations that have extends in your general vicinity will connect with you to plan a meeting.

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What is field engineer

  1. 1. What is
  2. 2. About FieldEngineer  More than 15000+ skilled freelance telecom engineers are available worldwide.  Over 5000 orders has been filled for around 45 businesses.  Connect with skilled telecommunications engineers in the specialties you require.
  3. 3. Register as an Engineer  Create an account by submitting your information & confirm your mail.  Work on different projects & earn more.  Your privacy is protected with the high grade data security.
  4. 4.  Create a free account & click on + to post a new job.  Post a detailed job description, completion date & tasks to be performed onsite.  Leave contact details & required qualifications  Screen the engineers who have applied for the jobs  Assign it to the one who suits the best. Register as a Business
  5. 5. FE is for those who want to come out of their comfort zones, disrupt your daily routine and chase opportunity. “The marketplace trend of specialization is picking up steam” “Telecom and engineering seems to be the next market ready for freelance disruption” Our Reviews
  6. 6. Why FieldEngineer?  Reduces labour costs effectively  Background verification check becomes easy.  Immediate access to pre-qualified candidates.  Connect with prospective clients on the Go.  Find remote jobs & get paid fast.