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Our people journey

  1. 1. Everyone wants to beEveryone wants to be part ofpart of something greatsomething great Our People Journey
  2. 2. • Hospitality Organisation is people business providing unique experiences to guests • Creating great hotels Guests love and have earned a strong reputation for our talented people and our culture. • Thoughtful and caring approach is a reflection of our leaders at all levels their  Attitude Values Commitment towards the guest
  3. 3. • Provides an approach to build a unique culture, creating a special work environment that respects our people and a core set of winning ways. • Fostering a spirit of team work and building trust is at the heart of all that we do-on good times and especially in bad times.
  4. 4. Our Journey to Great Hotel Guests Love I. Right Environment II. Right Behaviour III. Right Activity IV. Right Results
  5. 5. I. RIGHT ENVIRONMENT People will forget what you say, but they will never forget how you make them feel.
  6. 6. Creating Room to be yourself (Proud to use our own people as role models) • We may ask our people what they want from their jobs • Treat me as an individual, recognise what I do • Give me a sense of direction and purpose • Let us be part of something great
  7. 7. A cool and fun creative look • We need to create a core look and feel and make it individual at our brands • People are photographed by their social outdoor activities • They bring the same enthusiasm to their jobs
  8. 8. Four Promises We Make • We could focus on hundreds of things everyday but these four promises are what makes the difference for our people • Our people tell us if we are keeping our promises
  9. 9. 1. Room to have a great start- Employees are treated with respect and we will make sure have everything to have a great start. 2. Room to be involved- Provides the opportunity to work with great teams, know what is going on and make a real difference in the workplace. 3. Room to grow- Give opportunities to develop yourself and pursue a rewarding career. 4. Room for you- You will be regarded and recognised for your contributions and value the significance of your life beyond work.
  10. 10. Using our own people to attract best talent • Warm creative approach sets us apart from competition • Helps us to identify new ways to recruit and to give our people the best possible start
  11. 11. Engaging our people, connecting with our brand • People own what they help to create….. • We involve people in our journey and engage from the boardroom to the front line • Our employees’ survey will tell us how colleagues feel about us
  12. 12. Helping our people to go from good to great • Provide opportunities so everyone can perform at their best • Investing more in e-learning • Organising training programmes to identify the best talent • Leading with purpose gives our leader support to deliver Great Hotels Guest Love
  13. 13. Rewarding and Recognising our People • Everyone wants to be recognised for doing great work • Aim to be fair and flexible with our rewards • Think about the well being of the individual and their families
  14. 14. II. RIGHT BEHAVIOUR Values are not just words, Values are what we live by
  15. 15. Creating our Winning waysCreating our Winning ways Developed by our people for our people •Need to organise various workshops to get people involved •Efficient, Effective and knowledge for outstanding guest service
  16. 16. • Simple straightforward language that works globally • Embrace talent and harness expertise by conducting employees’ survey The behaviors we live by
  17. 17. Work Better TogetherWork Better Together Do the Right ThingDo the Right Thing Show we CareShow we Care Aim HigherAim Higher Celebrate DifferenceCelebrate Difference
  18. 18. Aim HigherAim Higher • We put our hearts into learning new things. • We challenge ourselves and those around us. • We always look for opportunity for improvement (OFI)
  19. 19. • We welcome different perspectives and listen to everyone’s ideas • We respect of all cultures and look to learn from others • We play an active role in the communities in which we operate.
  20. 20. Launching them around the world • Our transformational Leaders develop intellectual stimulation skills to promote the development of employees. • Everyone to be involved and have a great fun • Our Winning ways bring us all closer together
  21. 21. • We can’t teach values , we have to live them, experience them, share them and show them in good times and especially in difficult times • This restructure has been laced with the thread of firmness, sincerity and openess- truly exemplary of the “Winning Ways” In the way we work with each other
  22. 22. • We take pride in supporting worthwhile projects around the city for our people. • Caring for the communities In the things we do for others
  23. 23. III. RIGHT ACTIVITY  Great companies know where they are going, but really great companies take their people on the journey with them.
  24. 24. Creating our Strategy Wheel
  25. 25. Engaging Our People with Our Strategy A balanced approach is key: People + Guest + Responsible = Financial Results Our wheel makes our priorities clear and connects our people to our strategy Our ways of working make us efficient, effective and joins us up.
  26. 26. Setting Priorities and DiscussingSetting Priorities and Discussing BusinessBusiness Learning from each other has made sure that the wheel is implemented well and fully intergrated with our brand. It helps our colleagues know what they need to do in achieving our goal. The wheel brings together everything we do into one easy to understand tool.
  27. 27. Focusing on our ways of Working The wheel is used across the business to set priorities, starting with the Executive Team. Our ways of working ensure we are effective and joined up. We are supporting our people to manage change.
  28. 28. Guest ExperienceGuest Experience Financial ReturnsFinancial ReturnsResponsible BusinessResponsible Business Our PeopleOur People
  29. 29. Making Things Simple for Our People Our leaders lounge helps to our employees to execute strategy, manage change, share best practices and keep connected.
  30. 30. Giving Guests a Unique Experience • Being clear about what our guests will experience • Tailoring all our activities towards delivering this • Stay real training can continue to a huge success
  31. 31. Being thoughtful about how we do business • We encourage our people to get involved to get something back • We are supporting hotels with Go Green training programmes • Need to conduct various seminars and workshops to help hotel teams be more aware about latest technology and ecofriendly practices
  32. 32. IV. Right Results  What gets measured gets improved
  33. 33. The results we are seeing (We are creating Great Hotels Guests Love)  Our people Love our jobs Live our winning ways Create ‘room to be yourself’ Develop our skills  Guest business is improving
  34. 34.  We are beating the competition o I would recommend this company o My job gives me a sense of achievement o I am proud to work here  We love our winning ways  We create room to be yourself
  35. 35. Our people understands what needs to be done • Our people are delivering o Inspired to do my best to create Great hotels guests Love o Understand how my job contributes to Great Hotels Guests love o Understand the WHEEL and how it helps me focus
  36. 36. • How we are developing our skills o By giving training to do their jobs o By providing them opportunities for personal development planning o Senior Leadership Programmes are organised o ‘Stay Real’ training as excellent • The stay Real refresh has delivered stronger bond o Guests satisfaction o Growth vs Competition o Engagement
  37. 37.  Now we have a clear direction and sense of purpose.  Have a strong spirit of teamwork and trust.  Gives us an advantage over everyone with whom we compete.
  38. 38. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar