Hyderabad cuisine


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Hyderabad cuisine

  1. 1. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar webpage: chefsunilkumar.tripod.com SUNIL KUMAR
  2. 2.  It was named after Hyder Mahal.  Old Hyderabad was built on an area of six miles surrounded by a stone wall with thirteen gates and twelve poster within this were the palaces of the Nizam. SUNIL KUMAR
  3. 3. The Nizams were great lovers of food. They were also famous for hosting feast, state banquets.  One cannot realise the gorgeous pageantry of Hyderabad Court and its magnificent cuisine which consists of the best Moghlai specialties of the deccan and excellent French and Continental food to suit the palate of their foreign guests.  SUNIL KUMAR
  4. 4. Y The Nizam had nobles who were mainly Muslims, Turks, Arabs, Persians and Afghans.  They brought with them their own spices and their own cuisines. Hence, Hyderabad Cuisine has some influence of the middle eastern countries.  SUNIL KUMAR
  5. 5.  "The food is a dream of deliciousness", said the Persian Ambassador who came to the Qutub Shahi Kingdom in 1603 SUNIL KUMAR
  6. 6. Nizam also brought a few of his advisors and administrators and learned people from Delhi and Lucknow.  They brought with them their rich culture and their food.  SUNIL KUMAR
  7. 7. Hyderabad cuisine is know to be sumptuous with a richness of taste that is difficult to find elsewhere in India. Day-in and Day-out rich food is taken  The food is Chili hot, it is full of species either curd or Tamarind is used.  Rice is the staple diet of Hyderabad.  Wheat is also consumed equally  SUNIL KUMAR
  8. 8.  This cuisine owes its origins to the Mughalai style of cooking of the Asaf Jahi period. By carefully mellowing and nurturing the typical Mughalai flavours with a blend of spices, the cuisine of Hyderabad was born. While there is a certain exotic quality to some of the royal foods, it is also known that a true Hyderabadi will go any where in the city for a well prepared dish, however humble its origin. SUNIL KUMAR
  10. 10.  Soup made with trotters, tongue of the lamb. SUNIL KUMAR
  11. 11.  Made with Rice, Lentils and Ghee SUNIL KUMAR
  12. 12.  Scrambled Egg SUNIL KUMAR
  13. 13.  Mango bhaji SUNIL KUMAR
  14. 14.  Whole Aubergines slit, browned and cooked gently in a nutty sauce of seasame, groundnuts, coconut and tamarind SUNIL KUMAR
  15. 15.  Pounded wheat with well cooked mutton SUNIL KUMAR
  16. 16.  Saffron flavoured diamonds made with egg, ghee, ground badam and koya. SUNIL KUMAR
  17. 17.  Coins made with khoa SUNIL KUMAR
  18. 18.  Khoya and almond SUNIL KUMAR
  19. 19.  Apricots, sugar and cream SUNIL KUMAR
  20. 20.  Doodhi, rice flour, milk, khoya, sugar and nuts. SUNIL KUMAR
  21. 21. SUNIL KUMAR
  22. 22.  .. The elaborate Dastarkhan, on which are place steaming hot dishes of dum ka murgh, a baked chicken full of savoury herbs and spices. Lagan ke kebab, bhagare bhaingan, machili ka qualiya, mirch ka salan, haleem, and different kinds of Biryanis severed with Bhurani. SUNIL KUMAR
  23. 23.  Even the desserts are world renowned. Khubani ka meeta, badaam ki jaali, hub ke laoz, azam jahi meetha, etc, satiate you beyond imaginatio SUNIL KUMAR
  24. 24. And during the festival day of Id-ul-Fitr, it is traditional to serve sheer quorma, the delicious kheer, made with sevian, dried fruits and dates.  During the month of Ramzan, one gets to taste Haleem (a pounded wheat and meat preparation).  SUNIL KUMAR
  25. 25.  Kababs (meat pieces or minced meat cooked in many different styles such as Boti Jhammi, kalmi, Shikampur, Sheek, Lagan-ke-kababs, Dum-ke-kababs); SUNIL KUMAR
  26. 26.  Lukhmi (pastry). Kheema methi (minced meat with fenugreek); Rumali Rotis (bread as thin as a handkerchief) and Chakna (a spicy dish of meat). SUNIL KUMAR
  27. 27. SUNIL KUMAR
  28. 28. INGREDIENTS: ½ kg mutton.  Salt to taste.  2-4ltr water.  2 green chilies.  ½ bunch coriander leaves.  ½ bunch mint leaves.  ½ tsp ghee.  1 onion.  Lime juice to taste. SUNIL KUMAR
  29. 29. METHOD: Cook mutton with salt in a pressure cooker with 2 liters water for 40 mins, when mutton is cooked add black pepper green chilies chopped coriander leaves and mint. There should be about 6 cups of soup. Heat ghee and fry onions till light brown. Mix with soup, cook together on low heat for 5 minutes. Serve hot in soup bowls. Add a few drops of lime juice if desired. SUNIL KUMAR
  30. 30. INGREDIENTS: 4 cups flour.  1 ½ tsp baking powder.  ½ tsp salt.  3 tsp sugar.  1 cup full cream milk.  1 ½ tsp fresh yeast.  Water. SUNIL KUMAR      4 cardamoms. 2 tbsp sultanas. 16 almonds. 1 cup ghee. 1 tbsp poppy seeds.
  31. 31. METHOD: Mix flour, baking pwd, salt and sieve. Add sugar and warm milk. Mix yeast with ½ cup tepid water in a bowl and leave for 20mins to froth and rise. Mix flour milk with yeast and knead very well. Add cardamom, sultanas, and almonds and mix with dough. Keep in sheltered warm place for 1 hr. add ½ the ghee and knead again. Divide into 12 rounds. Keep for 2 mins. Roll into flat 7” rounds about ⅛” thick. Brush with ghee and fold each in 4. roll out again. Leave for 10mins. Repeat 3 times applying ghee each time. Sprinkle poppy seeds over it if desired. Bake in a moderate oven at 375⁰ F for about 8mins till done. SUNIL KUMAR
  32. 32. INGREDIENTS: 100 gram ghee  3 onions  1 level tbsp ground raw papaya  1 kg mutton  ¼ kg curd  1 tsp ground red chillies  Salt to taste  1 tsp garam masala pwd.  1 tsp ground caraway seeds  2 tsp garlic  1 tsp ginger  1 kg very fine basmati rice SUNIL KUMAR             Water 4 cardamoms 4 cloves 2 sticks cinnamons ¼ ltr milk 1 tsp saffron 1 bunch coriander leaves 1 bunch mint leaves 6 green chillies Juice of 4 limes ½ kg wheat flour 1 tsp cardamom
  33. 33. METHOD: Heat ghee and fry onions till golden brown. Remove and crush ½ the onions. Rub papaya into mutton, add curd, red chilies, salt, garam masala, caraway seeds, garlic, ginger and crushed onions. Leave to marinate for an hour, mix well after about 25mins. Soak rice in water for 20mins and Drain. Put cardamoms cloves cinnamon in water with salt and boil. Cook till ½ done. Drain out water and keep aside 1 ½ cups. Spread mutton at the botton of a sauce pan. Pour ½ the milk, 1 ½ cups of rice water, fried onions with ghee, ground saffron, coriander, mint leaves, green chilies and cardamom powder over the mutton. SUNIL KUMAR
  34. 34.  Spread remaining rice over this. Sprinkle remaining saffron milk, cardamom pwd, salt and lime juice over rice. Cover sauce pan with a well fitting lid and seal the edges by covering the rim with a mixture of dough. Stand the pan on a moderate fire and let it cook till the liquid makes slight sounds inside. Remove pan from heat, lower heat, put a griddle on it and stand the pan on the griddle. Let it cook on this or in low heat in the oven for 30 to 40mins. To see if the meat is cooked remove the dough and open the lid. Then check by sticking a long handled spoon into the pan. If you find liquid at the bottom cook it a little longer till the liquid is absorbed. Keep covered till you are ready to dish out the biryani. SUNIL KUMAR
  35. 35.         250 gm basmati rice Water 3 tbsp oil 1 tsp black mustard seeds 3-5 dry red chilies 2 green chilies 1-2 cloves garlic 1 cm ginger SUNIL KUMAR       1 tsp husked black gram 2 tbsp split bengal gram1 sprig of curry leaves A pinch of turmuric pwd A pinch of asafoetida 1 tsp salt 150 gm grated coconut
  36. 36. Method:Boil rice for 5 mins, drain well & spread out on a tray to cool. Heat oil in a pan sauté mustard seeds, chilies, garlic & ginger, until seeds begin to splutter. Add both dals, curry leaves & turmeric. Fry until dal turn golden. Add asafoetida , salt, grated coconut & rice. Mix thoroughly. Remove from heat and keep for 1hr. To allow the flavors to penitrate. Reheat and serve garnished with corriander and fresh coconut. May be served with curd, chutney, pickle or lime juice. SUNIL KUMAR
  37. 37. INGERDIENTS: 2 chickens  Water  1 coconut  3 large onions  1 cup ghee  2 large tomatoes  Salt to taste  1 ½ tbsp GGP  8 green chilies  2 sticks cinamon  10 cloves  6 cardamoms  3 bay leafs  1 ½ cup curd  12 cashew nuts SUNIL KUMAR 1 tbsp poppy seeds  1 tbsp chirongi  Juice of 4 limes For rice: 1 kg basmati rice  Water  7 cloves  5 cardamoms  2 sticks cinamon  ½ tsp caraway seeds  4 bay leaves  ½ cup ghee  ½ cup cream  2 cups milk 
  38. 38. Method: Boil chicken in hot water for 1min, then wash in cold water and remove skin. Cut into pieces of desired size. Grate coconut, grind with ½ cup hot water, put into muslin cloth, and squeeze out the milk. Sauté onions in ghee on low heat till tender and light brown. Add chicken tomatoes, salt, ginger, garlic, green chillies, cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms and bay leaves. Cook for 5mins or so on very low heat so as not to brown the ingredients. Cover and cook on a slow fire for 45mins till chicken is tender. Stir occasionally. When oil starts separating, add curd, stir and shimmer again. Add coconut milk, cashew nuts, poppy seeds, chironji mixture and bring to boil. Add lime juice, mix and cover. It should now be thick gravy but not brown. SUNIL KUMAR
  39. 39.  Soak rice in salt water for 20mins. Drain. Boil 8 cups water separately and add cloves, cardamoms, cinnamons, caraway, and bay leaves. Keep on high heat and when the water boils add rice. Stir immediately while on the boil so that rice cooks evenly. Add 2 tsp salt. Stir occasionally. Remove after 7 to 8mins and drain water. When rice is 2/3 cooked. Spread ¼ cup ghee at the bottom of a deep pan. Put some rice on this. Spread the chicken and gravy over rice. Cover with remaining rice afer removing bay leaves. Pour ¼ cup ghee on top with cream. Pour milk evenly on rice, cover, weigh down the lid and place on slow fire for 40mins. SUNIL KUMAR
  40. 40. Ingredients:  1 ½ tsp poppy seeds  1” piece ginger  Salt to taste  1 cup curd  Red chili pwd to taste  ½ tsp turmeric powder  ½ kg lamb  3 cloves  1 tsp coriander powder  3 sticks cinnamon SUNIL KUMAR         3 cardamoms 1 whole garlic 3 tbsp oil 2 onions 1 tsp garam masala pwd Water 1 tsp ghee 10 cashew nuts fried
  41. 41. Method: Mix poppy seeds and ginger and grind to a paste. Add salt to curd chilies, turmeric and lamb and soak for 15mins. Grind cloves, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and garlic to a paste. Put oil in a pan and fry onions. Add all the ground spices and fry. Add lamb and ½ cup water and cook on slow fire. If necessary sprinkle water and fry. Before removing from add cashew nuts fried in ghee and garam masala. This meet curry can stay refrigerated for several days. SUNIL KUMAR
  42. 42. Ingredients: ½ kg breast of mutton  ½ cup oil  5 onions  8 green chilies  ¼ tsp turmeric pwd  1 tsp ginger paste  1 ½ tsp garlic paste  water SUNIL KUMAR 2 tsp cumin pwd  2 full cups of tender chigoor  6 curry leaves  Salt to taste  Red chilly pwd(opt.) For seasoning: 3 dry red chilies  6 cloves garlic  ½ tsp mustard seeds 
  43. 43. Method: Clean mutton well. Heat oil and fry onions golden. Add green chilies, turmeric, ginger and garlic and fry together. Add mutton and fry. Add 3 cups of water and cook on a moderate flame till meat and bones have soften. When the bones are softened and there is about 1 cup of water left, add cumin pwd and well washed chigoor and cook together for about 10mins till the chigoor leaves soften. Add curry leaves pour, in a cup or 2 of water and shimmer, adding salt to taste. Add red chilly pwd if desired. Heat oil in a frying pan, add whole red chillies, garlic cloves, mustard seeds. Turn down heat and fry to a dark brown. Pour over the chigoor curry and cover immidiately to retain flavour. Serve with plain boiled rice. SUNIL KUMAR
  44. 44.           Ingredients: 1kg onions ¾ cup oil 8 green chillies ½ tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp ginger paste 1 tsp garlic paste 1 tsp cumin pwd(dry roasted) 700g mutton(cut into small pieces) 10 curry leaves SUNIL KUMAR     Salt to taste Water 2 bunches coriander leaves 1 bunch mint leaf
  45. 45. Method:  Slice onions in fine rings and fry lightly in hot oil. Grind half the fried onions. Fry green chilies in the same oil. Remove n keep aside. Add turmeric, ginger, garlic and cumin and fry. Add mutton and curry leaves and fry together, stirring occasionally. Add salt, 4 cups water to cover mutton and ground onions, cook on low flame till tender, adding water if it dries too soon. Add fried green chilies, chopped coriander and mint leaves and sauté together, stirring occasionally, on low heat for 5 to 10mins, adding water as needed to prevent it from sticking to the pan. SUNIL KUMAR
  46. 46. Ingredients:  1 medium sized chicken  6 onions  Oil  A large of saffron(soaked in 1 tdsp milk and ground)  1 tsp ginger  1 1/2 tsp garlic  2 tdsp mint leaves  2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves SUNIL KUMAR          4 green chillies(ground) 1 ½ tsp ground red chillies 3 cups curd 6 cardamom pwd 6 cloves pwd 2 sticks cinamon pwd Salt to taste A piece of charcoal for garnish: sprigs of mint
  47. 47. Method:  You may use chicken with bones but preferably use deboned. Fry onions to a dark brown. Drain oil. Keep aside a handful of fried onions and saffron and rub the rest of the ingredients on chicken. Leave in refrigerator over night or for a few hours. Keep at room temp. for 1 hour. Add saffron. Place chicken in a over proof dish and bake in a pre heated oven at 400 degree F/ gas mark 6/270 degree C for 45mins. Before serving light a piece of charcoal and put the dish on dunger for giving a smoky flavour. Before serving remove charcoal and spread oil over chicken. Garnish with fried onions and sprigs of mint. SUNIL KUMAR
  48. 48. Ingredients:  ½ kg broken wheat(dalia)  ½ kg boneless lamb  ½ cup ghee  2 onions sliced  6 cloves  6 cardamoms  2 stick cinnamon  1 tsp ginger paste  1 tsp garlic paste SUNIL KUMAR 1 tsp coriander pwd.  1 tsp caraway seeds(ground)  Red chilly pwd to taste  3 green chillies(ground)  Water  Salt to taste For garnishing:  A few sprigs of mint leaves  2 sliced limes 
  49. 49. Method:  Soak broken wheat in water for 1hr and drain. Cut lamb in pieces. Heat ghee and fry onions brown. Remove from ghee and keep aside. In the same ghee lightly fry cloves, cardamoms, cinnamons for a minute. Add ginger and garlic and fry together for 1min. Add coriander pwd, caraway seeds, red chilly and fry together. Add lamb and sauté together to brown. Add green chillies , wheat and 4 cups water and cook for about 50mins or till lamb and wheat are soft, adding water as required. SUNIL KUMAR
  50. 50.  This can be done in a large pressure cooker for about 30 to 35mins. Cook to evaporate water. When the meat and wheat are soft, mash together to a porridge like consistency. Add salt and a little water if it is too dry and simmer together for 5mins. Serve garnished with sprigs of meat, fried onions and a slice of lime. SUNIL KUMAR
  51. 51. Ingredients:  1kg boneless lamb  2 tsp ginger paste  2 tsp garlic paste  Salt to taste  Red chilly pwd to taste  250gs curd  ½ tsp almonds  1 tsp poppy seeds  1 tbsp finely groung coconut SUNIL KUMAR 1 level tsp gram flour  ½ tsp garam masala  1 full cup oil or ghee  1 large onion finely sliced  Water For garnish:  A few sprigs of mint 
  52. 52. Method:  Spread steaks of lamb out on a board. Pound each with a wooden mallet or large knife to soften. Mix ginger, garlic, salt and chilly with curd. Rub well on meat and leave to marinate for 4hrs. Then mix all the other ingredients apart form ghee and onions. Add to meat. Heat ghee and fry onions. Add meat mixture and fry brown till the water is released and you get the special aroma of fried spices. Add 3 cups water and cook on a slow fire till tender. Add water if required keeping a thick gravy with it. Serve hot. Garnish with sprigs of mint and sliced raw or fried onions. SUNIL KUMAR
  53. 53. Ingredients  16 lamb pasanda tikkas  6 cardamoms  6 cloves  1” stick cinnamon  ½ tsp caraway seeds  ½ tsp black pepper  2 tsp ginger (ground)  2 tsp garlic (ground)  1 tbsp raw papaya  1 tsp red chilly powder SUNIL KUMAR Salt to taste  1 tsp all spice pwd.  ½ cup ghee  Very thin stone slates For garnish:  1 onion sliced in rings  4 limes  Sprigs of mint 
  54. 54. Method:  Flatten the mutton tikkas with a wet mallet or rolling pin so that the pieces are large and flat about 1/8” thick, to enable them to cook well. Mix together ground spices, ginger, garlic, papaya, red chilly pwd, salt, all spice and rub well on thin tikkas of meat. Marinate for 2 hrs. heat stone slabs by placing them over a barbeque or hot coals till they are red hot. Baste tikes with melted ghee. Place them on hot slates, well spread out. Cook on each side till each one is done. Serve with onion rings, slices of lime and sprigs of mint. SUNIL KUMAR
  55. 55.            500g small round aubergines Water 3 onions finely sliced 1 cup oil 2 ½ tsp cumin seed 2 ½ tsp poppy seeds 12 peanuts 3 tsp sesame seeds 2 ½ tsp coriander pwd ½ tsp fenugreek seeds ½ tsp mustard seeds SUNIL KUMAR            2 stick cinnamon sticks 1/8th of a dry coconut. 1 tsp chirongi 1 fist full of tamarind ½ tsp turmeic pwd. 3 tsp red chilly pwd. Salt to taste 1 tsp ginger (ground) 1 tsp garlic (ground) 10 curry leaves 1tsp bojwar masala
  56. 56. Method:  Remove stems from aubergines and wash and soak in salt water for ½ hr. Fry onions lightly and grind. Dry roast all the dry spices and grind to a smooth paste. Soak tamarind in 1 cup water for 20mins, squeeze and strain out all the pulp. Drain water from aubergines and make 4 slits down the sides from the top till just above the stem. Mix together ground onions, red chilly, salt, and the roasted and ground spices. Stuff this paste down the slits inside each aubergines. SUNIL KUMAR
  57. 57.  Keep aside the extra mixed spices. Heat oil and fry ginger, garlic, turmeric and curry leaves till they are brown. Add the unused extra masala spice mixture and fry it together in oil. Add stuffed aburgines and fry well on low heat, turning gently so that they get fried all round, until they change colour. Add tamarind pulp and a cup of water and simmer together the aburgines are cooked. SUNIL KUMAR
  58. 58.         ¼ kg green chillies Water Salt to taste ¼ cup oil 6 onions 2 tsp ginger ½ tsp turmeric pwd. 1 tbsp coriander pwd.        SUNIL KUMAR 1 tbsp dry coconut 1 tbsp sesame seeds 1 tbsp cumin pwd. 12 curry leaves A fist full of tamarind(soaked in ½ cups water for 1 hr.) 1 bunch coriander leaves A few sprigs of mint
  59. 59. Method:  Slit chillies length wise, soak them in salt water for ½ hr and drain.Heat oil and fry chillies till they begin to change color and brown slightly. Remove from oil and keep aside. In the same oil fry onions to a golden brown. Remove half, grind and keep aside. Add ginger and garlic to fried onions and fry for a few minutes. Add turmeric and coriander and after a minute add coconut, sesame, cumin and curry leaves and continue to fry on low heat. Add ground onions and chillies. Mix and cook. Squeeze out all pulp from soaked tamarind and water and most of it to the chilly curry. Add more tamarind if required. Add a cup of water and simmer. Add chopped coriander and mint leaves as well as salt to taste. There should be a lot of chillies and a lot of masala mixture with it, when it is cooked. Serve with biryani. SUNIL KUMAR
  60. 60. Ingerdients:  ½ cup ghee  20 eggs  1 kg pwd sugar  1 cup almonds  1 kg dried unsweetened condensed milk  ¾ tsp saffron SUNIL KUMAR
  61. 61. Method:  Apply some ghee on a flat baking dish. Separate egg yolks and whites. Whip the whites to peaks. Mix yolks with sugar till creamy. Add the whites and mix. Add ground almonds, khoya, ghee and saffron and mix well together. Pour mixture into a baking dish that is atleast 1 ½” deep. Place a thick tray below so that the base does not get too brown. Bake in oven at gas mark at 1/250 degree F for about half an hour till the top and bottom start browning. A knife stuck into the sweet should come out clean when it is done. Cut into diamonds or squares, when it has cooled a little. SUNIL KUMAR
  62. 62. Ingredients:  ¼ kg dried apricots  Water  150g sugar  1 tbsp lime juice  1 cup cream SUNIL KUMAR
  63. 63. Method:  Remove seeds from apricots and crack them to extract the almond like nuts from within. Soak in water, peel and roast these till lightly brown. In the water in which the apricots were soaked, add sugar and cook till syrupy. Add apricots and lime juice and simmer till apricots are pulpy and thick. Remove from fire add nuts. Serve hot or cold with cream or with vanilla ice cream. SUNIL KUMAR
  64. 64. Ingredients:  ¼ cups chironji  1 tbsp pistachios  1 tbsp almonds  Water  6 - 8 dried dates  ¼ cup ghee SUNIL KUMAR       1 cup fine vermicelli ¼ cup sultanas/raisins 1 ½ ltr milk 1 cup sugar 4 cardamoms 1 tbsp rose water
  65. 65. Method:  Soak chirongi, pistachios and almonds in warm water for almost ½ hr and peel. Cut pistachios and almonds into slivers. Soak dried dates in hot water to soften. Cut in ½” pieces or slightly smaller and discard seeds. Heat ghee lightly, fry vermicelli on low heat. Fry almonds slivers lightly, keep aside. Soak resins in warm water and swell. Boil milk with dates and thickened milk. Add sugar and dissolve. Add pistachios and cook for a few minutes on low heat. SUNIL KUMAR
  66. 66.  Add vermicelli, cardamom pwd and resins and cook on low heat for 5-10 mins. Remove from fire and cool. Add rose water and mix. SUNIL KUMAR
  67. 67. Ingredients:  ¼ cup ghee  1 onion  1 pinch of turmeric pwd  ½ tsp red chilly pwd  ½ tsp GGP  125 gm minced meat  2 cardamoms  3 cloves  ½” stick cinamon  Water SUNIL KUMAR ½ tsp salt  2 green chillies  1 bunch coriander leaves  Juice of 1 lime Pastery:  2 cups wheat flour  1tbsp ghee  1/8 cup milk  Oil for frying 
  68. 68. Method:  Fry onion with turmeric, chilly pwd, ginger and garlic lightly. Add mince, brown well. Add powdered spices. Cook on low heat adding water a little at a time till mince is cooked. Add salt green chillies coriander and lime juice. Keep aside. Mix flour with 1 tbsp ghee and milk, adding water as required to make a pliable dough. Knead well. Roll out dough on a surface lightly sprinkled with flour. Cut into 1 ½ “ X 1 ½ “ stripes. On each stripe put a dollop of cooked mince in the centre. Cover with another square and seal the sides by dampening the inner edges of the square. Then press down to seal. Fry in medium hot oil. Serve hot. SUNIL KUMAR
  69. 69. Ingredients: Dough:  Flour 240g  Salt to taste  Oil 30 ml SUNIL KUMAR Filling:  Onions 240g  Dil leaves 4 bunches  Green chillies 15g  Salt to taste  Oil to fry
  70. 70. Method:  Sieve flour, add salt, oil and cold water, make a soft dough. Divide the dough and roll out into thin chapati and cook for 1 to 2 minutes without browning. Cut into long stripes 12” long and 1 ½ “ wide. Make a cone and put in prepared filling and seal the edges with paste(flour + water). Fry in deep fat till crisp and golden brown. SUNIL KUMAR
  71. 71. Ingredients:  400g rozelle  1 cup oil  20 green chillies  1 tsp coriander seeds  ¼ tsp fenugreek seeds  ½ tsp cumin seeds  ½ cup sesame seeds  Salt to taste  A pinch of turmeric pwd. SUNIL KUMAR For seasoning:  3 dry red chillies  6 curry leaves  ½ tsp mustard seeds  ½ tsp husked black gram(urad dal)
  72. 72. Wash the leaves well and dry them. Heat ½ cup oil in a frying pan and fry the leaves and green chillies. In another frying pan heat a little oil and fry coriander, fenugreek, cumin and sesame till they are brown. Then grind them together along with rozelle leaves. Adding salt and turmeric pwd.  For seasoning heat oil in a frying pan and fry red chillies, curry leaves, mustard seeds and black gram to a dark brown. Pour the seasoning over the rozelle mixture and mix well. When cool, bottle in a closed ceramic jar.  SUNIL KUMAR
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  75. 75. SUNIL KUMAR