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Gujrat Cuisine


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gujrat food

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Gujrat Cuisine

  1. 1. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: , linkedin:- facebook: webpage: GUJARAT THE LAND OF ALL RELIGIONS. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  2. 2. Special features This is a region of all religion like a Jainism's and Parsees etc.  Population of Gujarat is mainly vegetarians, due to the influence of Jains and Buddhists. Except the Parsees and boras(Muslim community).  Boras are very famous for their meat preparation.  The staple food is millet.  Jains are the vegetarians who don’t use onion and garlic in their dishes.  There is extensive use of millets, jaggery, vegetables, roots and KUMAR grains. SUNIL F & B (P) III 
  3. 3.     The cuisine has a unique balance of sweet and sour. Food consists of bajra or jowar rotlo or bhakri eaten with locally grown vegetables such as brinjal,varieties of beans, gourds, fenugreek leaves, lentils and milk. Pappad is a great favorite and every house prepares its own variety. Geographically Gujarat is divided into 3 main regions… kathaiwari and kutch Southern Gujarat or Surath Sourashtra F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  4. 4. KATHIAWARI AND KUTCH     They use grains, pulses and vegetables in abundance. Their preparation has a predominant flavor of garlic in their food. Peanut fudge made from jaggery is a specialty of this region. Another favorites are Dhebras made from wheat flour, green chilly, curds, salt and sugar are eaten with chundo. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  5. 5.    Another specialty is methia masala made from dry powder of methi seeds,red chilly powder and salt. It is sprinkled over raw vegetables and salads for flavor. They include plenty of spices and a lot of hot pickles and chutney as accompaniments. They are very famous for their spiciness and they use lot of chilly powder for this. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  6. 6. SOUTHERN GUJARAT OR SURATH  Surath food is dominated by green vegetables and plenty of fruit.  Here they use green chilly to make their food spicy.  They use more sugar and their cuisine has a sweet and tangy flavor because of the use of jaggery.  Surath has plenty of green vegetables and fruits this is because of proper rainfall in southern Gujarat.  In surath other Gujarati specialties like nankhatais, Kari biscuits, kesar biscuits and mithas are served in several bakeries. SUNIL KUMAR F & B (P) III
  7. 7. KUTCH Kutch cuisine is relatively simple, kitchidi is the main dish which are eaten with kadhi.  Kadhi is a  F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  8. 8. SOURASHTRA In sourashtra sugar cane, wheat, millet, pulses, vegetables are available in abundance.  The use of sugar cane is because of the abundantly grown sugarcane in this region.  The food is mainly dominated by pulses and accompanied sweets.  F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  9. 9. A BASIC GUJARATHI THALI CONSISTS OF……. Food starts with a glass of chaas (butter milk)  Rice and wheat are consumed in equal quantity.  1.variety of dhal.  2.kadhi.  3.two or three types of pulses.  4.vegetables.  F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  10. 10. 5.salads called cuchumbers.  6.savories.  7.sweet puris or chapatti or roti.  8.rice  9.chutney and pickles.  10.papad.  F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  11. 11. FARSANS & VAGHARS        Farsans or snacks form the essential part of the Gujarati diet. They are consumed along with the meal. Farsans such as kachories, papadies etc. are famous. Use of pickle is also a must in this cuisine. Surathis are also famous for their vaghar, which is tempering of foods. Vaghars give the food a distinctive flavor. Asafetida is used in all vaghars as it helps to reduce the gas in the body. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  12. 12. SIGNATURE DISHES    Khamam dhokla : a salty steamed cake made out of chick pea flour. Methi thepla : dough made out of jowar and wheat mixed with coriander, chopped fennu greek and chilies, rolled thin and shallow fried in a griddle. Khandvi : a snack made by cooking a mixture of butter milk, gram flour, water till dough like consistency and set, tempered with mustard seeds, red chili and hinge. Garnished with chop coriander and g.. Coconut. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  13. 13. Shrikandh : flavored yogurt.  Methi Dhal : tempered dhal, finished off with jaggery and lemon juice or tamarind pulp.  Brown rice :  Doodh pak :  Aam rass : mango juice.  F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  14. 14.  Undhiyoo : a winter delicacy in which all the seasonal vegetables are put, traditionally it is made in earthen ware which after being filled with the ingredients and sealed and buried upside down with fire lit above they are cooked in the pot. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR
  15. 15.  Much variety of mouth freshener served in the end mark the completion of meal vary from saunf, dhana dhal, elachi etc. F & B (P) III SUNIL KUMAR