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Food & wine combination


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Food & wine combination

  1. 1. Wine & Food Combination
  2. 2. Cont..
  3. 3. Wine & Food Combination • The Food and Wine combinations that most of us grew up with were the “Red wine with beef” and “White wine with fish or poultry” rules. • Since then, we've heard "any wine as long as you like it". • A person can differentiate (on average) about 9,000 different aromas. • Even those of us with a poor sense of smell can identify more than 3000 aromas. • One can taste only four things: Sweetness, Acidity, Bitterness and Saltiness.
  4. 4. Taste Buds
  5. 5. White wines with high acid • Sauvignon Blanc • Riesling • White Bordeaux • All sparkling wines • These wines usually pair well with most seafood.
  6. 6. Red Wines with high acid levels • Pinot Noir (including Red Burgundies) • Sangiovese (including Chiantis) • Gamay (including Beaujolais) • These wines are usually very good pairings with grilled seafood and with most red sauces (tomato based).
  7. 7. White wines that have an amount of sweetness • Most German wines • Vouvray • Chenin Blanc • Asti Spumante • Rieslings. • White Zinfandel has sweetness and high acidity.
  8. 8. Red wines with an amount of sweetness • Lambrusco • Port (very sweet)
  9. 9. Red wines with bitterness • Cabernet Sauvignon • Merlot • Red Bordeaux • Zinfandel.
  10. 10. Appetizers Asparagus with hollandaise Pouilly fuisse , Pouilly Fume, Soave Melon Vouvray, Moscato d alba Tomato Stuffed with Sea Food Silvaner, dry Riesling Wines Fish Dry White Burgundies Quiche Lorraine Beaujolais, Light fruity Wines Shell Fish Chablis Lobster Muscadet , Dry White Wines Coquilles St. Jacques Petit Chablis
  11. 11. Soups Thin Soups Dry Sherries Fish Soups Dry French Or Spanish Wines Vegetable Soups Tocai, Soave, Dry White Wines Turtle or Rich Soups Dry Madeira
  12. 12. Fish Cod (baked & fried) Muscadet from Loire, White Italian wine Fried or grilled fish Chablis Poached white fishes with sauce Pouilly Fuisse, White Alsatian wines, Dry Rhine or Mosel wines Salmon(poached, grilled or baked) Dry White Burgundies Poached sole Rieslings, Sylvaners from Alsace
  13. 13. Chicken Capon ala crème White Burgundies Fried Beajoulais Red wines Roast Chicken Red Bordeaux i.e. Chateau Latour, Chateaux Margaux, Chateau Lafite
  14. 14. Veal Braised Pouilly fume, Sancerre light red wines Escalope Red Beaujolais Roast Red Beaujolais, Meursault
  15. 15. Ham Boiled Ham Young Red wines
  16. 16. Lamb Braised Lamb Beaujolais, Light Red Bordeaux wines Leg of Lamb provençale Heavy Red Wines ( Chateau Neuf du Pape, Hermitage) Grilled Chops Velvety Red Wines Saddle of lamb roasted Red Bordeaux i.e. Chateau Latour, Chateaux Margaux, Chateau Lafite
  17. 17. Pork Grilled chops Chateau Neuf Du-Pape Roast Great Beaujolais Tenderloins with prunes Sancerre earthy light dry white wines
  18. 18. Beef Beef Steaks Chianti, Well balanced dry red wines Broiled Red Bordeaux, Red burgundy wines Braised Chateau Margaux Braised provençal Chateau Neuf Du-Pape, Italian Red Wines Braised with red wines Light red wines Braised fillet chasseur Nuit St Georges, Rich Red Wines
  19. 19. Duck Roast Beaujolais, Italian Wines from Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany & Spanish dry red (Rioja)
  20. 20. Turkey Roast Light Red Wines, Cantenac Cold with Ham Beaujolais, White Rioja, Dry white wines
  21. 21. Cheese Brie Medoc Red Wines, Red Burgundies Danish Blue or Roquefort Chateau Neuf- du- Pape Edam Mosel Wines, Soave, Cheddar St. Emilion, Italian Red Wines Gorgonzola Barbaresco, Chianti Stilton Port Gruyere Sancerre, Beaujolais
  22. 22. Fruits & Nuts Fruit, Nuts Sweet Sherries, Madeira, Marsala