Cleaning guestrooms


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Cleaning guestrooms

  2. 2. WHAT IS CLEANING? Cleaning is the removal of dust, dirt, foreign matter, tarnish and stains from various surfaces with the aid of certain cleaning agents and equipment. SUNIL KUMAR
  3. 3. Principles of Cleaning • TIME- How long the job is actually performed. • TEMPERATURE- Correct temperature has to be maintained to the particular cleaning problem. • MECHANICAL ACTION- Friction of the force required to do the job. • CHEMICAL ACTION- Power of the chemicals that are used in the cleaning operations. • PROCEDURES- Following correct cleaning and sanitizing procedures. SUNIL KUMAR
  4. 4. Cleaning of an Occupied Room ENTERING THE GUESTROOM • Knock on the door with your knuckles and announce ‘Housekeeping’. • If the guest bids you to enter, ask if you may service the room. If the guest is willing, proceed to clean the room. In case the guest does not want the room serviced, ask for an alternative time. • In case there is no answer from the guest after you have knocked for three times then use your key to open it. Make sure that guest is not in the room and if this happens then apologize. • Upon entering the room, keep the door wide open and position the cart in front of the door.SUNIL KUMAR
  5. 5. PREPARING TO CLEAN THE GUESTROOM • Ventilate the room by drawing back the drapes and opening the windows. Also check the curtain rings and tracks. • Remove room-service trays and used tea trays. • Switch on all electrical appliances and check that they are in working order. • Empty ashtrays, wastepaper baskets and the sani-bin into the trash bag on the cart. SUNIL KUMAR
  6. 6. CLEANING THE GUESTROOM Always clean from higher to lower levels. • Damp-dust the door and all the door fixtures. • Damp-dust cabinets and closets. • Damp-dust the mini bar & replenish whatever has been consumed. • Damp-dust the luggage rack. • Damp-dust the dressing table, drawer and lighting fixtures. • Clean the mirror. • Damp-dust the bedside tables. • Dry dust lamp shades and bulbs of bedside lamps. • Damp-dust all the fixtures and accessories in the guestrooms. SUNIL KUMAR
  7. 7. • Vacuum upholstered furniture and re-arrange it. • Vacuum the carpet edges and floor baseboards. • Clean window frames & glass panes. • Damp-dust the headboard of the bed. • Disinfect the telephone. • Spot-clean the walls. • Vacuum and mop the floors. SUNIL KUMAR
  8. 8. • Replenish the bedroom supplies if required. • Making the bed 1. Strip the bed. 2. Straighten the mattress protector. 3. Place the bottom sheet. 4. Place the top sheet. 5. Place the blanket. 6. Place the crinkle sheet. 7. Fold back the top sheet and the crinkle sheet over the blanket. 8. Put the pillowcases on pillows and place on the bed. 9. Place the bedspread on the bed. SUNIL KUMAR
  9. 9. CLEANING THE BATHROOM • Put on protective gloves and an apron. • Apply the toilet cleaner so that it can sit for sometime. • Damp-dust the door and door fixtures & the toilet-roll holder. • Clean and disinfect the wall phone. • Clean the bath tub, surrounding tiles, shower area & vanity unit using a wet sponge and neutral detergent. • Clean the mirror. • Clean the shower curtain using a damp sponge. • Replenish toiletries and other supplies. • Replace used towels with fresh ones. • Using a toilet brush, clean the inside of the toilet bowl & apply a disinfectant on the toilet seat. • Check all electric appliances. • Mop the floor. • Take a critical look around, leave the door open and exit the bathroom. SUNIL KUMAR
  10. 10. CONCLUDING WORK • Tidy the guest’s possessions and belongings scattered around. • Never touch any valuables or money left in the room. • Inform the floor supervisor so that he/she can inspect the cleaned room. • Take a last critical look around the serviced room. SUNIL KUMAR
  11. 11. SUNIL KUMAR DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: ,