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  1. 1. Brandy Soul of Wine DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: , linkedin:- facebook:
  2. 2. Introduction • Potable spirit • Aged in wood • Obtained from distillation of wine or fermented mash of fruit • May be produced anywhere in the world. • Also known as soul of wine
  3. 3. History • Wine trade between port of France and Holland. • Water taken out of wine to save freight charges. • Tasted it and didn’t add water later on. • Name comes from brandewijn means burnt wine. • English anglicized it to brandy.
  4. 4. Regions • France is most famous for its Brandies. • Other important brandy producing countries USA Germany: Greece Israel Italy Mexico Peru Spain Australia
  5. 5. French brandy • France is most prominent of brandy producing countries. • France produces approx 70% of world’s total brandy production per year. • Important brandy producing regions in France: Cognac Armagnac Marc
  6. 6. Cognac • Superior to all brandies in world. • Distilled from wines made from grapes grown within legal limits of Charente & Charente – Maritime deptt of France. • Grapes used are: 1. Folle Blanche 2. St. Emillion 3. Colombart 4. Ugni Blanc • Sub divided in 7 districts. • Ideal climatic conditions make cognac superior.
  7. 7. Cognac • Aged in casks made of limousin oak. • Types of Brandy 1. Grande Fine Champagne 2. Fine Champagne 3. Fine Maison 4. Liqueur Brandy • Cognac Quality Terms C-cognac P-pale E-especial/extra F-fine O-old S-superior X-extra V-very
  8. 8. Cognac • Brandy Abbreviations & ages. VO=very old, 10-15yrs VOP=very old pale, 15-20yrs VSO=very superior old, 20-25yrs VSOP=very superior old pale,25-40yrs XO=extra old,50yrs &above VVSOP=very very superior old pale(luxury brand)
  9. 9. Armagnac • Second only to cognac. • Comes from Armagnac region in Gascony, France. • Filler bodied and much drier. • A firm, fruity and nutty flavor. • Sold in BARQUAISE. • Three main regions of Armagnac:  Haut Armagnac (37% alc) (white)   Bas Armagnac (57% alc) (black) Tenarez (40% alc) (both)
  10. 10. Marc • Distilled from grapes promace of the wine press. • Also known as caux-de-vie de marc. • Obtained in various parts of France, but notably in Burgundy. • Have a strawlike, woody taste and rustic character appreciated by some devotees.
  11. 11. American Brandy • Most famous is California Brandy, distilled entirely from California grapes. • Comprises of 75% of all brandy concumed in U.S. • Thompson seedless, Flame Tokay & Colombard grapes are used. • Continuous still is preffered.But pot still used in 20% distilleries. • Aged for minimum 2yrs in oak casks. • Light and mellow with a pronounced grape flavor. • Vary widely in degree of dryness to sweetness.
  12. 12. Brandy from other countries • German: soft grape brandy, mellow taste and aroma and bouquet., made from distillates of German wines. Matured in oak casks. • Greece: has a clean flavor, with sweetness touch from caramel that also gives color. Melaxa is most popular. • Israel: good,sound,clean grapes & other fruit brandies are distilled. • Italy: excellent,clean grape brandy. It’s a good, all-purpose brandy having a touch of sweetness. Most popular is Grappa. • Mexico:brandy is national drink here. Mostly solera system is used but pot still is used. Aged in limousin oak barrel. • Peru:Pisco is most popular.produced from distillates of Muscat wines. Matured in clay jars & consumed young. • Spain: made from distillates of Sherry wines.(other wine distillates are also used). Has a distinctive aroma & flavor & is different from Cognac or Armagnac. Sweeter brandy with earthy flavor. • Australia:best brandy is St.Aqunes, which is very old brandy and is aged for 18yrs.
  13. 13. Fruit brandy • Fermented mash of fruits other than grapes. • Source of wide variety of fruit brandy. • Example: Apple Jack - apple Slivovitz - plum Grappa – promace brandy( from residue of wine grapes) Kirsch - cherry Fraise - strawberry
  14. 14. Production grapes->sorted->cleaned->crushed-> fermented->distillation-> maturation in oak->blended-> refrigerated->bottled • 2 distillation by pot still. • Three fractions. During maturation in oak casks,the color changes from GOLDEN to BROWN.
  15. 15. Service • Cognac, Armagnac & Australian brandy are always served neat. • Liqueur brandy is served in brandy balloon. • Brandy balloon is shaped in such a way to preserve the delicate aroma of brandy. • Used in cocktails like brandy crusta, between the sheets etc • Can be served in old-fashioned also.
  16. 16. Combinations • Brandy goes well with ice. • Brandy when served in a combinations the garnishes are not made. • Common mixers of brandy are: cola dry ginger ale soda
  17. 17. Brands • Cognac: Remy Martin, Hennessey, Odeaon, Hine • Armagnac: De Montal, La Fontan, Sempe, Janneau • Fruit: Jacobart, Dolfi, Spea, Busnec, Moric,
  18. 18. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: , linkedin:- facebook: webpage: