Andhra pradesh


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Andhra pradesh

  1. 1. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: , linkedin:- facebook: webpage: ANDHRA PRADESH THE SPICE REGION THE RICE BOWL OF INDIA. SUNIL KUMAR
  2. 2. SPECIALITIES     The people of this region is predominantly Muslims and Hindus. The Hyderabadi Muslims got their food habits from the moghuls, while the Hindus had their own distinctive style. The cuisine is considered as the spiciest and hottest of all the Indian cuisine. The cuisine includes both the original Andhra cooking and the Hyderabadi cuisine with its moghul influence. SUNIL KUMAR
  3. 3.     Hyderabadi Muslims prefer a liberal use of red meats and all most all their gravies are made of rich ingredients. Haleem is a mixture of meat and cereals with the regular spices and is a must in all the Muslims occasions. One of the most characteristics features of Hyderabadi cuisine is the use of tamarind as a souring agent, lime is used by the moghuls. Early morning begins with nahari a lamb stew made from lamb trotters, seasoned with cassia buds, cardamom and potli ka masala ( which includes sandal wood, khas roots and dried rose petals). This is eaten with sheermal. SUNIL KUMAR
  4. 4.   Andhra food is very spicy because of the abundant cultivation of chilies. Guntur being the largest producer of chilies in the state. SUNIL KUMAR
  5. 5. The cuisine is largely vegetarian except in the coastal areas.    Fish and prawns are curried in sesame and coconut oil and flavored with freshly ground pepper and eaten with rice. Traditionally the meal is served in a clean banana leaf or stainless steel thali. The people eat sitting on the floor or on a low wooden stool. SUNIL KUMAR
  6. 6.      The main course must include rice, dhal, vegetables like yam,ladies finger, brinjal and bitter gourd. PULUSU and CHAARU are the two thick and thin clear soups respectively, eaten with rice. PULUSU is made with tamarind and spices tempered and thickened with rice flour while CHAARU is a clear tempered soup. Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine is served course by course. Briyanis one of the India's finest food is closely associated with this region. SUNIL KUMAR
  7. 7.      Kulcha the charcoal baked rotis, haleem made out of coarsely pounded wheat and spiced mutton gravy are some specialties. Like southern foods dosa, pesarattu, uppma, rasam are also famous. The spicy chutneys and pickles of Andhra especially mango and shrimps are famous in these area. The last course is the thick set curd. Rice is the staple food served plain or else flavored. SUNIL KUMAR
  8. 8.     Avakkai, the hot mango pickle of Andhra pradesh, is a necessary adjunct to its food. Ghee is served with rice and sambar. Til oil is used for cooking and for making pickles. Andhra is also famous for its Gongura patchadi- a form of cooked green chutney served with boiled rice and ghee. SUNIL KUMAR
  9. 9. SIGNATURE DISHES    KODI VEPPUDU : dry preparation of chicken and chicken liver is roasted with brown onion, curry leaves, ginger, garlic and spices. THAKALLI PAPPU: tomatoes cooked in a spicy masala, sourness of tamarind and tempering of curry leaves, mustard, chilies and urad dhal. DALCHA : dried beans and lamb which are stewed together and soured with tamarind, cumin seeds, red chilies and curry leaves. SUNIL KUMAR
  10. 10.  MIRCHI KA SALAN : long chilies cooked in nutty brown sauce. SUNIL KUMAR
  11. 11.       DOUBLE KA METHA : a bread pudding sprinkled with pistachios and raisins. GHOST KA BRIYANI : BAGHARA BAINGAN : small whole aubergines, slit browned and cooked gently in a nutty sauce containing sesame seeds and peanuts. TOMATO KUT : an aromatic puree of fresh tomatoes perked with tamarind,curry leaves and bits of browned garlic. METHI MURGH : SHIKAMPURI KABAB : SUNIL KUMAR