6.1 cleaning equipments


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6.1 cleaning equipments

  1. 1. What do you mean byWhat do you mean by Cleaning EquipmentCleaning Equipment DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar webpage: chefsunilkumar.tripod.com
  2. 2. The instrument or theThe instrument or the machine which is requiredmachine which is required to clean the Hotel areas isto clean the Hotel areas is known as cleaningknown as cleaning equipmentequipment
  6. 6. BRUSHESBRUSHES  Basic parts of brushBasic parts of brush BristlesBristles ( horsehair, nylon,( horsehair, nylon, polypropylene)polypropylene) Head stockHead stock (wood, metal, or(wood, metal, or plastic)plastic) HandleHandle may be detachable ormay be detachable or non detachablenon detachable
  7. 7. Types of BrushesTypes of Brushes  Hard BrushesHard Brushes  Soft BrushesSoft Brushes  Scrubbing brushesScrubbing brushes Hard BrushesHard Brushes SoftSoft BrushesBrushes Scrubbing brushesScrubbing brushes
  8. 8. Hard brushHard brush  Hard brushes have bristles that areHard brushes have bristles that are fairly stiff and well spaced out. Theyfairly stiff and well spaced out. They are suitable for the removal of heavyare suitable for the removal of heavy soil and litter from carpets and forsoil and litter from carpets and for cleaning rough surfacescleaning rough surfaces
  9. 9. Soft brushSoft brush  They have flexible bristles and setThey have flexible bristles and set close togetherclose together  Used for removing loose soil andUsed for removing loose soil and litter on hard, smooth surfaceslitter on hard, smooth surfaces  Used for dusting carpets andUsed for dusting carpets and furniturefurniture  Made of cane or bambooMade of cane or bamboo
  10. 10. Scrubbing brushScrubbing brush  They have short, coarse bristlesThey have short, coarse bristles  Used to remove stain and stubbornUsed to remove stain and stubborn dirt from the surface where it isdirt from the surface where it is difficult for scrubbing machine todifficult for scrubbing machine to accessaccess  Some times we used long handleSome times we used long handle scrubbing brush ( deck scrubber orscrubbing brush ( deck scrubber or T- scrubber)T- scrubber)
  11. 11. Brushes are also classifiedBrushes are also classified  Toilet brushes ( WC brushes)Toilet brushes ( WC brushes)  Bottle brushes (wash basin, tubs)Bottle brushes (wash basin, tubs)  Cloth scrubber ( scrubbing clothes)Cloth scrubber ( scrubbing clothes)  Deck scrubbers (cleaning large areas)Deck scrubbers (cleaning large areas)  Carpet brushes (brushing carpet)Carpet brushes (brushing carpet)  Upholstery brushes( dusting)Upholstery brushes( dusting)  Feather brushes (light dusting)Feather brushes (light dusting)  Hearth brushes (heavy soiling & removingHearth brushes (heavy soiling & removing ash out of fire place)ash out of fire place)  Flue brushes ( cleaning chimneys)Flue brushes ( cleaning chimneys)
  12. 12. Care & Cleaning of BrushesCare & Cleaning of Brushes  Brushes should be tapped to loosenBrushes should be tapped to loosen the dust & debris after cleaningthe dust & debris after cleaning  They should be frequently washed &They should be frequently washed & dry after useddry after used  They can be wash in warm, mild,They can be wash in warm, mild, soapy solutionsoapy solution  Disinfectant should be used for toiletDisinfectant should be used for toilet brushesbrushes  Whenever possible dry the brushes inWhenever possible dry the brushes in open sunopen sun
  13. 13. BROOMSBROOMS Brooms consist of long bristlesBrooms consist of long bristles gathered together and inserted intogathered together and inserted into handlehandle The bristles may be made of grass,The bristles may be made of grass, corn, or coconut fibrescorn, or coconut fibres
  14. 14. Types of broomsTypes of brooms  Soft bristledSoft bristled broomsbrooms  Hard / coarseHard / coarse bristled broomsbristled brooms  Wall broomsWall brooms
  15. 15. Soft – bristles broomsSoft – bristles brooms Corn fibre brooms, grass brooms andCorn fibre brooms, grass brooms and whisk brooms for smooth floorswhisk brooms for smooth floors
  16. 16. Hard / Coarse bristled broomHard / Coarse bristled broom  Yard brooms, coconut fibre broom,Yard brooms, coconut fibre broom, used for coarse surface especiallyused for coarse surface especially outdoorsoutdoors
  17. 17. Wall BroomsWall Brooms  These are also called ceiling broomsThese are also called ceiling brooms or Turk’s heador Turk’s head  Used to remove cobwebs, dust fromUsed to remove cobwebs, dust from cornices, ceiling and high ledgescornices, ceiling and high ledges
  18. 18. Care and cleaning of broomsCare and cleaning of brooms  Brooms should be shaken free of dustBrooms should be shaken free of dust and fluffand fluff  Never store them standing on theirNever store them standing on their bristlesbristles  Store either lying horizontally orStore either lying horizontally or hanging bristles downwardhanging bristles downward  Never used soft brooms on wetNever used soft brooms on wet surfacessurfaces  Brushes used for wet areas, afterBrushes used for wet areas, after used they should be washed ,dry andused they should be washed ,dry and keptkept
  19. 19. BOX SWEEPERSBOX SWEEPERS  These are also called carpetThese are also called carpet sweeperssweepers  Used for sweeping up dustUsed for sweeping up dust and litter from soft floorand litter from soft floor covering such as carpets andcovering such as carpets and rugsrugs  They are ideal for removal ofThey are ideal for removal of spills and for light cleaning ofspills and for light cleaning of small carpeted areassmall carpeted areas  A box sweeper consist ofA box sweeper consist of friction brushes that revolvesfriction brushes that revolves when the equipment iswhen the equipment is pushed manually over thepushed manually over the carpet or floor, the dust getcarpet or floor, the dust get thrown in to a dustpan whichthrown in to a dustpan which are emptied after useare emptied after use
  20. 20. Care and cleaning of boxCare and cleaning of box sweeperssweepers  The friction brushes should be keptThe friction brushes should be kept cleanclean  The dust pan should be emptied ofThe dust pan should be emptied of after useafter use
  21. 21. Dry MopsDry Mops  Also called dustAlso called dust control mopscontrol mops  Used to remove soil &Used to remove soil & debris from floors,debris from floors, walls, & ceilingwalls, & ceiling without raisingwithout raising  Mops consist withMops consist with handle to which metalhandle to which metal frame is attachedframe is attached  The mop head isThe mop head is either inserted intoeither inserted into the frame or stretchedthe frame or stretched
  22. 22. Types of Dry mopsTypes of Dry mops  Mops with impregnated fringesMops with impregnated fringes  Impregnated mop sweeperImpregnated mop sweeper  Static mopsStatic mops  Disposal mopsDisposal mops
  23. 23. Mops with Impregnated fringesMops with Impregnated fringes  These mops consistThese mops consist dense cotton fringesdense cotton fringes inserted into a metalinserted into a metal frameframe  The mops are usuallyThe mops are usually pre- impregnated or willpre- impregnated or will require impregnation byrequire impregnation by soaking in or sprayingsoaking in or spraying with mineral oil orwith mineral oil or synthetic impregnatingsynthetic impregnating fluid. The dust is held onfluid. The dust is held on the mops by the oilthe mops by the oil
  24. 24. Impregnated mop sweeperImpregnated mop sweeper  These mops consist of aThese mops consist of a double – hinged frame anddouble – hinged frame and thus are also called ‘ V’thus are also called ‘ V’ sweepers. The mops requiresweepers. The mops require impregnation before eachimpregnation before each use. The mops are cure withuse. The mops are cure with the help of mineral oil for athe help of mineral oil for a sufficient time otherwise thesufficient time otherwise the mop will leave a film of oil onmop will leave a film of oil on the cleaned surface due tothe cleaned surface due to improper curingimproper curing
  25. 25. Static MopsStatic Mops This mop consist of acrylic, nylon, orThis mop consist of acrylic, nylon, or polyester strands fixed to a backingpolyester strands fixed to a backing Stretched over a metal frameStretched over a metal frame
  26. 26. Disposable mopsDisposable mops These mops consistThese mops consist of a handle with aof a handle with a soft pad at thesoft pad at the end, on to whichend, on to which cheap cotton or acheap cotton or a synthetic materialsynthetic material is affixedis affixed The material has theThe material has the properties toproperties to attract and holdattract and hold the dustthe dust
  27. 27. Care & Cleaning of Dry mopsCare & Cleaning of Dry mops  Shake the mops well after useShake the mops well after use  The mop should be easily detachableThe mop should be easily detachable so that they can be frequentlyso that they can be frequently washed in hot water with detergentwashed in hot water with detergent  The clean mop should be tightlyThe clean mop should be tightly squeezed out, left to dry in open airsqueezed out, left to dry in open air
  28. 28. Wet MopsWet Mops  These mops is used in conjunctionThese mops is used in conjunction with buckets for the removal of dirtwith buckets for the removal of dirt adhering to surfaceadhering to surface  The mops head can be made up ofThe mops head can be made up of cotton, sponge, or any other fibrecotton, sponge, or any other fibre capable of absorbing moisturecapable of absorbing moisture
  29. 29. Types of wet / damp mopsTypes of wet / damp mops  Do- all mopsDo- all mops  Kentucky mopsKentucky mops  Foss mopsFoss mops  Sponge mopsSponge mops  SqueezeSqueeze
  30. 30. Do- all mopsDo- all mops These mops consistThese mops consist of cotton strandsof cotton strands of twisted cotton toof twisted cotton to a circular metala circular metal plate, which in turnplate, which in turn is fixed to a stockis fixed to a stock
  31. 31. Kentucky mopsKentucky mops These mops consistThese mops consist of cotton strandsof cotton strands fixed to a length offixed to a length of cotton fabric, whichcotton fabric, which in turn insertedin turn inserted into a flat metalinto a flat metal stockstock
  32. 32. Foss mopsFoss mops  These consist of dense cotton fringeThese consist of dense cotton fringe inserted into a heavy metal stockinserted into a heavy metal stock
  33. 33. Sponge mopsSponge mops  These consist ofThese consist of cellulose spongecellulose sponge fixed to afixed to a replaceable, leverreplaceable, lever controlled head,controlled head, hinged for wringinghinged for wringing out and attachedout and attached to a long handleto a long handle  Useful to cleanUseful to clean hard floorhard floor
  34. 34. SqueezeSqueeze  A squeeze consistA squeeze consist of a long metallicof a long metallic handle and ahandle and a wooden or rubberwooden or rubber blade to removeblade to remove excess water fromexcess water from a surface or wipinga surface or wiping
  35. 35. Single bucket mop wringerSingle bucket mop wringer
  36. 36. Double bucket mop wringerDouble bucket mop wringer
  37. 37. Johnny MopJohnny Mop
  38. 38. Care & cleaning of wet mopsCare & cleaning of wet mops  Shake the mops wellShake the mops well  Washed them with detergent solutionWashed them with detergent solution  Dry them properlyDry them properly  Should be kept in a airy placeShould be kept in a airy place
  40. 40. DUSTERDUSTER These are meant for dusting andThese are meant for dusting and buffingbuffing Soft absorbent plain or checked cottonSoft absorbent plain or checked cotton materialmaterial
  41. 41. Swabs and WipesSwabs and Wipes  These are all purpose cloths made ofThese are all purpose cloths made of soft , absorbent materialssoft , absorbent materials  They are used for wet cleaning andThey are used for wet cleaning and damp dusting all surface above floordamp dusting all surface above floor levellevel  They are also used for cleaningThey are also used for cleaning bathtubs and wash basinbathtubs and wash basin  Wipes are loosely woven cottonWipes are loosely woven cotton clothscloths
  42. 42. Floor clothsFloor cloths  They are bigger, thicker, and madeThey are bigger, thicker, and made of coarse cotton materialof coarse cotton material  They are used to wipe WC pedestalThey are used to wipe WC pedestal and remove spills from floorsand remove spills from floors
  43. 43. ScrimScrim  This are loosely woven linen materialThis are loosely woven linen material resembling fine sack clothresembling fine sack cloth  Due to its high absorbency and lintDue to its high absorbency and lint free nature it is often used instead offree nature it is often used instead of chamois leather for cleaning mirrorschamois leather for cleaning mirrors and glass windowsand glass windows
  44. 44. ChamoisChamois LeatherLeather  Chamois leather is the skin of theChamois leather is the skin of the chamois goatchamois goat  Used for cleaning mirrors andUsed for cleaning mirrors and windowswindows  It is also used as a polishing cloth forIt is also used as a polishing cloth for silver and other metalssilver and other metals
  45. 45. Glass clothGlass cloth u Glass clothGlass cloth
  46. 46. RagsRags  Rags areRags are disposable clothsdisposable cloths usually obtainedusually obtained from the sewingfrom the sewing roomroom  Used for applyingUsed for applying polish or strongpolish or strong cleaning agentcleaning agent and are disposedand are disposed of when dirtyof when dirty
  47. 47. Polishing clothPolishing cloth  Polishing cloth are piecesPolishing cloth are pieces of flannelof flannel  Used for buffing theUsed for buffing the surface after beensurface after been applied by the rag andapplied by the rag and cleaning agentcleaning agent
  48. 48. Wet clothWet cloth  Wet cloth need to be very absorbentWet cloth need to be very absorbent and manageable size, so that theyand manageable size, so that they can be wrung out hand easily duringcan be wrung out hand easily during cleaningcleaning  Used for mopping large floors areasUsed for mopping large floors areas
  49. 49. Dust SheetsDust Sheets  Are made up of thin cotton material,Are made up of thin cotton material, being size of single sheetbeing size of single sheet  Discarded bed sheets or curtainsDiscarded bed sheets or curtains from the linen room can be used asfrom the linen room can be used as dust sheetsdust sheets  Used to cover the articles , furnitureUsed to cover the articles , furniture during spring cleaningduring spring cleaning
  50. 50. DruggetsDruggets  These are made up of coarseThese are made up of coarse linen or plasticlinen or plastic  They may be the size of carpetThey may be the size of carpet or longor long  They are placed on the floor toThey are placed on the floor to prevent from dirt in badprevent from dirt in bad weathers and redecorationweathers and redecoration projectsprojects
  51. 51. Bucket clothBucket cloth  These are made up of thick fabricThese are made up of thick fabric and used to protect the carpet orand used to protect the carpet or flooring when a fire place is beingflooring when a fire place is being cleaned or place under bucket tocleaned or place under bucket to prevents mark on the surface theyprevents mark on the surface they are kept onare kept on
  52. 52. Care & Cleaning of clothsCare & Cleaning of cloths  Goods care of cloth is important forGoods care of cloth is important for efficient cleaning and longer lifeefficient cleaning and longer life  Cleaning of different clothsCleaning of different cloths See from the bookSee from the book Hotel HK ManagementHotel HK Management By G RaghubalanBy G Raghubalan
  53. 53. Polish ApplicatorsPolish Applicators  Made up of different typesMade up of different types  Used to carry cleaning agents forUsed to carry cleaning agents for easy way of workingeasy way of working Care & cleaningCare & cleaning After the work is over it should beAfter the work is over it should be washed properly dry and keptwashed properly dry and kept
  54. 54. ContainersContainers  The work become much easier if theThe work become much easier if the staff are given appropriate containerstaff are given appropriate container in which to carry , transport, collect,in which to carry , transport, collect, and store supplies and other itemsand store supplies and other items  Types of containerTypes of container Buckets, basins and bowls, dustpans,Buckets, basins and bowls, dustpans, dustbins, sanibins, spray bottles,dustbins, sanibins, spray bottles, handcaddies, cart & trolleys,handcaddies, cart & trolleys, Chambermaids trolleyChambermaids trolley
  55. 55. BucketsBuckets  They are plastic or galvanized ironThey are plastic or galvanized iron  Plastic buckets are more popular duePlastic buckets are more popular due to their light weight, easy to clean,to their light weight, easy to clean, easy to useeasy to use
  56. 56. Basins & BowlsBasins & Bowls  These are used to carry small amount ofThese are used to carry small amount of water, cleaning solutions and powderswater, cleaning solutions and powders
  57. 57. DustpansDustpans  Used withUsed with conjunction toconjunction to brooms andbrooms and brushes to collectsbrushes to collects dusts from thedusts from the floorfloor  They are madeThey are made plastic or metalplastic or metal  The edge is thinThe edge is thin and flatand flat
  58. 58. DustbinsDustbins  These bins are made of plastic or woodThese bins are made of plastic or wood  Used to collect wasteUsed to collect waste  Used in guestrooms, service rooms, publicUsed in guestrooms, service rooms, public areas for the collection of wasteareas for the collection of waste
  59. 59. Sani- binsSani- bins  These are metal orThese are metal or plastic bins with lidplastic bins with lid  Found I toilets forFound I toilets for the collection ofthe collection of soiled sanitarysoiled sanitary towelstowels
  60. 60. Spray bottleSpray bottle  These are light weight containers that deliverThese are light weight containers that deliver a fine mist of water or cleaning solutiona fine mist of water or cleaning solution through a fine nozzlethrough a fine nozzle
  61. 61. Hand CaddiesHand Caddies  Also called ‘cleaners’ boxesAlso called ‘cleaners’ boxes  These are made up of wood or metalThese are made up of wood or metal but nowadays it is found in plasticbut nowadays it is found in plastic  For carrying cleaning supplies fromFor carrying cleaning supplies from room to room for cleaningroom to room for cleaning  Window cleanser, bowl brush, cloth,Window cleanser, bowl brush, cloth, sponge, gloves, room freshener,sponge, gloves, room freshener, scrubber etcscrubber etc
  62. 62. Cart / TrolleyCart / Trolley
  63. 63. Chambermaid’sChambermaid’s TrolleyTrolley  Also called roomAlso called room attendant’sattendant’s trolleytrolley  Most significantMost significant piece ofpiece of equipment in HKequipment in HK departmentdepartment
  64. 64. Chambermaid TrolleyChambermaid Trolley  It is a giant tool box, stocked withIt is a giant tool box, stocked with everything necessary to service aeverything necessary to service a guestroom properlyguestroom properly  Most of them are made of metal butMost of them are made of metal but sometime wooden cart are alsosometime wooden cart are also availableavailable  The cart should be well organizedThe cart should be well organized with all the required thingswith all the required things
  65. 65. Things present in the TrolleyThings present in the Trolley LinenLinen • Face towels- 2/roomFace towels- 2/room • Hand towels- 2/roomHand towels- 2/room • Pillow cases- 2/bedPillow cases- 2/bed • Bath towels- 2/bathroomBath towels- 2/bathroom • Bed sheets singleBed sheets single • Bed sheets doubleBed sheets double • Mattresses protectorMattresses protector • Bath matsBath mats • Bed spreadBed spread
  66. 66. Other thingsOther things  Water tumblerWater tumbler  Water jugsWater jugs  Ashtray and matchboxAshtray and matchbox  Sewing kit( Dutch wife)Sewing kit( Dutch wife)  Service directories, telephone booksService directories, telephone books  Guest stationeryGuest stationery  DND card, guest rules, breakfast knobDND card, guest rules, breakfast knob card, polish my shoe card, roomcard, polish my shoe card, room service menu, clean my room cardservice menu, clean my room card
  67. 67. Other thingsOther things  Laundry forms , laundry bagsLaundry forms , laundry bags  HangersHangers  Toilet rolls, toilet tissue, showerToilet rolls, toilet tissue, shower cap, tooth glassescap, tooth glasses  Shampoo bottles, soaps bars,Shampoo bottles, soaps bars,  Vacuum cleanerVacuum cleaner  BroomBroom  Hand caddyHand caddy
  68. 68. DESINGED BY Sunil Kumar Research Scholar/ Food Production Faculty Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MAHARSHI DAYANAND UNIVERSITY, ROHTAK Haryana- 124001 INDIA Ph. No. 09996000499 email: skihm86@yahoo.com , balhara86@gmail.com linkedin:- in.linkedin.com/in/ihmsunilkumar facebook: www.facebook.com/ihmsunilkumar webpage: chefsunilkumar.tripod.com