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The introduction of Cosmos Hub


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Hi, I am one of the fan of Cosmos Hub. (Not official Team)
This is a PPT with a brief description of the Cosmos Hub.
This brief PPT describes the value and purpose of Cosmos Hub.

From Monsterbit

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The introduction of Cosmos Hub

  1. 1. The COSMOS series made by ationalgeographic “A spacetime Odyssey” Total production 45M dollar
  2. 2. Here is another Cosmetic Project
  3. 3. What is the Cosmos ?
  4. 4. -The Internet of Blockchain- The cosmos network
  5. 5. Internet: A huge network connecting people and information around the world
  6. 6. It became possible that anyone can easily exchange information and deliver a message, beyond the limits of space through the Internet
  7. 7. Billions of people are connected via the Internet, so every moment a huge amount of information is created and shared on the Internet.
  8. 8. There are billions of users of search engines and SNS that help to communicate and share information over the Internet.
  9. 9. So, highly accessible .com addresses can be traded in millions dollars. $35.6M $35M $30.2M $18M The price of .com domains
  10. 10. Also, the enormous amount of Big Data created on the Internet has revolutionized marketing, biotechnology, and voting strategies.
  11. 11. This is possible because the Internet is connecting information and people.
  12. 12. The synergy that arises from “connection” is very innovative and powerful.
  13. 13. Can these innovative and powerful synergies occur when blockchains are linked together?
  14. 14. The blockchains have their own ideal, culture and purpose, and have different advantages and disadvantages.
  15. 15. The Bitcoin is useful as a means of storage and movement of value. But, There are limitations in terms of application software development and real-time payment.
  16. 16. The Ethereum makes possible to use and develop Smart Contract and Dapps. But, there are limitations that all developments must be based on the EVM.
  17. 17. The R3CEV's blockchain "Corda" is a private blockchain, which allows only the banks subscribed to R3CEV to access and use.
  18. 18. Currently, most blockchains exist independently of each other and can't interact with each other.
  19. 19. When these independent blockchains are connected together, various applications can be made such as selectively using merits of each blockchain. Bitcoin transfer with Ethereum Smart Contract Movement of value Smart Contract
  20. 20. The Cosmos Hub connects indepent blockchains using the IBC protocol. IBC ( Inter-blockchain communication) IBCIBC
  21. 21. When these independent blockchains are 'connected', various applications and uses that were not possible before will be possible. IBCIBC IBC IBC IBC IBC
  22. 22. The Cosmos Hub will play a role of "The decentralized blockchain connection platform" connecting numerous blockchains.
  23. 23. It is time to imagine new things which will be possible when the blockchains are connected. The only question is, What will you build on cosmos? By Jae Kwon (The Founder of Tendermint)
  24. 24. END