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Audience Feedback - Music Magazine

  1. 2. To successfully evaluate my media product, I needed other people’s views/options on my completed hip-hop magazine. Therefore I have created an audience feedback questionnaire and have given it to twenty random people between the age range of sixteen to twenty four year olds; I have done this to ask different questions on why my magazine might appeal to them and who they think is being represented. I have analysed the results of the audience feedback, this gave me a better understanding for the positive and negative aspects of my music magazine – Amplify. For most questions I left space for open answers so they could explain their own views on my magazine.
  2. 3. Frequency Categories Looks Interesting Masthead grabs my attention Reasonably priced Includes articles which resemble my lifestyle Question 1 Analysis- I used this question to ask people what they thought about when they first saw my magazine and what their overall reaction was. In this case the majority of the 16 – 24 year olds said that my music magazine grabbed their attention with the three – dimensional masthead, as it looked like it stood out of the magazine, therefore it drawn their eyes to the page . After they read the left third and the articles on my contents page ,they said that the articles resemble their lifestyles and so when reading them they could relate to it . Whereas 10% of 16-24 year olds said that they would only read magazines that where reasonably priced as they could not afford to spend around £5 on something they would only read once and throw in the bin. However they also said that because my magazine is aimed at the niche market of the hip – hop genre, they would be interested in purchasing my magazine as it would talk about the topics that interest them and the success stories about other people of the same age group as themselves , and how they made it to the top as it inspires them to keep trying and believe in themselves. Looking at the responses I believe that my magazine successfully attracted the target audience I aimed for , as 40% of 16-24 year olds said that my magazine looked interesting as they would not read something that did not appeal to them , also they mentioned that the urban street wall background ,gave the sense of belonging as hip- hop all started with it all being on the streets and has built its representation to what it is today. This was a multiple choice and open answer question
  3. 4. Yes Sort of It relates to me Frequency Categories Question 2 Analysis- The reason I used this question was simple really, I wanted to ask whether the articles and topics mentioned , felt relevant to my target audience of 16-24 year olds, because what's the point of having a hip-hop magazine that talks about something completely different. So I wanted to see if my researching of current, hip-hop artists and the latest news in the music industry paid off. 60% of the responses said “yes” that the articles do relate to them and they think they are relevant as it helps them know what the latest , gossip, fashion trends and music coming up within the hip-hop industry. Whereas 10% of the responses where not sure about what my articles where trying to portray, but after they read the exclusive interview on my double page spread they could understand why I made this type of magazine and who’s lifestyles I was trying to represent within it . For the open answer part, many 16-24 year olds said that the articles I mentioned on my contents page where very current and up-to-date , so they can always be sure to get the latest news as it happens, when it happens. The “competitions time” sub-heading, I added on my contents page, will make the reader wonder what the competition is and what they could win , firstly because they would not have to pay for it and as I have not mentioned what they could win on the contents page , leading them to carry on reading to find out .I did this because most 16-24 year olds might not have jobs , or in full-time education living off there parents and, so they would be drawn in by the word “Competitions “, as it would give them a chance to win something for the price of nothing in return. Also because unemployment is rising and its affecting 16-24 year olds the most , and also because of the recession money is tight and if they are given a opportunity of winning something for free , wouldn’t they take it ? This was a multiple choice and open answer question Question 2 – Do you feel that the articles are relevant to you?
  4. 5. Frequency Categories Easy to navigate Colour Scheme Main Image Fonts Question 3 Analysis- I tried to make the atmosphere and layout quite fun-loving throughout my magazine and show a level of continuity , I believe that this was an important question to ask , just to see what element within my overall layout attracted my target audience and why. 35% of all responses said that the colour scheme is what attracted them the most, as it was not the stereotypical pink which would decrease my audience as it would only be reaching to the female market. I realised the more I researched into what colours I wanted on my magazine I found out that the main colours, black , red and blue where used as the current trend thought-out most hip-hop magazines .Black was used as it compliments other colours and resembles the dark side to hip-hip and red, as it is bold and bright to grab the readers attention also blue was to tone down the contrast of different colours and give it that cool effect. I also added a pinch of different colours such as orange and green to give the readers more of an impact , so by using different colours, to add glow effect, underline and brighten, I tried to make it look less boring and more alluring and fascinating to encourage the reader to continue reading. 30% of the responses suggested that my overall layout was clear and easy to navigate to other pages , as my contents page was not in columns and I used different coloured boxes to separate the sub-headings and topics.20% of 16-24 year olds ,said that the main image was nicely edited and was placed in the centre of the page ,this grabbed their attention as it took up around half of the page and was not too big as they could still see the left – third and the rest of the text on the front cover. The last of the 15% said that the font attracted them with the “outer glow” effect I added in Adobe InDesign, this framed the text and gave it that authentic edge. This was a multiple choice and open answer question
  5. 6. Frequency Categories Main Image This was a multiple choice and open answer question Font Overall Layout Articles Question 4 Analysis- I wanted to know what people found most interesting when looking at my magazine , and what part of my magazine had the biggest impact on them, judging from the responses ,around 35% of 16-24 year olds preferred my overall layout, as it was not the boring newspaper column design but I changed the contents page by adding different coloured boxes to make the magazine into digestible little sections which where easier to navigate to the desired page and it gave it a trendy mosaic look. 30% of the responses suggested that the articles attracted them the most as it was related to the hip-hip genre and was about people who are of the same age group to them, and they like to read stories about celebrities and their day- to-day life as a 16-24 year old. Other responses recommended that the main image attracted them as they where interested in what the celebrity was wearing (e.g. the latest designer brands) and if they had any newly released albums or singles. Fewer people said that the font was the most striking element of my magazine as it stood out the most, it was unique and was one of the things that made my magazine different from the rest , therefore increasing my sales as I would be feeding the audience stuff that is new and something that they like
  6. 7. Frequency Categories Aspirers Celebrities 16-24 year olds Hip –Hop lovers This was a multiple choice and open answer question Question 5 Analysis- If my magazine was aimed at the social group of 16-24 year olds, therefore they should be the ones being represented , I asked this question to see if I clearly portrayed my target audience enough for the reader to tell which social class is being represented and why . Fortunately 40% of all responses suggested that 16-24 year olds are the social group who are being represented this linked into the 35% of people who said aspirers are being represented with the “exclusive inter with Lil Rayne” , as he is discussing his struggle of how he grew up in the big world, in comparison to this 10% of responses who said that celebrities where being represented because of the list of exclusive interviews and stories featuring certain celebrities in my left – third , this was only to attract the general lovers of hip-hop , as it they would be the certain class of aspirers who would idolise celebrities and want to become like them , also the left – third would attract people who would interested in the topics mentioned. In the open responses I asked people why they picked the category that they did, they said that on the front cover the main image is of a male model who is the same age range of my target audience and represents the social class I am trying to symbolize. Also the overall layout of the magazine and the colour scheme and font helps to indicate what social class which was being presented this was showed by my layout, colour scheme , font and main images, as you do not see many newspapers with mosaic style contents pages with bold and brightly coloured text boxes. This is because they are trying to represent the information more then who will read the newspaper , and what interested the reader to make them want to read the articles in the place.
  7. 8. This was a multiple choice and open answer question Frequency Categories Yes No Question 6 Analysis - One of the main reason people make a magazine is to sell it, so I wanted to know if I where to sell my magazine would 16-24 year olds they buy it . 85% of people said “yes” they would buy it as it gives the latest information on what's new and upcoming in the music industry and is of a reasonable price of £2.50 .You would get the same information as you would with a magazine costing £4.99.For the 15% who chose “no” , they just did not like hip-hop and preferred either rock, Dub-step or R'n'b , as everyone has they own opinions and choice, therefore my magazine might not be for everyone.
  8. 9. Question 7 Analysis – I used this question to ask what people thought of the images I have used and the construction of my start persona I have created , and why they might or might no like this type of celebrity. I left this question as a open answer with no other multiple choice responses, this allowed me to get a wider range of ideas. The majority of responses said that it was nice to read the truth about celebrities and know the real them as not all celebrities have the best cars, big bank cheques and designer clothes, they just have a dream and chase it , so I wanted to create a average teenager who grew up in streets of London and I wanted to portray his character , personality and lifestyle of being no different to any other 16-24 year old, there was a messenge behind the star persona I created it , that is does not matter how much money is in your pocket, when you are hard – working , determined and ambitious and believe in yourself then success can not be far away . Other people suggested that the mix range of emotions the star persona portrayed on the front cover in comparison to the double page spread page, was unusual to see because when celebrities appear in magazines they are appearing happy and cheerful and making the reader want to read on , however I had a slight hard – core/tough image of Lil Rayne on the cover to portray the gangster stereotypical image as a normal 16- 24 year old would seem to look and act , whereas on my double page spread , I used a picture of Lil Rayne smiling . I did this as I believe it broke down the barrier between the reader and the interview featuring the celebrity, the reader develops sympathy to for a person who they think is living in a land of luxury , but their upbringing is of a lower class standard, which makes them want to achieve and become successful. This was a open answer question
  9. 10. Question 8 - Do You Think Is There Anything I Can Improve? Frequency Categories Main Images Layout Fonts Amount of text More Images Question 8 Analysis - 45% of responses suggested that they would like to see my images as it would by more eye catching and they would like to see what the celebrities where wearing, around 35% of people said I needed more text on my double page spread as it was interesting but they wanted to continue to reading so if I had to do this again next time I would add more questions on my interviews. 10% of 16-24 year olds said that I could have edited my main images more , but if I edited the images too much it would look unrealistic and would not portray the simplicity feel which I want to make in order to have a certain impact on the audience.