AS Media Studies - Evaluation - School Magazine


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AS Media Studies - Evaluation - School Magazine

  1. 1. By Sundas Bostan
  2. 2. Evaluation Questions 1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products 2.How does your media product represent particular social groups? 3.What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 4.Who would be the audience for your media product? 5.How did you attract/address your audience? 6.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  3. 3. Q1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS?My School Magazine “Q” Magazine Masthead-Used in print media to identify the location, ownership and management of newspapers and magazines Left Third- The left third contains the main feature article (Exclusive interview or ‘Puff Piece’), as this is the core part of what may be inside the magazine. Main Image- the main image is the central image which helps , to attract readers and is usually associated with topic in the magazine Barcode- shows the importance of the retailer, is scanned when sold, also these little details add to the professional look Strapline-under the masthead , helps give a insight of the magazine without turning a page Coverlines- The essential articles inside the magazine are stated through sell lines, these are regularly seen at the right hand side of the cover. Pug- can either be at the top left or/and right-hand corners of the front cover. The prices of the paper, the logo or a promotion and helps catch the reader attention. Date/pricing- usually are there to show what time period the information has come from and the monthly issues also the date.
  4. 4. Comparison to a School Magazine- Front Page Masthead- the masthead on both school magazines is clear and precise and blends in with the background, also the use of it being a white font on black background it that it stands out from the rest of the magazines , thus attracting attention. Main Image- the main images on both magazines refers to the topics mentioned within the magazines e.g. all pictures are about school life or on school related topics e.g. school clubs, this also brings the fun side of school and not just the boring educational side and helps give the students their 5 minutes of fame. Photography- the photography used are all original images and relate to the school and are not edited to make look fake ,and are left as original pictures to keep it simple and helps continue the realistic feel. Date/Issue-the date is clear & issued on both magazines on the top corners of the magazine so the reader knows what time period the information is coming from. Fonts- the fonts used are trendy , stylish and attractive and helps the younger audience . Background –the background on both school magazines is black , however my magazine is flooded with images and so you cant really see the background ,but the text still stands out as I have over lapped the layers , whereas on the other one the text is on the background and not on the images Left Third - my left third, mentions the highlights of my magazines and include some pictures of the exclusive topics. My School Magazine Chosen Hill –School Magazine
  5. 5. My School Magazine – Contents page NME Magazine-Contents PageOverall Layout-the same sub - headings are used, in both magazines and are separated by big solid shapes or text. Shapes- the shapes are used to separate the title from the rest of the pages , also to separate the subheading from the topics. Images- there is no actual main images in both magazines , but small images that show a wider range of topics mentioned as, the pictures are all related to the topics,e.g NME has used pictures of “Oasis” ,because it is relevant to the main topic “Oasis Kicked off their world tour” and in my contents page , the images used are all about school and capturing the school’s atmosphere and students at the school, this relates to the school as it is a school magazine. Logo- in both contents pages , the logos are clearly printed on the top left or right hand side, this reminds people where the information is coming and what they are reading about , this is also a form of advertising. Colour Schemes- the main colour schemes used in both magazines are Red & Black, these are usually the most bold and bright colours to go with as they stand out and get the readers attention , and the colours where also the same colour scheme chosen in my questionnaire and relate to the school as they are our house colours Comparison to NME Magazine - Contents page
  6. 6. Comparison to a School Magazine- Contents page Top and Bottom Strip– I don’t have a top strip, but my bottom one give essentially the keywords/key concepts on what my magazine includes and is basically a shorthand term on what the magazine includes in this issue . Contents Structure– I didn’t use the normal column structure as , the answers of my school magazine questionnaire , pupils said it was boring and too formal ,so I went with this alternative mosaic look and separated the sub –headings with photography of pupils and general images of the school. Title – both fonts used are similar to the ones on the front cover and also corresponding to the colour schemes used , helping keeping the trend and also are big and bold ,so people know what they are reading. My School Magazine- Contents Page Chosen Hill –School Magazine- Contents Page Photography– photography used in both magazines are all original images and there is a range of camera angles used ,e.g. long-shot and mid –shot .These camera angles are used to show the photo at a different angle ,thus showing us the true essence of the image from a different perspective Page Numbers – page number are a key ingrediegrent in making a contents page as without no-one would know what page a particular article is on, so it is important that the page numbers are clear and visible.
  7. 7. Q1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? I believe my school magazine successfully begins to fit into the codes and conventions of a real magazine , rather then just develop . I think this purely because I did all my research and from that , I had developed a flat plan and used it when designing my front cover and contents page ,as I kept referring to my flat plan and to the answers I got from my school questionnaires and have included all the extras that are need in a magazine e.g. Date& Barcode. Masthead -the masthead is a short abbreviation of the school name , but instead of it being “HTC MAC” for “Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College” , I did it as “HTC MAG” for “Holy Trinity College -Magazine”. This was a easier and different approach as it has the first three initials so fit resembles the school and then the word “mag” for magazine , I think this was a clear way to represent the school and show that it, is a magazine. Also the font is plain ,yet simple , I thought if I did graffiti style then that will only limit my audience as only young students could read it and would appeal to them , so going simple will broaden my audience options. Main Image – the main image I used was basically the school, as it is the base of what the information in my magazine is coming from , and I have also added side pictures that relate to the topic mentioned ,e.g. house leaders pictures for my “Who’s the best house…” article and some more pictures of around the school , all pictures used are original and not edited as I wanted to keep it realistic and tried to use them to express schools true colours Strapline- my strap line is simple ,youthful and to the point ,”For all your school infoz” I used slang and informal language and abbreviated the last word , instead of having “information” , I put “infoz” this would attract the younger audience also by helping the magazine communicate to the younger audience it would up the popularity of the magazine. Top and Bottom Strip– I don’t have a top strip, but my bottom one shows the sponsoring governors and investors helping the schools, I think it was important for them to appear on my school magazine as they are the ones behind the scene helping the school run smoothly. Pug– my pug is on the top left hand corner of my magazine and, includes the school’s logo, as is a simple, yet effective way to represent the school and show what the magazine is about . Tag– my tags are the sub-headings e.g,”Exclusives , Interviews & Features” these show the highlights of the magazines and give a quick insight of the topics mentioned in the magazine , encouraging readers to continue on reading.. Date/Barcode-I put a barcode on the front cover as is adds to the professional look and the date is , to show from what time period the information is coming from.
  8. 8. Q2. How does your media product represent particular SOCIAL GROUPS? I believe that my school magazine represents many different social groups from different age groups ,so my magazine would speak to more people and thus more people would be interested and therefore increasing the popularity of the magazine. I think my magazine represents different social groups in many ways……. Images- the images are taken of both students and also teachers and staff, showing that all are, equal and as important and hence are shown in my magazine. Sub-Headings-the sub-headings are divided into groups or on separate pages , for each typical parent, student or teacher .There are specific articles dedicated to them and are all shown in my contents page – this helps increasing the audience range as I included information that could appeal to parents, students and staff. Teachers- I think teachers would be interested in reading my magazine , because it gives them a insight about the school they teach in, also know what students get up to and what the students are interested and give them a sneak peak of what a typical day as a student in “Holy Trinity School” consist of .Furthermore I have added a sub heading called “TEACHERS TALK” – which essentially is what the teachers say ,on what is going on in the school it gives them a voice and their chance to have their say. Photography-on the front cover there is more images of staff and teachers , compared to the amount of images of students therefore showing the importance of teachers in the school and they are there to help the school run effiently. School Logo – the school logo is not just used to symbolise the school but , it is also a symbol of unity and togetherness and at Holy Trinity School ,that every person is treated equally and respected , if I was to only going to base this on students I could have flooded the front cover and contents page with topics and images that involved the students and no information about the teachers and parents ,but instead I used a range and mix of topics and images to create a atmosphere where there is something for everyone one to read. No Price Tag-I think that it being free ,that everyone is more willing to read it as it doesn’t cost them anything and can be read use in spare time .
  9. 9. Q3. What kind of MEDIA INSTITUTION might distribute your media product and WHY? I think that the main media intuition that would distribute my school magazine would be the school, as it is about the school and is a form of publicity and acts as a guide for parents and carers that are unsure on what secondary school they would send their child and also for the head governors and sponsors as it lets them know what our school get up to .There is not really a company that makes school magazines , so if I had to choose some of the big industrial marketing companies I would go for… IPC Media • IPC Media produces over 85 iconic media brands, with our print brands alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 44% of UK men – almost 27 million UK adults – while our online brands collectively reach 20 million users every month. • IPC's diverse print and digital portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women. I have chosen IPC Media for a number of reasons, firstly it produces many different iconic brands, so adding a school magazine is only broaden its choices ,benefiting them and my school magazine, also it reaches almost 2/3 of the UK alone , so everyone is eventually going to come across my school magazine one day. As it is a well-known intuition is helps promote and advertise the school ,thus increasing its popularity .The print of paper come at the highest quality so every picture can last a lifetime. Bauer Media Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. I have also chosen Bauer Media ,because it has a wide range of mass media market , not just magazines but also TV and radio station and so it will foreword my magazine into TV advertising and can help advertise the school in other ways, also it is the Europe's largest privately owned publishing group so it already had a great reputation.
  10. 10. Q4. Who would be the AUDIENCE for your media product? I think the audience for my school magazine would be students who attend Holy Trinity school since it is mainly about them and their school lives. However I also think the parents and teachers who be interested so can have an insight into the quality of peoples work and how they can help them progress in education and what they do outside of school e.g. school club and extra curricular activities . The parents would be interested because they would want to know what their child gets involved in and what opportunities and paths that could lead them into higher education. Q5. How did you attract/address your audience? I believe I have attracted my audience in many ways ,firstly by using a wide ranges of pictures and of different people and places, e.g. teachers , students and staffs . This attracts the school as a whole because the images represent the school and the people in it. Furthermore my topics are not biased or aimed at one target audience so everyone can read it , also there are spefic topics related to different people so there is something for everyone to read and also the fact that is free, anyone can pick it up to read in their spare time , so no money is involved and so people are more likely to read it as it isn't a con for your money. To conclude I think I attract my audience because it is about the school so , the students,teachers,and staff would be interested to read it as it is about them and what events happen around the college.
  11. 11. Q6. What have you learnt about TECHNOLOGIES from the process of constructing this product? In the making of my school magazine I have learnt many things ,these are … • How to make a background on Adobe Photoshop and then save as a jpeg,file and then convert it onto Adobe InDesign, where we had to create the magazine. • Then we had to edit all the images on Adobe Photoshop and then save and convert onto Adobe InDesign , but we had to place the images as separate layers so the images overlap and do not bleed into one another and then mess with the images so they fit into the desired shape , also the text quality is better on Adobe InDesign rather than Adobe Photoshop. • I then learnt how to enhance and edit the pictures so the background is cut off and so the image, in this case the logo is clear ,precise and of the best quality • The most important part I learnt about the process of making my school magazines was how to save it ,so that the layers don’t all convert into one background layer which is then locked and you cannot convert it ,but to save it as a , Adobe Dialog file which you can then later open and edit afterwards also at the end we had to save the magazines as a pdf file which we then opened on Adobe Photoshop and save as a jpeg file which allowed us to post the magazines onto Blogger.
  12. 12. Mistakes made when making my school magazine I admit I have made many mistakes , which I will correct when making my music magazine , I have realised that these mistakes could have been corrected if checked thoroughly, some of the mistakes I made where…  Spelling mistakes- on the front cover I kept miss spelling the word building for buliding and in the contents page I wrote there instead of their as I was referring to the student and parents.  When I converted the background file from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe InDesign , the file was then locked and I couldn’t overlap the pictures so it all fit nicely , however next time I will edit the pictures beforehand so they all fit perfectly on my magazine front cover.  The banner at the bottom of my magazine still did have some traces of white background as I did it in a hurry and next time I will take care in the detail and precision of my cutting of the backgrounds.  Also I kept using the same pictures on the front cover and in the contents pages – need more pictures next time.  I thought by leaving the images original and not editing them it would look more realistic, - next time I will edit and enhance my photos to make the images look more interesting.