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ArcGIS ecosystems to connect farmers of Bangladesh


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In ACI, a group of analysts started this journey in 2016 with a hope to identify different stages of rice with Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) image called Sentinel-1, starting from its seedling stage to harvest stage. While different pest and diseases spread with different temperature and weather condition, the idea is to develop a model to map this pattern and the places where they are probable to occur. With the right weather forecast, the model creates a vulnerability map for each crop stage. The crop lands of Bangladesh are fragmented, heterogeneous and sometime patternless, making the whole task even more challenging. The lands here are geographically diverse, demographically intense and economically apprehensive. Fortunately, the techniques of remote sensing kept evolving.

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ArcGIS ecosystems to connect farmers of Bangladesh

  1. 1. Esri South Asia GIS Impact Awards ArcGIS ecosystem to connect farmers of Bangladesh Category: Environment assessment and impact October 2018 Sunbeam Rahman Manager – GIS and Remote Sensing Advanced Chemical Industries Limited Dhaka
  2. 2. Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI) is a private conglomerate in Bangladesh, and one of the biggest name in the agriculture mechanization, farming technology, consumer goods, pharmaceutical products and about 30 other business names. Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) for farmers is a collaboration with Netherlands Space Office, Department of Agriculture Extension Office of Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture, and an initiative called Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW). IDSS promises to reach farmers with near real-time spatial information through smartphones and connect agriculture communities over internet. Direct Intervention ▪ 4,200 Fosholi Farmers Club with 1 Lead Farmer & 24 Members, ▪ 96,768 total farmers ▪ 10% female members Piloting at 12 Districts, 112 Upazilas
  3. 3. Fosholi is a digital platform to empower farmers with advanced information available free on Google Play Store Your area is prone to Late Blight. Call <experts mobile number> Statistically the yield/ land in this area increased in the past 5 years. The fog in your area may stay longer than 3 days. Take necessary caution. Dear sir, the current stage of rice in your field need protection brown Planhopper (BPH)
  4. 4. Methods and technology
  5. 5. Kushtia District Land cover information using S1, S2 and other ▪ Cover the 1,47,627 skqm of Bangladesh ▪ ~ 60% arable lands and seasonal agricultural lands ▪ Kappa value – 0.86 Max avg temperature Min avg temperature Humidity Weather information ▪ Automated/ on-demand API call ▪ 1000x1000km grid points for API call ▪ Per-day information Thematic layers ▪ Suitability maps for rice ▪ Topography, soil salinity, pH, texture, consistency, flood hazard, slope, aspect, elevation, water retention capacity, connectivity and more
  6. 6. Satellite & field info > Rice signature > Rice growth stages Sentine-1 backscatter / flyby Field photos / week -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 x<1> Image @ T-30 x<2> T-24 x<3> T-18 x<4> T-12 x<5> T-6 x<6> T+0 Rice signature for different areas Rice growth stages using iterative supervised classification Satellite images with respect to ground truth info
  7. 7. Growth Stages from SAR Images
  8. 8. Phase-1 Phase-2 Phase-3 Phase-4 Collection of in-situ information Crosschecking Initiate information for the users, tweaking and error handling Disseminate information with ArcGIS Enterprise • Satellite images • Look-up table • Field info and signatures • Thematic data • Secondary source • Weather information • Growth stage model • Pest and disease outbreak model • Spatial analytics • Feedback from users (entrepreneurs, decision makers, academia and other)
  9. 9. Success stories
  10. 10. Mr. Rabiul Islam is getting advice in simplified words Farmer Increased Productivity Reduction of Crop Damage Increased Profitability Farmers Dealers/Retailer
  11. 11. Zone 1 Status: Warning Target Yield: 4 MT/H Zone 2 Status: Better Target Yield: 6 MT/H Mr. Abdur Rashid is getting holistic knowledge of his block Agriculture Extension Officer of Bangladesh Government
  12. 12. Mr. Rafik Sheikh is getting updated knowledge Retailer from Barisal District Product Catalog Pest/Disease Outbreak Alerts Crop Growth Information Disasters and Calamities
  13. 13. Farmers are getting hands on training
  14. 14. Decision support toolset under development
  15. 15. ▪ Improved productivity 15% ▪ Increased income generation 20% ▪ Reduction of crop damage 30% Key objective Services ▪ Interactive pest and disease alert The users get automated alert of 5 pest and 6 disease before 3-day period through app notification ▪ Weather and disaster risk alert Users get near real-time weather alert along with disaster risk alert ▪ Interactive dashboard Interactive maps with information for users who can collaborate. The users includes the farming community, small- small business holders, distributers and wholesale network Beneficiaries ▪ 1 million farmers in 64 Districts ▪ Entrepreneurs, consumers good manufacturers and retailers ▪ Government agencies and decision makers ▪ Academics, students and professionals
  16. 16. Questions ?