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SunGard Workplace Recovery: Dealing


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Recover faster, locally and without compromise
Through a powerful collaboration between SunGard Availability Services, IPC and the London Stock Exchange, no one else offers you more, speed, location choice and flexibility when it comes to recovering your trading floor.
The collaboration offers customers the market leading IPC dealing system in terms of physical and soft turret systems; a unique Telephony Recovery capability that seamlessly redirects your private and STX
lines to your choice of Workplace Recovery centres, or to wherever you need them.
And a network of resilient data centres seamlessly connected to our Workplace Recovery Centres containing centralised, standardised and localised recovery systems.
This enables SunGard to push your data and telephony to wherever it’s needed; faster than any other provider.

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SunGard Workplace Recovery: Dealing

  1. 1. AVAILABILITy SERVICES Recover faster… ...and to any WORKPLACE RECOVERy: DEALING location Benefits at a glance Recover faster, locally and Complete SunGard Availability Services without compromise location flexibility Through a powerful collaboration between Mitigate wide area, data centre and SunGard Availability Services, IPC and the workplace disruptions London Stock Exchange, no one else offers you more, speed, location choice and Convenient, interchangeable office and flexibility when it comes to recovering recovery environments your trading floor. Fast, seamless redirection of private wires The collaboration offers customers the and STX lines market leading IPC dealing system in Familiar IPC technology terms of physical and soft turret systems; a Most cost-effective, proven method of unique Telephony Recovery capability that dealing recovery. seamlessly redirects your private and STX lines to your choice of Workplace Recovery What would you do without your Centres, or to wherever you need them. trading floor? And a network of resilient data centres seamlessly connected to our Workplace No matter how mission critical your business Recovery Centres containing centralised, operations are, few are as critical as your standardised and localised recovery systems. dealing or trading room environment. So This enables SunGard to push your data and what do you do when something happens telephony to wherever it’s needed; faster to interrupt the flow of normal operations? than any other provider. Something that could stop you doing business and result in lost custom, revenues Recover to any SunGard Workplace or reputation – such as loss of critical market data, your private lines, systems or Recovery Centre applications. What can you do to ensure We can recover your dealing function to any the availability of your front and back-office SunGard Workplace Recovery Centre(s) and functions and secure their connection to the beyond our estate using a combination of IPC business that depends upon them? physical and soft turrets. This enables your business to pursue near and far, sustainable tive Produc t of recovery strategies for your staff ensuring ova th nn your recovery matches the level of disruption and eY tI ea os rM 2010 minimises the inconvenience to your staff: i.e. 2010 recover close to your office for minor eventsWI and further afield for the wide area disruptions. NNER
  2. 2. WORKPLACE RECOVERy: DEALINGRecover faster...and to any locationComplete office and data centreinteroperabilityMeaning that should you be denied accessto your workplace, you can recover yourstaff to your preferred SunGard site, whilststaying connected to your production data.And the same is true if your data centregoes down; you can remain in your officesand simply link to your recovered data in ourresilient data centres. If both your workplaceand data centre become unavailable, we canrecover both into our facilities.Rollback to another locationOur market leading investments in dealinginfrastructure provides every shared recoveryposition with dual TFT monitors and thelatest PCs, refreshed at regular intervalsand of uniform high specification across allrecovery centres; providing the benefit of asingle PC build that can be used across allsites in the event that you require ‘rollback’to an alternative facility, due to a wide areadisruption.Our detailed pre-profiling technique meansall dealing positions are fully configuredto our customers’ precise requirements,enabling an immediate resumption ofbusiness upon invocation. So when it comes One stop shop and financialto rollback we don’t need to completelyre-engineer the solution ‘on the hoof’ market presenceconsuming hours of valuable trading time. SunGard provides everything you needWe just make a final adjustment to suit the to fully recover the dealing environment;current situation and point your data and our discreet dealing recovery suites aretelephony to wherever it’s needed. And located in key geographical financialwe can do all this without disrupting other markets – london, Paris, Brussels, Tokyocustomers in the process of recovering their and New york. And not only do we provideprivate branch exchange (PBX). the facilities, but also expert support with extensive, real-world experience to guide you through recovery. All from a single point of contact to get things happening whilst recovering your business. Scale and capability to deal with the largest of incidents SunGard provides in excess of 350 and 400 shared and dedicated dealing positions respectively in the UK; part of an end-user capacity of over 13,800 recovery seats.
  3. 3. Services to suit your business continuity/risk budget Our dealing services can be delivered on a dedicated, syndicated or shared basis to best meet the needs of your specific trading requirements. All options are tailored to the needs of your organisation. And we recognise that your dealing room does not exist in isolation. In addition to providing extensive front- and back-office recovery facilities, we can assist you with every aspect of helping ensure your business’s Information Availability needs – planning, testing and implementation – whatever your technology platforms, company size or country of operation. Full dealing infrastructure service For fledgling and start up dealing firms who want to remain agile and lean without the burden and cost of an in house IT dealing function; SunGard in collaboration with IPC can offer a full dealing infrastructure service. So you can expect near enterprise level dealing systems at more reasonable cost and based on a predictable OPEX based model. The most experience and 100%All front-office dealing positions have back- recovery successoffice support provision; either within the As the pioneer of recovery dealing systems,same recovery suite or through alternative we have provided support to our customersdiscreet recovery suites – within the same in all of the high profile incidents thatcentre – designed specifically to serve the made news headlines – and a lot more thatrequirements of back-office personnel. didn’t. Many resulted in simultaneous and multiple invocations of our Dealing RoomQuality modern, secure offices Recovery service – and all were handledEach recovery suite is highly secure, with unblemished 100% success. As such,benefiting from SunGard’s UK wide, SunGard Availability Services is confidentstandardised security system, featuring that we have the experience and expertiselogical controls, access controls and CCTV to help you devise an effective Informationsystems which are centrally managed and Availability strategy for your dealing andeasy to tailor for customers specific needs trading room operations.and additional requirements.All the suites feature quality modern officefacilities with high specification PCs; IPCdealer turrets and voice systems; access tothe most up to date market data networksfrom Reuters and Bloomberg, as well asSWIFT services and other essential thirdparty financial services.
  4. 4. WORKPLACE RECOVERy: DEALING Recover faster...and to any location Why SunGard DEAlING Room RECovERy 100% recovery success track record SPECIFICATIoNS Fastest and most flexible recovery service Cost-effective – dedicated, syndicated Trader position and shared options available IPC IQ Mini Max Turret Timely – recovery can start when you call; not when you arrive on site IPC Alliance dealing switch Available – 24/7 invocation support Two handsets Experience – the pioneer of Dealing Open line broadcast microphone Room Recovery services Four dynamically assignable speakers Standardised – common technology, Voice recording facility standards and procedures across NICE digital voice recording all recovery centres Private voice recoding playback facility Scalable – discreet recovery suites of multiple sizes to accommodate multiple Front-office – 3 channels providing business units and organisation sizes 2 handsets and microphone with speakers. Productive – wide range of suite Back-office specifications to accommodate front and back-office personnel All external voice links can be recorded Networked – economical, high-speed Replay station provided per suite dual, diverse and separate 1Gb bandwidth Voice recorder per suite to ensure dedicated to Information Availability replay confidentiality interconnecting all facilities Market Data & Dealing Systems Continuous renewal programme – brings Reuters Dealing 3000 / Xtra you the most up-to-date technology Bloomberg Expertise – dedicated team of dealing room specialists to assist in recovering Global Topic financial services Quality office environment Global – additional facilities in Mainland High specification dealing room furnishings Europe, Asia and North America. Time stamps and multi-zone international clocks Printers, photocopier and fax machines Stationery packs and storage Kitchens and rest areas. United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:08/10