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SunGard Availability Services UK Corporate Brochure


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SunGard Availability Services delivers secure, resilient IT infrastructure and organisational availability services through a unique combination of scalable, managed IT production environments and Workplace Recovery centres, with the added benefit of remote access solutions for your workforce: Connected via our private network across our multiple locations and all supported by experience gained from five decades of keeping businesses resilient.

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SunGard Availability Services UK Corporate Brochure

  2. 2. WHY CHOOSE SUNGARD RELY ON US AVAILABILITY SERVICES? More than 10,000 Established in 1978, SunGard Availability customers worldwide Services has been keeping our customers’ people and information connected for 100% recovery success in five decades: providing live production over 30 years in business support during system recoveries, or by 3,400+ invocations supported helping ensure business critical systems are safely managed 24/7 by ‘intelligent hands’. Over 5 million sq ft of operations space We understand that this ‘Information Availability’ is vital to ensuring that 80+ highly-resilient facilities when they partner with SunGard, worldwide our customers can rely on us to make A dedicated, redundant the everyday happen for theirs. global network With the blurring between traditional 25,000+ end-user disaster recovery (DR) and the 24/7 positions worldwide availability facilitated by managed services becoming more apparent as Recovery 40+ mobile recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point units, globally Objectives (RPO) continue to become more ambitious; SunGard Availability Supporting more than Services has naturally evolved its solution 30 platforms – including set to address this need. virtualised environments Operational structure and best practices backed by SAS 70 Type II & ISO 9001 certification and PCI DSS-compliant facilities & processes and BS 25999 Seven-times winner of the ’Business Continuity Service Provider of the Year Award’1 2010 Excellence in Infrastructure Management Winner1 2008 winner of the Outstanding Excellence in Business Continuity and the Data Centre Strategy of2 the Year Award1.
  3. 3. In addition to our enviable pedigree, business and IT availability solutionsSunGard is now regarded as one of the are not only robust and flexible, but15th largest managed hosting services cost-effective too.providers2. Our data centre strategy You can therefore protect the linkswon the award of the same name in between your people and the2008. Broad Group has also shortlisted information on which they depend,SunGard’s Managed Services capability in service your customers, fulfil yourtheir annual awards3, whilst Intellect turned corporate strategy and satisfy financial,to us to chair its Data Centre Group. operational and IT priorities.So from Consulting and Business Continuity With SunGard your:Management (BCM) Software at one endthrough Recovery Services to Managed IT Information Availability regime meets the strategic needs of the businessand cloud-based Infrastructure as a Servicesolutions at the other, we can meet our IT infrastructure is stable, efficientcustomers’ needs across the Information and cost-effectiveAvailability spectrum with the single aim of Data storage and retrievalkeeping them running – no matter what. arrangements match business needsFor organisations looking to maximise Systems and data are secureOpEx and reduce CapEx, SunGard’s and accessibleproven experience, operational scale Organisation is prepared forand financial strength mean that our any eventuality.More than 10,000 organisations worldwide Whether yours is a small companycan tell you that SunGard Availability serving local markets, a dynamicServices is the trusted high-performance mid-size enterprise or a largepartner they need to ensure that their multinational organisation, you willIT operations never let them down – and benefit from responsive, customisedalways keep them at the top of their game. solutions from SunGard that help increase the efficiency of your ITThey can speak to our ability to ensure operations and augment the valueoptimal operational performance, the that information technology provideshighest levels of Information Availability to the business.and extremely rapid and completerecovery from unplanned interruptions. Isn’t it time that you relied on us too? 3
  4. 4. RELY ON OUR STRENGTH About SunGard Availability Services is a division of Other divisions include Financial Systems, SunGard Data Systems, the largest Higher Education, and Public Sector. privately held business software and services company on the Forbes list of Dedication private businesses, serving more than 25,000 customers in more than 70 Availability Services has over 2,500 countries, including the world’s 25 Information Availability professionals largest financial services companies. at hand: 100% customer focused, 82% client facing, 50% technical With revenues of $5.6 billion, a 21% experts with continuous Board-level CAGR and 10% organic growth, SunGard commitment to customer experience. has enviable financial strength, of which Availability Services represents 26%: Commitment Worldwide = >$1.5 billion (2009) With more than 30 years in the business, Europe = $301 million (2009) SunGard’s steady growth reflects our continued ability to answer your needs UK = £162 million (2009). in an ever-changing industry. “SunGard’s experience and track record counted for a lot. We knew we were getting a service we could rely on” Tom Mackrell, Compliance Manager, Castle Cover4
  5. 5. To stay ahead of the curve, we Recover Anywhere True ‘Rollback’continue to innovate and develop capability via a standardised approachour infrastructure and services, and the deployment of award-winningsupported by substantial investments. Networking Solutions1 IBM MainframeWe’ve invested $hundreds of millions & Mid-range Recovery UNIX Recovery –every year to enhance our capabilities – both Sun and IBM Dealing Roomfrom tools and skilled personnel, to Recovery Workplace Recovery Businessdata centres and technologies (in 2009, Continuity Management Consultingwe invested £29.7 million and €8.7 million Contact Centre Recovery Enhancedto support European Availability Services Recovery Continuity Services for thecustomers alone). ‘Always On’ world Monitoring Solutions Vaulting Solutions International ServicesInnovation British Standard/ISO accreditation.As pioneer and leading global providerof Information Availability and businesscontinuity, SunGard was first to deliver: 5
  6. 6. CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR INFORMATION AVAILABILITY NEEDSRecovery Services INFORMATION AVAIL Workplace Anywhere – >25,000 end-user seats worldwide for employees displaced by disaster. Each is equipped with a common operating environment and access to voice and data communications. For your workfo Recover Anywhere – Using virtualised desktop and softphone technology to extend recovery further into your business. Recover Anywhere offers full IT workstation experiences without the need to deploy physical assets – staff can work remotely and fully participate in operations to help resume normal levels Technology Infrastructure of productivity faster. Technology Recovery – SunGard recovery facilities Consulting are among the safest places to access hardware and protect applications, data and networks. Customer systems are backed up by redundant infrastructure and network connections, all guarded by SunGard Recovery Managed Reco security personnel and systems. Services QuickShip & Mobile Recovery – Our range of pre-packed and mobile recovery Consulting & Automation Tools services bring the technology to you, enabling near normal business operations while your office or data centre is being restored. Operational Risk Long-term Recovery – In the event of major loss, we can construct buildings from modular blocks within days. These are equipped with all the furniture, generators, uninterruptible power supply, communications systems and technology you need to keep going. Recovery Centres, Data Cent Systems Testing – We are experts at replicating our customers’ system set-ups – no matter how unique – in our data centres. Hours Enhanced Recovery – By creating mirror systems, our customers, using broadband communications can successfully and securely conduct remote tests anywhere in a safe environment, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds in The SunGard Information Availability Continuum model helps you matc travelling and test costs whilst also reducing carbon a combination of services to cover each aspect of your business accord emissions resulting from car and plane journeys.Consulting ServicesSunGard’s BCM Consulting BCM Programme Management Incident Management – Technical Recovery BS 25999:2 Gap Analysis Managed Testing – Backup & Storage Business Impact Analysis BCM Training & Awareness. Security Audit BCM Risk Assessment Penetration Testing ICT Consulting Supply Chain Review Social Engineering ICT Resilience Review Continuity Strategy Definition & IT Capability Technical Recovery Developing & Implementing Documentation Assessment services: a BCM Response – Network Infrastructure PCI/DSS Compliance – Infrastructure feasibility Data Profiling & Trend Analysis 6 – Virtualisation Exchange Server Services.
  7. 7. ABILITY CONTINUUM Managed Services Cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service – Our fully-managed enterprise-class private cloud service is a natural progression for Informationrce and IT infrastructure Availability strategies. Delivered on shared infrastructure across our fully resilient UK Technology Centres, SunGard’s IaaS delivers computing power, data storage and associated security and connectivity on an almost zero CapEx basis. – Connect: Public & private connection services – Secure: Managed virtual firewall – IP Network: Monitoring, management & load balancing – Compute: Core, processor and memory provision, O/S & DBA managementvery Managed Hosting Infrastructure as a Service – Store: Managed storage, Replication & snapshot services, Offsite backup. Secure Hosting Services – Provided within highly resilient data centre space as either rack space or caged area with redundant power supplies. All of which is supported with helpdesk services and intelligent hands. Platform & Device Monitoring – Monitoringand portal reporting services by device, platform, application, database or website. Environmental monitoring also available.res & Dedicated Communications Networks Security & Network Management – Providing firewall management as well as intrusion detection and penetration testing services coupled with internet and network access. Availability Continuous OS & Database Management – Managing equipment, operating systems, and databases as well as providing load balancing solutions.h your preferred recovery time to the SunGard service. You can choose Vaulting & Replication – Automated off-siteing to how time sensitive it is. This way you only pay for what you need. backup, archive and retrieval of data as well as mirroring solutions. BCM Software – Continuity Management Solution (CMS) CMS: Enabling comprehensive and professional business continuity planning across the enterprise. SunGard’s BCM Software offers business risk assessment, business continuity plan development, and emergency notification in the event of a business disruption. LDRPS® to build and maintain plans with the industry Work Force Assessment to provide a clear standard planning tool understanding of work force criticality and availability to strengthen recovery efforts BIA Professional® to analyse disruption impacts and identify recovery objectives NotiFind® to send and receive communications whenever necessary by way of several options Risk Assessment to identify and measure potential threats to any location Incident Manager® to manage response and recovery efforts during any disruption. Vendor Assessment to simplify the process of gathering and analysing vendor resiliency 7 and compliance
  8. 8. NETWORKING SOLUTIONS – A BACKBONE FOR INFORMATION AVAILABILITY Livingston Stockport Dundee Leicester Warrington Coventry Borehamwood Theale London – CRC Bristol London – SBRC – SBR MultipleLeatherhead Communications London – SBRC – PG Providers Crawley London – DRC Poole SunGard National Network (UK) Flexible, resilient, scaleable connectivity: Elland TC4 Gb – single feed Gb – dual, diverse feeds >Gb - dual, diverse feeds Tb - ScaleNet optical feeds LTC Hounslow Docklands TC2 Workplace Recovery Centre Fully Resilient Technology Centre Woking TC3 Hubbed from two fully-resilient Technology Centres, with different carriers offering diverse and separate dual and/or multi Gigabit and Terabit connectivity into all locations. SunGard offers the highest levels of resilience of any organisation in our industry via an award- winning National Network1 designed specifically to support all your Information Availability needs. Our ‘virtual’ campus of Workplace Recovery and Technology Centres delivers unparalleled robustness and flexibility; and as part of the SunGard Global Network, provides customers with unrivalled connectivity on a regional, national and international basis. 8
  9. 9. SUNGARD WORKPLACE RECOVERY & TECHNOLOGY CENTRE LOCATIONS IN THE UK & IRELAND Dundee Borehamwood City Recovery Livingston LTC Campus TC2 Hounslow Docklands LONDON ONDON Theale TC3 Woking Docklands South Bank Recovery Recovery Campus Campus Leatherhead Crawley TC4 Technical Elland Operations Centres 1 & 2 Warrington Dublin Stockport Leicester Coventry Bristol Poole Key Fully Resilient Technology Centre Workplace Recovery Centre Technical Operations Centre 9
  10. 10. SunGard delivers when ‘it’ happens, not if – the difference our investment in our people, recovery locations, technology, infrastructure, service delivery and attention to customer experience makes – all culminating in an unblemished track record of recovery and availability support... A SELECTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS Alexander Forbes Kingston Asset Finance Ltd Allen & Overy LLP Leicester City Council Ansbacher & Co Ltd Marks & Spencer Aviva Mediasurface Europe Limited Baillie Gifford New Star Asset Management BDO Stoy Hayward LLP Northgate Information Solutions British Medical Journal Sainsbury’s Dominos Pizza Group Severn Trent Water EDS Food & Drink Federation Standard Bank Great Ormond Street Hospital The London School of Economics and Political Science Gullivers Travel Associates TNT Homeloan Management Limited University Hospitals Coventry In Practice Systems Ltd & Warwickshire NHS Trust Irwin Mitchell Virgin Media James Galt Toys Weightmans 1 CIR’s Business Continuity Awards. Business Continuity Service Provider 2009, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000,1999 (finalist: 2008, 2007, 2004, 2001); Data Centre Strategy 2008 (finalist 2009); Most Innovative Service 2006 – SunGard National Network. 2 Tier 1 Research Summer ‘10 – Managed Hosting Global Report.10 3 Broad Group: Data Centres Europe Best Risk Mitigation Service Provider – (finalist 2009).
  11. 11. AWARD-WINNING INFORMATION AVAILABILITY Business Continuity Awards Excellence in Business Best Regional European 10th Anniversary Award Continuity in Insurance Data Centre Outstanding Excellence in Finalist 2010 Finalist 2010 Business Continuity Power Strategy Best Risk Mitigation Winner 2008 Winner 2001 Service Provider Finalist 2001 Finalist 2009 Business Continuity Service Provider Business Continuity Manager OpRisk & Compliance Winner 2010, 2009, 2006, 2005, 2002, Finalist 2010 Awards 2000, 1999 Finalist 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, Business Continuity Consultant Business Continuity 2004, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999 Winner 2006 Strategy & Planning Services Finalist 2008, 2005, 2004, 2003, Winner 2007 Most Effective Recovery 2002, 2001 Winner 2006, 2005, 2000 Business Continuity Industry Personality Finalist 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2003 Planning Software Finalist 2009, 2005 Most Innovative Service Joint Winner 2007 Winner 2010, 2006, 2004, 2002 Newcomer Finalist 2008, 2007, 2003 Financial-i Leaders in Highly Commended 2005 Finalist 2009, 2003, 2001, 2000 Innovation Awards Lifetime Achievement Best & Most Innovative Most Innovative Solution Winner 2001 Disaster Recovery & Business Finalist 2010 Finalist 2001, 2000 Continuity Supplier BCM Planning Software Data Centres Europe Winner 2009, 2008, 2007 Finalist 2010, 2009, 2008 Awards The Information Excellence in Infrastructure Best New European Security Awards Management Cloud Services Winner 1997 Winner 2010 Finalist 2010 Data Centre Strategy Judges Award for Winner 2008 Outstanding Contribution Finalist 2009 to the Data Centre Sector Business Continuity Team Finalist 2010 Finalist 2010, 2009 Business Continuity Strategy Finalist 2010, 2009 nui t y M ana Conti g uity Team Ser vice Prov tive Produc t of s t r u c t u re M ess o f t wa re o f t h e m e o nt i n tive S o l ut io n u it y ide ova Infra an s in i n g S eY n sC of t ova of t he tin nn th e in ag Bu lan n ea t es he nn on ro tI eY nc em r sin Ye tI Ye sC ft os ea le P a os a he r el Bu r r n es 2010 M 2010 xc 2010 en 2010 2010 M 2010 Ye t E siBu ar 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 WI WI WI SH SH S 11 NNER NNER NNER O RT L I S T ED O RT L I S T E D H O RT L I S T E D
  12. 12. Availability ServicesSunGard Availability Services delivers secure, resilient IT infrastructure and organisational availability servicesthrough a unique combination of scalable, managed IT production environments and Workplace Recoverycentres, with the added benefit of remote access solutions for your workforce: Connected via our privatenetwork across our multiple locations and all supported by experience gained from five decades of keepingbusinesses resilient.Managed Services Recovery ServicesSunGard’s Managed Services give you the IT resources Interruptions to business are difficult to predict, butand skills you need to ensure availability, reliability, SunGard customers know that when disaster strikes,security and cost-efficiency. Yet we leave you in full they are always ready. With the widest range ofcontrol of the systems, applications and data that effective solutions SunGard ensures that any businessdrive your business forward. Meanwhile our impact is minimised, returning you quickly back toenterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service ‘private business as’ delivers computing power, data storage,security and connectivity for almost zero CAPEX. BCM Software Our industry leading suite of BCM Software allowsConsulting Services you to develop a world-class BCM regime, to manageWe help you get risks under control, thereby your preparedness, and any business interruptionssafeguarding your profits, operations, customers and you experience. It ensures your staff and customersreputation by leveraging our industry-acknowledged are fully informed, and that the right people andoperational risk management expertise. From resources are deployed at the right continuity management to the full lifecycleof technological solutions, we deliver results uniqueto your business because our start point is alwaysyour business needsUnited Kingdom & Information Availability you can trustEuropean Head Office SunGard Availability Services understands how12-13 Bracknell Beeches, vital Information Availability is to protectingOld Bracknell Lane West, key operations, servicing customers, preservingBracknell, Berkshire reputation,maintaining profitability and engenderingRG12 7BW stakeholder confidence. Over 10,000 customers trust us to keep their people and informationt: 0800 143 413 connected. Trust us to do the same for you.e: infoavail@sungard.comw:© 2010 SunGard Availability Services (UK) LimitedSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. orits subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarksof their respective holders.