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If you’re looking for the most flexible, reliable and sustainable Workplace Recovery service to span both short and long-term disruptions, you won’t find a more capable provider with an unblemished 100% recovery success track record than SunGard Availability Services.

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SunGard Flexible Workplace Recovery

  1. 1. Sustaining a AVAILABILITY SERVICES successful recovery with a FLEXIBLE WORKPLACE RECOVERY flexible serviceBenefits at a glance A robust solution harnessing your Most proven method to mitigate and employees’ goodwill survive office disruptions But goodwill, loyalty and energy can be Cost-effective, Opex based purchase model stretched to breaking point if you make your employees lives too difficult with unrealistic Employee convenience: reduced plans that require them to commute an extra commuting times 1-3 hours per day to a single recovery centre Accommodates ‘near and far’ over a sustained period of time. recovery strategies SunGard’s Workplace Recovery infrastructure Minimises effects of long-term and wide- is so flexible, standardised and agile, we area disruptions can provide your employees with multiple Reduces the risk of regulation, compliance Workplace Recovery locations based on and standards breeches clusters of where they live, as well as where they work. Employees can benefit from more Safe and secure working environment. realistic commuting times, thereby maintaining their energy levels and the goodwill needed toIf you’re looking for the most flexible, reliable achieve and sustain a successful recovery.and sustainable Workplace Recovery serviceto span both short and long-term disruptions, This enables you to build a recovery plan basedyou won’t find a more capable provider with on a ‘near and far’ recovery strategy to dealan unblemished 100% recovery success track with both small and large-scale incidents.record than SunGard Availability Services. E.g.: recover close to your office if your heating system fails, but a fix is imminent; and recoverSustainable recovery requires further away to mitigate the effects of anycommittment from your staff incident that means your staff may need to work away from your usual office locationThe ability to recover not just from short- for a matter of weeks.term but also from wide area and long-termdisruptions is at the heart of SunGard’s Our flexibility applies to all frontWorkplace Recovery service. In our and back office rolesexperience, more and more organisationsare realising that successful and sustainable We can provide this service for dealing andrecovery plans are reliant on the goodwill, trading; call centres, back office, creativeloyalty and energy of their employees. and design environments plus multiple shiftEspecially when it comes to high impact patterns of working without any loss of PCdisruptions caused by flooding, explosion and and telephony functionality.other wide area events – Buncefield, 7/7 andrecent summer floods bear testimony to this.
  2. 2. FLEXIBLE WORKPLACE RECOVERYSustaining a successful recovery with a flexible serviceStandardised, premier recovery You will never have to share a suiteinfrastructure and processes Unlike some other providers, with SunGardThe principle we follow is to provide you you never have to share a suite with anotherwith the same everyday office experience, organisation. All your inbound calls arethe only thing that changes is the view out securely contained within your suite andof the window. To deliver that experience directed to your staff either in a stagedwe make the whole recovery process as Telephony Recovery process as your staffsimple and automated as possible. We arrive at our recovery centres, or to anotherachieve this by standardising our entire location of your choice. All without the needIT infrastructure, PC, network, telephony, for a telephone receptionist or the risk of thesoftware, processes and security to highly calls being incorrectly redirected to anotherresilient specifications, so that we eliminate firm. Your staff get to keep all their familiarcompatibility conflicts. Our resilience, scale numbers and the telephony functionality theyand operating model is ideal for operations are used to, all of which makes recovery aof all flavours: from all sizes of government smoother, more efficient process.agencies to the largest of enterprises,mid size and small to medium sized firms. The value of SunGard’s WorkplaceThis can only be achieved by targeting and Recoveryspending significantly more on infrastructure In wide area disruptions, people areinvestment than any other provider to increasingly adept at working in smaller,maintain our customers’ confidence in the geographically dispersed teams, using IT andquality of our service. And our 100% success telephony to unite them into one effectiverecovery track record. recovery team. The payback to them is a reasonable commuting time to the nearestMix shared and dedicated facilities recovery centre without major disruption toto suit your budget their private lives. Whilst the payback to theWe offer you the choice of having your own business is happier staff who are more willingdedicated suites. That are for your exclusive and ready to support the recovery – anduse only or you can enjoy the value of shared henceforth continued competitive presence –office suites where a number of organisations of the business.subscribe to a recovery suite or facility. Oryou may require a mix of both. With our With SunGard, you just know theshared suites we carefully manage the risk service is going to workto ensure that the same suite is never called The Workplace Recovery market has seen aupon at the same time but should the centre number of new entrants in recent years andbecome unavailable for another reason, whilst it’s fairly easy to provide an office towe seamlessly recover your business and work in, you need to be confident that yourinformation to next available recovery centre provider can help your people connect withas we can point your information to wherever their information and telephony to carry onit’s needed, including your inbound calls, ‘business as usual’ whilst maintaining yourwithin minutes. customer’s regular experience of doing business with you. With our experience we can help to you to achieve this and keep you on the right side of compliance, standards and regulations – be they security, financial, health and safety or quality. You also need to be confident that your provider can also cope with a disruption to their own operations, hence why SunGard Availability Services is certified to
  3. 3. Dundee BS 25999 across all of our SunGard Workplace Recovery UK Workplace Recovery Livingston Centre locations in the UK Centres. Currently we are the only recovery provider to hold BS 25999 certification for our Workplace Recovery Centres. Borehamwood Above all else you need confidence that having paid for the service you City Recovery Campus won’t be let down when you really Elland LTC LONDON ONDON need us it. That’s why we have well Warrington Theale established, robust repeatable South Bank Docklands Recovery Recovery Campus processes, with well administered Stockport Campus change controls. This forward Leicester Coventry Leatherhead planning, combined with Crawley regular testing and your most Milton Keynes recent backup information means we never have to invent Bristol your recovery on the day. Livingston Stockport Dundee Our recovery is incredibly Leicester Poole Warrington fast, reliable and effective. Coventry Milton Keynes SunGard Workplace Network and Data Centre connectivity in the UK Livingston Stockport Dundee Theale Borehamwood Leicester Warrington Coventry Milton Keynes Bristol London – CRC Theale Borehamwood Multiple Leatherhead Communications London – SBRC – SBR Bristol Providers London – CRC MultipleLeatherhead Communications London – SBRC – SBR Crawley Providers London – SBRC – PG Crawley London – SBRC – PG Poole London – DRC Poole London – DRC Elland TC4 Elland TC4 SunGard National Network (UK) Flexible, resilient, scaleable connectivity: Gb – single feed LTC Hounslow SunGard National Network (UK) Docklands TC2 Gb – dual, diverse feeds Flexible, resilient, scaleable connectivity: Gb – single feed >Gb - dual, diverse feeds LTC Hounslow Docklands TC2 Gb – dual, diverse feeds Tb - ScaleNet optical feeds >Gb - dual, diverse feeds Tb - ScaleNet optical feeds Workplace Recovery Centre Woking TC3 Workplace Recovery Centre Fully Resilient Technology Centre Woking TC3 Fully Resilient Technology Centre
  4. 4. FLEXIBLE WORKPLACE RECOVERY Sustaining a successful recovery with a flexible service SunGard’s Workplace Recovery – UK Capability Metrics Recovery track record – 100% success The most secure offices – logical and Experience – the most in the industry, physical security standardised at every site spanning five decades with additional measures optional Service quality – industry leading: 9/10 Always available – we‘ll never ask you to customers would recommend SunGard cut your team or share a recovery suite with another subscriber 260+ expert staff dedicated to recovery and nothing else 1Gb dual and diverse resilient network between recovery centres*: The only full service recovery provider certified to BS 25999 Terabit connectivity between data centres† 23 Workplace Recovery Centres situated Telephony Recovery – in as little as close to 19 key UK conurbations ten minutes, with staging options and complete flexibility for both TDM and IPT UK: 13,800 positions in total with 7,500 diverted to any location shared flexible positions, offering: No telephony service interruptions when – London region: 8,800 positions with additional customers are recovered 4,000 shared flexible positions Four fully resilient Technology Centres – 650+ dealing positions in the UK for full production hosting – 70 Apple iMac media and creative Remote server connectivity – no need to positions in London travel to our data centres – Flexible dealing and trading positions High specification enterprise level IT, – Flexible back office positions phones, dealer boards – standardised across the UK – Flexible call centre positions Physical and virtualised desktop Multiple shift working patterns on the environments recovered. same position * Milton Keynes and Dundee do not have diverse links † Between Docklands and LTC United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:08/10