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Effective, compliant and credible business continuity planning recognised by your industry peers the world over.
The selection of your planning system is an essential component of the success of your programme – and as market leader and primary choice for business continuity planners, LDRPS® can provide that foundation.
Important considerations in making your planning software decision

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  1. 1. AVAILABILITY SERVICES Living Disaster Recovery Planning LDRPS® System Effective, compliant and Use of planning navigators reduces the time needed to train users, and is a credible business continuity powerful aid to plan maintenance. planning recognised by your The administrator can set the navigator so that certain review areas are included industry peers the world over. in the plan maintenance activity, and all planners using the navigator will be The selection of your planning directed to those selected areas to review and update. system is an essential component In addition, the Navigator provides of the success of your programme – instruction on how to complete each step and as market leader and primary by incorporating industry best practices and methodology into plan construction choice for business continuity based on the business continuity/ planners, LDRPS® can provide disaster recovery skills and knowledge of SunGard’s experienced consultants and that foundation. subject matter experts. This information can also be easily tailored to align with Important considerations your organisation’s terminology and methodology if desired. in making your planning Building dynamic, more effective plans – software decision systematically – LDRPS® offers pre-defined standards to leverage when building Powerful, yet easy to use recovery strategies, including a library of GenNavigators – making the planning more than 200 reports used to present the job easier – A Navigator is an interface information in your plan. overlay that provides step-by-step LDRPS® also gives you the ability to guidance to users in the process of customise and output plans for different building plans. As plan builders perform audiences, e.g., auditors, executives, their work through the Navigator, they recovery teams – allowing you to choose track their progress by marking each step the types of reports and documents in the complete. Administrators can then rely sequence they’ll appear in the plan. ess Conti s in i n g S Bu lan n nui t y M ana g o f t wa re o f t h e m e eY ea t r n on this tracking to see the overall status P 2010 of the continuity programme, and to ensure that all plan builders are fulfilling 2010 their assignments.SH O RT L I S T E D
  2. 2. LDRPS®Living Disaster Recovery Planning SystemFlexible ScalableOrganisations typically build plans based There are three versions of LDRPS®, scaled toon how their day-to-day operations work, provide the level of functionality you require.though it is critical that they also design them Essential: Offers the functionality thataccording to how they would need to recover SunGard’s products are known for,the business. LDRPS® provides the ability to but has been scaled to fit the needs ofstructure plans around the strategies you organisations that are in the emergentchoose, to maximise the effectiveness of stages of programme developmentyour recovery by helping you define crisis,technology and business recovery plans. Professional: Provides many customisationWith LDRPS®, you can build: options, a master interface for administrators and increased user access security Crisis management plans to fit the organisation’s operational structure Enterprise: Includes full customisation abilities, increased access security, e-mail Technology recovery plans to match notification, scheduled importing and the matrix management approach plan approval, enabling this product to implemented, including infrastructural be tailored to meet the needs of the most strategies for hardware, SAN, network, sophisticated planning programs. or data administration Critical application recovery plans to Whichever product you choose, you smoothly interface with infrastructure have the flexibility to add any other of recovery plans SunGard’s Continuity Management Solution (CMS) modules over time as your BCM Process or departmental recovery plans requirements expand or change, without around planning decisions and strategies, conversion problems, retraining issues, with dependencies between critical or installation challenges. business processes. Flexible purchasing and installation optionsLDRPS® offers the ability to define theinterdependencies between critical Whether through a perpetual license hostedprocesses, applications, and hardware at the customer site, a perpetual licensedevices. Once these dependencies are set, hosted by SunGard or by On-Demandthey can be viewed at the enterprise level in subscription (Software as a Service) we willorder to understand how the failure of one work with you to determine which type ofnode impacts your organisation’s resiliency. solution is right for your organisation.
  3. 3. Customisation SecureWith LDRPS you can customise terms, ® These days, security is almost as important asscreens, and features to meet your specific the information being protected. The incrediblebusiness needs. This functionality, available rise in identity theft and the ever-increasingin both Professional and Enterprise versions, security regulations are making informationsupports your ability to customise data security more challenging every day.entry screens, placing fields on thescreen where you want them to reside. LDRPS® has a sophisticated securityAdditionally, you can change field labels, management system built within it:names, even languages — all without Information access must be explicitlyleaving the user interface. granted. Access can be granted for add,Since customisation is accomplished within update or read only, or explicitly deniedLDRPS®, there is no need for special tools at any levelor training to perform these actions. Access can be granted to a specific individual logon, or through a defined security role Pre-defined security roles are Save time and money using LDRPS ® provided, or can be customised versus developing in-house to your specific requirements Reduce training time and costs by Access to features must be explicitly utilising Plan Navigators granted, either at a user level or through a defined role Reduce ‘service desk’ support with built-in FAQs and SunGard support Security applies to all information within LDRPS®, and to all report output. Improve efficiency and accuracy with standard reports and methodologies Spend less time with your auditors Import and update data faster with a relational database.
  4. 4. Professional Professional Enterprise Enterprise Essential On Demand License License Hosted OptionNumber of concurrent users 1-3 1-5 1-5 3 or More 3 or MoreNumber of named users Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 50 Unlimited UnlimitedLDRPS® Version 10 featuresBest Practices based Plan Navigators P P P P PBuilt-in standard reports P P P P PCustomisable reports P P PDependency maps P P P P PBIA Lite Feature P P P P PDrag-and-drop call lists P P P P PLocation resource management P P P P PSample final plans P P P P PSophisticated user security P P P POnline help P P P P P24/7 customer support P P P P PAbility to upgrade to other versions of LDRPS 10 ® P P P N/A N/AFully customisable Plan Navigators P P P PMaster interface P P P PCustomisable screens P P P PScheduled importing and Plan Publishing P PE-mail notification P PPlan approval P PIntegrated logon PTechnologyState-of-the-art technology platform P P P P P SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server SQL ServerRelational database or Oracle Database Database Express Database Database DatabaseNo SunGard software install required— P P P“Plug and Play”No SunGard software updates required P P Pat client site Secure Browser Secure Browser Browser Browser Secure BrowserBrowser Access Access Enabled Enabled AccessWeb server Shared Shared N/A N/A Shared Encrypted Encrypted backup on backup on a Encrypted nightly standby servers standby server tape backup,Secure data management and backup as well as nightly N/A N/A AND real time weekly off-site tape backup, replication to storage service weekly offsite alternate site storage service. db server.SunGard systems customer benefitsQuick Start package available P P P P PUnlimited training at our USA and UK Facilities P P P PRecovery Chronicles® P P P P PUser group conference P P P P PComplimentary webinars P P P P P
  5. 5. Web hosting Easy to useMany LDRPS® customers are choosing Individuals responsible to build and maintainto have SunGard host their application plans will use LDRPS® frequently, but thefor a variety of reasons, not the least of administrator for LDRPS® will use it almostwhich is the level of increased security every day. Ease of use is important tothat’s provided. these users. LDRPS® in a SunGard-hosted environment LDRPS® is designed to simplify plan provides for secure information management building, administration and maintenance for both the production hosting sites, and by allowing you to: backup with real time replication to an alternate processing centre. Build up planning dictionaries with the import capability. This saves time, SunGard maintains extremely rigid both for administrators as well as for policies and practices relating to customer plan builders, and improves the accuracy information, adhering to all information and integrity of the information within security regulations and standards, your plans. including SAS 70, ISO 27001 and Safe Harbor. Hosted application recovery is Share information across plans, tested regularly, addressing functionality, eliminating record duplication. With information integrity, performance, and LDRPS® you can bring a vendor contract backup access processes. into the documents dictionary, and link it to the vendor associated with the contract; or create a common list of employee skills or experience (called attributes) and link one or more attributes to a specific employee. Update and replace record data, wherever the original record is used within LDRPS®, without disruption to your plans. The Related Records feature allows you to change information about use of a specific record throughout plans within the system. Track planning progress, and quickly gauge where attention may be required. In addition, when it’s time for plan maintenance, the administrator can reset steps in the plan navigator, indicating to the plan builder where maintenance should be directed.
  6. 6. LDRPS® Living Disaster Recovery Planning System Why SunGard for BCM Software? Solid products become real solutions when through a variety of modes including you listen to your customers – and when you formal training within the US and UK, or choose a leader in business continuity services, online through our Web site delivered by you’re also in good company. Our customer- our experienced team of instructors. driven International User Group, Regional User Customer support available 24/7 to Groups, and our Technical Advisory Groups all answer technical questions or provide combine to help us identify, develop and refine software guidance. our software products. Access to continuity programme and Here’s what else you can expect: software consulting services from Unlimited, free product instruction. recognised industry experts. Training is critically important, and SunGard provides product instruction SunGard’s Continuity Management Solution The SunGard Continuity Management Solution leverages a common platform in a relational database that enables information consistency across multiple planning, testing and execution management processes, as well as standardised reporting for seamless automation and management of business continuity processes. Save time with single information entry Simplify user setup with centralised security. Beyond the benefits of information integration, CMS provides centralised and secure access to individual modules. LDRPS® is an application that assists an This flexible solution can be customised to organisation in building, maintaining and fit your organisation’s specific needs to executing business continuity and disaster support the full lifecycle of BCM. Building recovery plans. on the strength and functionality of the core platform, independent modules can be LDRPS® functionality provides an easy-to-use, added over time as the BCM requirements powerful, flexible and secure tool organisations of your company expand or change. can tailor to their specific planning requirements. United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413 infoavail@sungard.com www.sungard.co.uk© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:08/10