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Cloud circle Simon Withers


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The following presentation presents a high-level vision for SunGard Availability Services in the arena of cloud services.

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Cloud circle Simon Withers

  1. 1. Cloud State of play+ Predictions for 2012 and beyondSimon Withers – 19th March 2012 © 2010 SunGard. |
  2. 2. State of play: ‘Cloud’ © 2010 SunGard. |
  3. 3. Cloud... Market still confused, hype, or is it for REAL? “I don’t care as long as it works” “The cloud is invisible” “Somewhere to store data and applications” “Something that only requires an internet connection” “Being able to sleep at night knowing your servers won’t go down” “It just lets you get on with business” “Using a laptop on a plane” “The foundation of next generation computing” “Another way for Vendor to rehash their product/service as a cloud” © 2010 SunGard. |
  4. 4. Let’s remind ourselves….Five key essential characteristics of cloud ‘as a Service’ Consumer concerns are abstracted from provider concerns through service interfaces On-demand scalability adds or removes resources as needed, Scalable & Elastic flexible contracting (short term, ease of exit) Multi-tenant Shared resources allow economies of scale Services are tracked with usage metrics to enable multiple Metered billing payment models Internet Services are delivered through use of standardized identifiers, Technologies formats, and protocols 4 © 2010 SunGard. |
  5. 5. The three common cloud models we all know today Apps running on Cloud infrastructure Accessible from a browser or (other) thin client Consumer does not manage Cloud infrastructure Consumer-created apps deployed to Cloud infrastructure Consumer does not manage Cloud infrastructure Does have control over the deployed applications Consumer provisions processing, storage, networks Consumer does not manage Cloud infrastructure Has an element of provisioning control1 1 (OS, storage, deployed apps, & limited networking) ‘Cloud Computing’ 5 © 2010 SunGard. |
  6. 6. What are the type’s of cloud….. Hosted Closed Community Hosted Commodity Enterprise Private Private Private Public shared Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud cloud For use by a For use by a Publicly group of group of accessible, For use within For use by a single What a single collaborating enterprise but via collaborating developer enterprises, enterprises, but oriented shared it is enterprise including supply a service provider via a service cloud or demand chains provider infrastructure DIY Service DIY Service Providers: Who (by an (by an enterprise) SunGard, IBM Providers: Amazon, Google enterprise) SunGardSource: The 451 Group, SunGard customer research © 2010 SunGard. |
  7. 7. Type of cloud over customer preference….. Hosted Closed Community Hosted Commodity Enterprise Private Private Private Public shared Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud cloud Fortune500 / Gov. MediumEnterprise / Gov. SmallBusiness Small Office/ Home Office Source: The 451 Group, SunGard customer research Customer Segment Cloud Preference © 2010 SunGard. |
  8. 8. State of play: Drivers, Goals & Markets © 2010 SunGard. |
  9. 9. So far the Key Drivers & Goals for Cloud have been… Key Drivers Key Goals 1 Improve utilisation across Increase availability and all apps 2 Deliver higher performance application SLA’s 3 Increase time spent on Increase IT operational strategic projects 4 Reduce time to provision, efficiency move, change 5 Reduce CapEx – shift Reduce capital costs for IT to OpEx 6 Defer data centre projects expansion © 2010 SunGard. | 9
  10. 10. Market Dynamics – Adoption & Use Cases  Majority (71%) of companies are or will  Most common use case for cloud is be operational with cloud by 2H 2012 production application hosting 66% No cloud Already computing plans under way 29% 45% 16% 12% 7% Will be operational in 12-18 Will be operational Production Disaster Test/ Back-up, months within 6 months application recovery/ Development storage 14% 12% hosting Business application continuity hosting *IDG Research & SunGard survey, 1 st Draft 2010 2H © 2010 SunGard. | 10
  11. 11. Customers now looking for Multi-site High Availability+ the need for multi-cloud evaluations Load Balancing Customers don’t want Downtime! © 2010 SunGard. | 11
  12. 12. © 2010 SunGard. | 12
  13. 13. Location, Location, Location…. It will always be an issue! © 2010 SunGard. | 13
  14. 14. State of play: Risks of yesterday? © 2010 SunGard. | 14
  15. 15. Traditional Enterprise IT Risks Changing Market / Unplanned disaster Breach of security Business conditions scenarios can and policy controls might need you to significantly disrupt can lead to expand or contract regular business business and capacity operations regulatory issues © 2010 SunGard. |
  16. 16. Cloud Risks are (Mostly) Old Wine in New Bottles Security Compliance Connectivity Manageability Availability © 2010 SunGard. |
  17. 17. State of play: Predictions © 2010 SunGard. |
  18. 18. The drive toward multi-cloud integration for the application need Multi-Model / Multi - Vendor Public / Private ‘Holistic Cloud’ © 2010 SunGard. | 18
  19. 19. What can a Holistic Cloud Model look Like? One seamless Cloud environment, always on, always there Resilient Networks Cloud Desktops Cloud Cloud/IaaS* Cloud running your APPs Communications Outside Cloud Hybrid /Traditional ITrunning your APPs © 2010 SunGard. | 19
  20. 20. A shift towards closing the GAP between offerings Commercial Cloud Services Enterprise Example: Example: MS SkyDrive vs. iCloud SalesForce, Amazon, SunGard Advent of Consumeration Will bridge GAP between Commercial + Enterprise Delivery of Clouds across Home to Office, multi-devices © 2010 SunGard. | 20
  21. 21. Single interface services to provide ‘cloud integration’ Cloud overview / monitoring Cloud Cost Analytics Cloud Cost, usage & availability Reporting © 2010 SunGard. | 21
  22. 22. The death of IaaS as we know it! IaaS To PaaS Buy by the APP Integrate d Expertise © 2010 SunGard. | 22
  23. 23. Cloud Intelligent Apps made available via Cloud Stores Application Cloud / Enterprise App Malls Pre-integrated middleware with cloud infrastructure Application Patterns • Business intelligence Business applications • ISV applications (e.g., SAP CRM) • Web experience • Demand driven elasticity • Simplified system setup and install Platform Patterns • Policy-based system management Middleware & • Simplified application migration infrastructure • Web application deployment • Transactional database deployment • Data mart deployment Infrastructure Patterns • Provisioning and automation • Storage system optimization Compute resources • Scalability and upgradability Included in ‘Future’ / PaaS Clouds Available in catalog ‘Enterprise App Store’ © 2010 SunGard. |
  24. 24. However - same concerns will still be there even in 2015! Security Compliance Connectivity Manageability Availability © 2010 SunGard. |
  25. 25. © 2011 SunGard. | INTERNAL USE ONLY – CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY © 2010 SunGard. | 25