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Ta3s and El Roble announce strategic partnership.

ThingsIoT is a next generation IoT product that helps business rapidly develop and deploy solutions for home and enterprise. El Roble who is key player in IoT market has developed this module and intends to sell it globally in large volumes. They have successfully designed, developed and implemented various IoT solutions already.

Through this partnership, Ta3s would help in testing IoT products developed on top of the module to ensure quality delivery to the customers.

ThingsIoT can be used for personal applications such as IPTV, VoIP, Home Automation, Home Security, Telemedicine, Smart power management for homes, Tracking system and Online Gaming. It can be used for enterprise application such as Micro Cloud Infrastructure, Hadoop cluster infrastructure, Industrial Automation, Smart power management for enterprise and Minicomp / Tablets

This module also acts a testgig for IoT applications and Ta3s will be taking this revolutionary testgig to the market to help customers develop automation solutions around IoT.

With this El Roble intends to be the market leader in IoT products while Ta3s intends to be the first to come out with testing solutions for IoT.

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ThingsIoT brochure - El Roble and Ta3s

  1. 1. Solutions for connecting things over Internet
  2. 2. ThingsIoT module based on Allwinner Technology A20 Chip is a all in one multipurpose kit 1 IoT is going to impact every aspect of our life. We are going to witness all objects around us being connected and accessed via Internet. Interactions between human and things around are being made easier as everything around us a getting and identity and connectivity for better life, easier access and productivity. IoT not only connects people to machines but also connects machine to machine. IoT market is estimated to be around US$ 300 billion by 2017. IoT is relevant to unlimited applications in all areas of people, technology and life Clearly, Internet is in the verge of unprecedented growth and transformation making our lives more confortable and brining in limitless opportunities to businesses around. 2 ThingsIoT module brings in unlimited opportunities for design houses, developers and business to quickly design, develop and market their IoT products. The module is designed as per industry standards using best components and is very cost effective. You can rely on quality to ensure delivery of world class IoT product to your customer. You can choose any open source OS of your choice and develop applications on top of it. ThingsIoT module can be boxed in different shapes and sizes of your design, which fits your convenience and brand. The product is available as modules and ThingsIoT can provide additional customized services based on your request. Limitless opportunities
  3. 3. Support matrix and details Name Description CPU Cortex-A7 Mali400MP2 GPU PMU X-Power AXP209“flash charging core”, 1.8A PWM charging switch smart power management specialist accessible to 12V power adapter, battery, USB5V power input, providing 7 line power output DRAM 2*4G 16bits DDR3, forming 32 bit of 1024M Bytes DRAM NAND Flash Hynix H27UBG8T2A,4G Bytes MLC 64bit ECC NAND Flash, It can act as system's boot device TF Card Support up to 32G card memory, support card test WIFI Wifi BT two-in-one module Ethernet 10M/100M/1000M IEEE802.3 USBHost / USBOTG 1*USB OTG 2.0, 2*USB Host Headphone/Line-in Support stereo headphone output/line in CVBS/ YPbPr CVBS output/YPbPr Input VGA Provide VGA output pin interface HDMI Output HDMI v1.4, support 1080P@50/60fpts at the most LCD/LVDS Provide interface as LCD screen to extend Development, support every size of screen: CPU screen below 3 Inch, RGB screen above 3 inch, LVDS screen above 8 inch TP Support quad-line resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen with TWI interface UART Provide UART interface, TTL level SATA Support 1* SATA, SATA POWER 5V output Keys RESET, POWER_ON etc. IR IR only supports infrared remote control DC 5V DC IN
  4. 4. - Ipsum Applications While there is wide variety of applications, sample applications below provides you the length and breadth ThingsIoT supports Personal)Applica.on) •  IPTV) •  Home)Automa.on) •  Home)Security) •  Telemedicine) •  Smart)power)management)for)homes) •  Tracking)system) •  Online)Gaming) Enterprise)Applica.on) •  Micro)Cloud)Infrastructure) •  Hadoop)cluster)infrastructure) •  Industrial)Automa.on) •  Smart)power)management)for)enterprise) •  Minicomp)/)Tablets)
  5. 5. ThingsIoT TM El Roble G1, Oasis Apartment, Rose Garden Road, JP Nagar 5th Phase Bangalore, India. Ta3s Solutions Private Limited #401, Shravanthi Gardens 17th Cross, JP Nagar 5th Phase Bangalore 560078, India.