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Jagannath University, Dhaka                             Department of Marketing                                   OFFICE O...
The document has been designed to guide the students of BBA who will be writing theirinternship reports based on their sum...
Internal potency (relating to vision, strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship,              product, technological knowhow,...
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Internship report format


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Internship report format

  1. 1. Jagannath University, Dhaka Department of Marketing OFFICE ORDERTo: BBA Students From: HOD-MS (UGS)CC : Chairmen Dept. of MarketingRef: HOD-MS/101-2011/244Dated: July 4, 2013 Ext: 233Subject: INTERNSHIP REPORT FORMATAll the students of BBA programme currently doing their internships at variousorganizations are directed to strictly follow the revised internship report format.A copy of the format is also posted on the university website.NAME: Md. Abdul Kader Sumon Signature: _______________Appointment: Head, Department of Marketing Internship Report (BBA Students)
  2. 2. The document has been designed to guide the students of BBA who will be writing theirinternship reports based on their summer internship experience. All internees are required tostrictly conform to the format and outline given below while submitting their reports to theinternship coordinator.Format and ContentTitle Page Name of the University with Bahria’s Logo Name of company/firm/organization (for internship) Student’s name, ID, email address and semester Date of submission Supervisor’s name (at the place of internship), title, phone and email addressTable of Contents Should Include: Section and Sub Section headings. Page Numbering List of tables/graph/chartsExecutive Summary (1 page) An executive summary should present an over view of the complete report to help the reader have a quick glance at the report before reading it in detail.Company Overview (2-3 pages) Brief description of the organization Organizational design with regard to the departmentalization, chain of command within departments, span of control, work specializations. Products, competitors, markets etc.Position and Description of Duties (2-3 pages) Your position title Description of departments/branch activities/operations you worked in during the internship with period spent in each department. Responsibilities assigned to you as an internee. Details of tasks completed, project undertaken or training programme attended (if any).Organizational/Departmental/Branch Analysis (5-6 pages) This is the vital part of the report as it would hone the analytical and observational skills of the students. The segment must encompass analytical scrutiny of the organization’s various functional aspects and should discuss:
  3. 3. Internal potency (relating to vision, strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, product, technological knowhow, finance, human capital, business linkages etc) which will help to meet goals/objectives/targets and fight off threats. Internal deficiencies hindering the organization’s efforts in achieving their targets. External circumstances/trends/opportunities that favour the organization in achieving their targets. Any external threats/challenges that will decrease the organization’s effectiveness and productivity. Identification of main problems.Recommendations (1 page) Based on above analysis.Learning Outcomes (Should be 3-4 pages long) Focus most of your cognitive abilities on this section. What was accomplished through the affiliation? (through your internship) The facets of your responsibilities that you liked/disliked and why? How efficiently did you apply the theoretical knowledge gleaned from your courses to the practical situations confronted during internship? How was this internship destined to impact your career advancement? Any other comments you would deem appropriate and relevant.References/Bibliography The sources for the data and other information used in the report should be acknowledged in this section by citing references within the text of the report using Harvard referencing style.Annexure Attach all the supportive documents used in the preparation of your report such as brochures, newsletters, forms, questionnaires etc. Also attach the following: Internee assessment form duly signed and stamped by your supervisor under whom you have worked as an internee. Internship completion certificate on the organization letter head page. Copy of transcript of your most recent semester.Important Notes:  Standard formal level of English should be used.  A4 size paper should be used and each page should be numbered.  Font style should be Times New Roman with size 12, and line spacing 1.5  The report should be between 14-16 pages (exclusive of bibliography, title pages, table of contents and annexure pages).  Use single space in footnotes (if required).  Deadline for Final Submission of the report must be strictly adhered to.