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Profitability of Accessibility WordPress Accessibility Day 2020

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Can creating or remediating WordPress sites to include Accessibility increase clients and web designers profits?
Can you measure how much money businesses are losing out on because of a non-Accessible website?
Can profits be lost by designers who are not including Accessibility in their services?
The answer to all of the above is “Yes.”

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Profitability of Accessibility WordPress Accessibility Day 2020

  1. 1. The Profitability of Accessibility Sumner M. Davenport WP Accessibility Day 2020
  2. 2. Definition of Profitability noun the degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain.
  3. 3. What is Accessibility? • Removing barriers that prevent people from accessing a building, an area, a service, a website or a digital product. • Creating products that are usable by people with the widest possible range of abilities. • Making things accessible to all people.
  4. 4. What is Web Accessibility? #wA11y 11 Web accessibility” refers to a website designed to include all users, including it being easily used or accessed by people with disabilities with the same ease of access as a user without a disability. Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological.
  5. 5. Is There a Need for Web Accessibility? People with Disabilities, their families, and communities make up a powerful consumer base.
  6. 6. Is there a problem with lack of Web Accessibility? 98.1% Source: 1 Million Sites
  7. 7. Are there other problems with lack of Web Accessibility? Increase in web accessibility lawsuits
  8. 8. Most common types of WCAG 2 failures Source: WCAG Failure Type % of home pages Low Contrast Text 86.3% Missing alternative text for images 66.0% Empty Links 59.9% Missing form input labels 53.8% Empty buttons 28.7% Missing document language 28.0%
  9. 9. Common Problems Referenced in lawsuits • The Website prevents screen reader from accessing some primary content; • The Website does not provide a text equivalent for non-text elements; • Forms lack functionality for disabled; • Text cannot be resized up to 200% without loss of content or functionality; • Content enforces a time limit, the user is not able to extend, adjust or disable; • Web pages do not have titles; • The purpose of each link cannot be determined from the link text alone.
  10. 10. What is the Solution to Lack of Accessibility? • Make products that are accessible to everyone • Remediate products and areas that have barriers • Support companies and products that are accessible • Innovate new products
  11. 11. Increased VALUE for Designers and Companies Accessibility can drive innovation Enhance your brand Accessibility + SEO Extend market reach Minimize legal risk
  12. 12. Profitability for Designers 98.1%
  13. 13. Your Unique Value – Value Based
  14. 14. Accessibility Efforts
  15. 15. More Value Updates Maintenance Plans
  16. 16. Total Value Unique Value Cost per hour Team Complexity Timeline Future offerings
  17. 17. Strategy - Plan
  18. 18. Be Transparent to Your Client
  19. 19. Audit/Testing
  20. 20. Ultimate Tester
  21. 21. Easy Corrections First 1. Page titles 2. Headings, 3. Basic Structure Check, 4. Image text alternatives, 5. Contrast ratio ("color contrast"), 6. Hyperlinks, 7. Forms, labels, and errors, 8. Resize Text and Reflow, 9. Multimedia (video, audio) alternatives, 10. Keyboard access.
  22. 22. Web Accessibility (WCAG) Checklist
  23. 23. Increased Profit  Increased value to Client.  Increase in fees charged.  Increase in business income.  Increase in profit.
  24. 24. PLUGINS - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  25. 25. Profitability for Companies People with disabilities are not a solitary market; they are surrounded by family members and friends who also recognize the value in products and services that accommodate all people in society.
  26. 26. Profitability for Companies - US • The total after-tax disposable income for working-age people with disabilities is about $490 billion • Discretionary income for working-age people with disabilities is about $21 billion Individuals with hearing difficulties represent the disability category with the greatest amount of discretionary income, followed by those with Vision disabilities.
  27. 27. Profitability for Companies - UK UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that the number of UK disabled adults who are active internet users is 10.07 million  Users with access needs have a combined spending power of £24.8 billion  69% of people will simply click-away when confronted with a problematic website.  The size of the Click-Away Pound is more than £17 billion  This spending is ‘re-directed’ to barrier-free sites, as people who ‘click away’ will seek to find an accessible alternative and spend their money there.
  28. 28. Worst Case Scenario
  29. 29. Marketing to the Disabled Community • Develop products that meet the needs of people with disabilities. • Build or remediate all digital products to Accessibility success standards. • Community involvement. • Employ people with disabilities. • Inclusive advertising. • Accessibility Statement.
  30. 30. Value vs Cheapest Photographer unknown Captured from Facebook
  31. 31. Automatic Accessibility Checkers Deque Axe-Pro Beta ( API ( WAVE Toolbar Online ( and Browser Add-on. (Microsoft + AXE) Accessibility Insights for the Web AXE Browser Add-on. Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools. AInspector – Firefox Add-on
  32. 32. Resources Web Accessibility Initiative Knowbility/AccessU/AIR Deque University WebAIM CSUN University of Illinois University of Washington
  33. 33. Native User Testers Knowbility Access Works Pearson CSUN
  34. 34. Links and Resources • The WebAIM Million An annual accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages • Click Away Pound Report: • AIR – Hidden Market: Purchasing Power of Working-Age Adults with Disabilities: • Web Accessibility Lawsuits, PACER:
  35. 35. Summary 98.1% of websites need remediation 1 in 4 people have a recognized disability Accessibility is International Plan your design to include Accessibility Have a strategy for Remediation Understand the why and how of your Value to a client Understand the potential market so you can explain it to your client Check the obvious – fonts, structure, color schemes, video/audio captions/transcripts. Don’t rely only on automated testers, Test your site MANUALLY Have a native user of Accessibility technology test your site Be transparent in your work and share reports with your clients Support the Community
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Thank You. Twitter: @sumnerdavenport LinkedIn: SumnerDavenport WordPress San Fernando Valley Meetup

Can creating or remediating WordPress sites to include Accessibility increase clients and web designers profits? Can you measure how much money businesses are losing out on because of a non-Accessible website? Can profits be lost by designers who are not including Accessibility in their services? The answer to all of the above is “Yes.”


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