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Klarna / Rethink Office / Aktivtetsbaserat


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Klarna / Rethink Office / Aktivtetsbaserat

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Klarna / Rethink Office / Aktivtetsbaserat

  1. 1. Klarna  House   A  flexible  way of working Lina  Larsson   Project  Manager  
  2. 2. Agenda   ● Klarna  and  our  Baseline   ● Timeline   &  Decision ● The  Implementation   &  Communication   ● The  Result ● Key  Success  Factors
  3. 3. This  is  the  Klarna  Group • Founded in 2005 • More   than  $8  billion   in transaction volume in 2014   • 50,000 online merchants across Europe   &  USA • Active  in  18 countries • More than 1,200 employees • Main shareholders: Employees and Founders, Sequoia Capital, General Atlantic, DST Global, and Atomico
  4. 4. Lina   • Worked  at  Klarna  50%  of  Klarnas lifetime • Project  Manager   • Engineer  from  Chalmers   • Dancer  and  music  lover • Clear  in  communication   • Fearless
  5. 5. The  baseline   • Ongoing  project  for  2,5  years à Decision  no  flex  seating • Floor  plan  set • 800  employees  with  existing   desks • Growing  head  count
  6. 6. Timeline  &  the  Decision     Nov Dec Jan Feb March AprilOct June  May July   ? Floor   plan   Mgmt decision   Commun-­ ication Education Q&As MOVE! Set  Klarna   WoW Q&A 1. Management   decision   à What   would  it  mean?   à What   will   it  cost?     2. Reference  group  ”loud/influential   employees” 3. Architects  suggestion   4. Business  case   à Occupancy  study à Employee   forecast   à Increase  in  furniture  and  IT  costs   5. Management   decision   à How  would   we  do  it? 6. Suggestion   on  ways  of   working 7. Management   sign  off  and   final   approval 8. Communication   plan 9. Management   commitment   to   communication   plan 10. Execute  
  7. 7. Agenda   ● Klarna  and  our  Baseline   ● Timeline   &  Decision ● The  Implementation  &  Communication   ● The  Result ● Key  success  factors
  8. 8. The  implementation   &  Communication 1. Involve organisation   in  WoW decision 2. Communicate   • One  clear  message • Several  channels   3. Educate   a) Management   b) Managers   c) Employees   4. Managers   responsible for  change   in  teams 5. Handle   change   • Listen  to  employees • Communicate   some  more…     • Positive  role  models   Department   meetings Staff  meetings Emails  updates Intranet   Blog Movies   Reference   groups   Ambassadors   Managers   meetings Project  group  
  9. 9. Background Requests   from  the  organization • Work  better  together  between   Teams,  Departments   &  Divisions • Better collaboration   areas,   meeting   rooms  & tools • An  office  that  really  reflects  Klarna  – a  constant  growing,   developing   and  flexible   company • A  more  inspiring   work  environment   Facts • We  are  investing   about  100  million   SEK  in  the  new  office • Today,  we  only  use  effectively   up  to  54  %  of  our  work  desks • We  are  growing   so  fast  – this  has  to  be  a  long  term  solution
  10. 10. Goals -­ Office  of the  future Boost  collaboration  and  internal  efficiency Create  a  true  positive  energy  injection  for  all  Klarnauts
  11. 11. The  result   • More  collaboration  within  divisions • Easier  for  big  initiative/projects  to   collocate   • Less  costs  for  internal  moves   • Quicker  adaptions  to  changes  in   organisation  and  market   • One  company,  one  culture • Positive  PR       Improvements   • Clear  owner  of  WoW • Continue  developing  WoW • Keep  educating  new  and  old   employees • Remind  organisation  on  goal  and   vision   • Create  more  interaction  between   divisions • Highlight  positive  role  models  
  12. 12. Flexible  working  @Klarna Workspace: Variety:  Many  different  work  spaces   Home  Base: Your  personal  and  common   storage  as  well  as  team  visual  aids Call  zone:  Equipped  for  our  phone  bound  employees Focus  zone:  “Please  do  not  disturb” Ways  of  working: Flexible  Employees:  Laptop  as  far  as  possible Clean  Desk:  Same  as  today  with  addition  to  clean  desk  if  away  more  than  2h Open  screen:  Same  as  today Team  Days:  Managers  choose   Buddy  system:  Assign  a  buddy  to  new  employees   first  weeks  at  Klarna   Find  colleagues:  Chat  status,  home  base  and  phones. Supporting  documents:  Q&A,  Policies  &  Guidelines
  13. 13. The  different  work  spaces   Work  Lounge Storage Community  table Project  table Traditional  work  desks
  14. 14. 16
  15. 15. Key  success  factor   Communication   • One  FTE  responsible  for  internal  communication   • One  clear  message   • Difference  channels  e.g.  open  Q&A’s,  intranet,   department  meeting • “We  will  not  be  done  when  moved  in” Project  team • 12  dedicated  experts • Clear  responsibilities   Tools • Start  early • Paperless   Find  your  way   • Case  studies/reference  companies   • Reference  group  &  management   Handle  change   • Role  models   • Management  united   • Middle  managers  key   • Educate   • Demo  space • Reference  groups   • Listen  
  16. 16. 19