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Introduction to Summit Portfolio Management


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A brief introduction to the firm and our mission statement.

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Introduction to Summit Portfolio Management

  1. 1. P O R T F O L I O M A N A G E M E N T 1801 Century Park East, Suite 475 · Los Angeles, CA 90067 Ph: 310.590.7777 · Fax: 310.590.7778 Summit Portfolio Management is an independent fee-only financial advisory firm that provides wealth management consulting and portfolio management based on Nobel Prize winning research. Summit represents the interests of high net worth individuals, qualified plan fiduciaries, trusts and private foundations. Our advisory services differ significantly from traditional stock and bond brokerage firms. As a fiduciary, Summit is legally bound to provide objective advice and a broader range of investment options without the conflicts of interest commonly associated with most advisors. Timothy Bock, President of Summit Portfolio Management, has been helping clients across the United States meet their financial goals for over 25 years by providing clients with access to institutional level strategies, products and services normally available to investors with more than $50 Million. Summit Portfolio Management is one of the few firms nationwide to provide “Portfolio Engineering.” Portfolio engineering is the process of linking clients’ financial objectives to a portfolio strategy designed to have the highest probability of success. We are committed to the highest standards of service, integrity, quality and excellence Superior Solutions for Wealth Management 800.683.5800 Walnut Creek, CA Scottsdale, AZ San Clemente, CA Santa Barbara, CA New York, New York Las Vegas, NV