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In seiner Keynote am SUMMIT 2016 veranschaulichte Sree Sreenivasan, welche Möglichkeiten bestehen, die Verbindung zum Publikum über digitale Kanäle zu vertiefen und was es bedeutet, eine wichtige stationäre Präsenz, wie die eines Museums, zu digitalisieren.

Als ehemaliger Chief Digital Officer des weltweit agierenden Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, zählt Sree Sreenivasan zu den einflussreichsten Content Marketing Experten der Welt. Zusammen mit seinem Team führte er das weltberühmte „The Met“ wie ein Start-up in das digitale Zeitalter.

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  1. 1. these slides: #sreetips Sree Sreenivasan, Former Chief Digital Officer The Metropolitan Museum of Art ● Twitter: @sree ● Instagram: @sreenet ● Linkedin: /in/sreenivasan ● 5 TEDx videos ● Podcast on iTunes: @Sree Show ● #LearnSocMedia: ● Social Media Guide: ● Facebook: SreeTips & group: Sree’s Advanced Social Media 3 Years @MetMuseum: Digital, Mobile, Social Lessons
  2. 2. Always Be Charging Always Be Connecting Always Be Collecting
  3. 3. According to TwitterCounter, this is my pitiful rank based on number of followers:
  4. 4. @Pontifex provides unusual reason to follow him
  5. 5. At The Met we think about four spaces:
  6. 6. Millennials and Media While much of the journalism being produced by legacy news organizations is of value to younger readers, it does not entirely speak their language nor fully reflect their lives. - @dkiesow's must-read essay
  7. 7. Find new ideas, trends, sources Connect with audiences in new, deeper ways Bring eyeballs, traffic and attention to your work Help create, craft and enhance your brands What Social Media Can Do For You
  8. 8. Are you using these free tools?
  9. 9. #WhenIWasYoung I wanted to be a millionaire. Just didn’t know it would be in unread @Gmail messages.
  10. 10. From Mary Meeker’s 2015 slides at #CodeCon @Recode
  11. 11. From Mary Meeker’s 2015 slides at #CodeCon @Recode
  12. 12. 1870 ca.1970 2015
  13. 13. ONE YEAR IN MET DIGITAL MEDIA 26 cycles of updates on 36,000 new records created in TMS 20 new essays on the Timeline of Art History 500 new blog posts 1,100 Facebook posts, 3,800 Tweets, 400 Instagram posts 450 email campaigns to 19 million email addresses 100 new videos for permanent collection, special exhibitions, and online 70+ digital media installations and 6 audio tours for 20+ special exhibitions
  14. 14. Mobile: Audio Guide
  15. 15. Mobile: The Met App
  16. 16. Media Lab
  17. 17. The Met’s Primary Social Channels ● Facebook: 1.2 million likes ● Twitter: 1 million followers ● Instagram: 1 million followers ● Pinterest: 560,000 followers ● YouTube: 17,492,000 video views and 29,000 subscribers ● Flickr: 3,817,000 photo views and 22,000 photos in the Group Pool Social media posts in 2014 ● 3,812 tweets ● 2,997 pins and 18 new Pinterest boards ● 1,153 Facebook posts ● 417 Instagrams Social Media: @metmuseum Met Social Media team: @TaylorCNewby & @MuseumMammy
  18. 18. Additional Met Social Channels ● @MetPhotoStudio Instagram ● Special Events Instagram ● The Costume Institute Library Instagram ● Watson Library Instagram ● Watson Library Facebook page ● Visitor Services Instagram ● Thomas P. Campbell Instagram ● The Met Store Facebook page ● The Met Store Pinterest account ● The Apollo Circle Facebook page ● College Group at the Met Facebook page ● Met Teens Facebook Page ● K-12 Educators Facebook page ● Weibo account
  19. 19. @thomasPcampbell on Instagram
  20. 20. The Dirty Secret of Social Media: Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social media.
  21. 21. The Dirty Secret of Social Media: Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social media. Until you make a mistake.
  22. 22. Jabach painting blog posts by Keith Christiansen, head of European Paintings and Michael Gallagher, head of Painting Conservation
  23. 23. 5 slides w/ @5slidesApp
  24. 24. @Sree's Social Media Success Formula Your tweets, Facebook postings, etc, should have as many of these attributes as possible... helpful useful timely informative relevant practical actionable generous credible brief entertaining fun occasionally funny