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20140703 that´s hot! search trends 2014 bing ads chambaz


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That´s hot! Search Trends 2014

Erfahren Sie die neuesten Trends im Search Engine Marketing, über die Sie Bescheid wissen sollten.

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20140703 that´s hot! search trends 2014 bing ads chambaz

  1. 1. Capturing modern search intents Cedric Chambaz | Head of International Marketing Bing Ads @CEDRICtus @CEDRICtus
  2. 2. @CEDRICtus
  3. 3. The Digital Universe is Expanding… 2 BillionFacebook updates per day 300 MillionFacebook photos per day 350 MillionSnapchat photos per day 400 MillionTweets per day 5 MillionFoursquare check-ins per day @CEDRICtus
  4. 4. …and so are our Tools and Needs Users Rising Expectations Devices Constraints, Opportunities @CEDRICtus
  5. 5. Web innovation needs a search revolution @CEDRICtus
  6. 6. @CEDRICtus
  7. 7. @CEDRICtus
  8. 8. @CEDRICtus
  9. 9. Hallo Vienna! How can I help? @CEDRICtus
  10. 10. SEARCH REMAINS A DATA BASE OF informational navigational transactional INTENTS @CEDRICtus
  11. 11. Driving more user engagement with ads Year over year clicks on the Yahoo Bing Network Internal data, Yahoo Bing Network Feb 2014 vs. Feb 2013 +29% +190% MobileAll devices Ongoing focus on traffic and click quality Investments in Relevancy, Matching & Click Prediction New Ad Extensions & annotations: sitelinks, local & call extensions & annotations, merchant reviews How?
  12. 12. Ad extensions: going beyond the blue links to address intents Location Extensions Shows addresses & phone numbers for properties within 50 miles of user; map integration 2 2 Call Extensions Click to call on mobile, metered numbers; Skype integration, vanity local numbers 1 1 Sitelink Extensions Show up to 10 deep links with your ad 3 3 Rich Ads in Search Image, video & deep links for brand keywords Mainline exclusivity 4 4 @CEDRICtus
  13. 13. • Ads with SiteLinks show an average of 16% higher mainline CTR vs. text ads with no extensions. • Travel and Finance show particularly strong CTR uplifts. +16% +25% +24% +19% Overall Travel Finance Tech & Comms Internal Microsoft study, Dec 2013, Bing Germany. Analysis focused on advertisers who adopted sitelink extensions, and compared performance on a sample of traffic with sitelinks enabled vs. a sample of traffic with sitelinks capability disabled. +19% Entertainment +12% Retail +23% Auto SiteLinks Extensions German study SiteLinks vs. text ads click-through rate uplift @CEDRICtus
  14. 14. Ads combining extensions have a stronger CTR • Average CTR of a text ad with Ad Extensions is higher than that of a standard text ad without extensions. • Average CTR is higher when advertisers are leverage a combination of Ad extensions 14% 20% Text ads with SiteLinks Text Ads with SiteLinks & location extensions 7% Text Ads Internal Microsoft Analysis. 1 Oct - 20-Nov, 2013 Bing and Yahoo! O&O, UK PC and tablet only. Data represents the average mainline CTR performance for advertisers adopting the ad extension(s). @CEDRICtus
  15. 15. Bing Ads and Smart Search Larger ad formats & web previews – drive brand recognition and user engagement No additional steps for advertisers – the best quality ads in the Yahoo Bing Network are automatically eligible for inclusion Fewer wasted clicks – web previews let consumers know what they’re getting before they click Integrated Bing Ad Extensions – extra room so consumers can find, call, book, and more with a single tap or click @CEDRICtus
  16. 16. @CEDRICtus
  17. 17. @CEDRICtus
  18. 18. News Sports Finance Travel Weather New Windows to 8.1 Pre-installed Food & Drink Health & Fitness Coming Soon to Windows Phone 8 News Sports Finance Weather App available in the store Health & Fitness Food & Drink Travel @CEDRICtus
  19. 19. Impressions Age Gender 61% 29% Demographic Data Source: ANID (Internal Data), December 2013 Impression Data Source: RROD (Internal Data), December 2013 Female Male @CEDRICtus 7% 13% 13% 26% 26% 12% 12-17 18-24 25-34 35-49 50-64 65+ 914.855 692.026 421.664 7,724,188 2.701.504 244.216 2.457.418 Finance Food & Drink Health & Fitness News Sports Travel Weather
  20. 20. 5 Anchor Ad Sizes 250x250 300x250 728x90 300x600160x600 @CEDRICtus
  21. 21. Together, Yahoo Search and Bing deliver a competitive search offering that provides advertisers quality audiences through a new, enhanced global platform that enables stronger business results with less effort. @CEDRICtus