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Sumit nair portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio Sumit Nair Bachelor of Design in Product Design Department Of Design Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT) Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics specialization San Jose State University Contact:, Phone: 510-717-4069
  2. 2. Projects Design & Development of an Automatic TCM Wrist Pulse Meter Based on the cornerstone of the diagnostic methods used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), a wrist pulse meter was designed to sense 17 pulse characteristics and present data to Chinese practitioners. After researching TCM, sensor ® TCM pulse diagnosis was acquired and tested against required specifications. Pulse measuring approach in TCM and the Flexiforce sensor defined the design constraints. Brainstorming lead to 2 distinct ‘basic structures’; of which one design direction was pursued Concept Direction 1 Concept Direction 2 01
  3. 3. Projects Design & Development of an Automatic TCM Wrist Pulse Meter Insights gained from mock-up prototypes; hand covering to avoid sensor strain & The finger tip used PVC for rigid eliminate body & flexible support. Margin of electrical noise but a safety (determined through FEA) glove wont fit all sizes. was 1.84, proving the design flexibility whereas results from pulse readings with the finger tip were observed on oscilloscope Thus, the final proposed design had nitrile coated cloth with a Velcro strap to accommodate various hand sizes. 02
  4. 4. Work Experience Handcrafted Texturing and Detailing for eco-friendly Furniture This project was carried out in Elephant Design Private Limited, The texture and detailing for the Pune. The client was EDIDA furniture were made in such a AWARDS. way so that the best possible method to manufacture them is The challenge was to make it with the help of hands. With the competitive with existing intention of encouraging the products and still be ecofriendly. handicraft industry these Texture and table tops were constraints were built-in in flexible for user to adjust as per coordination with the handicraft his/her chioce. tailors. The final 3 options were selected after exploring various possibilities. 03
  5. 5. Work Experience Retail Outlet & Interior Design for a telecommunication service provider With a foresight for accomodat- ing the various kinds of layout and spaces varying from one retail outlet to the next the generic design had to be created. The design of the store should still be united under one umbrella of theme and look. The smooth flow of the custom- ers and ease of navigation within the store needed to be maintained. The theme had to follow the characteristics of the brand, namely excitement, technology and novelty in the communica- tion service provided. The retail outlet was also an oppurtunity to create a standout experince which leaves a lasting impression in accordance with the brand. Project completed at EDPL, Pune for the client Aircel. 04
  6. 6. Work Experience Exhibition Design for auto expo Striking a balance between aesthetics and budget, following the theme yet creating a distinct form for the project. The elements for the exhibition were designed. Through a form which was simple to create yet had the elements of the exhibition to become a part of it, the products were designed. The detailing was followed through and the final model executed. This project was carried out in Elephant Design Private Limited, Pune. The client was Bajaj. 05
  7. 7. Skills Sketching through Alias sketch- pro and Photoshop to generate ideas and present them. The SUV was sketched as a part of a background poster. The display was a part of the exhibition for varroc at the Auto Expo 2008 held in Delhi. The look of the SUV needed to represent perfection and ruggedness in its design. The skills developed in think3 were used in modeling and rendering products. The trophy for pune design festival was designed and rendered to be presented as a theme which reflects simplicity and accuracy as the guideline for the design festival. The model shows the trophy made from glass, steel and granite. 06
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  10. 10. Projects Product Design, Modeling and Simulation of Isotonic Energy Drink Can A prototype of the bottle was made in RPT. The logo and label were also designed. Incorporating the character- istics of energy in the form, the can was generated in 3D software model. 09
  11. 11. Projects Homeless Multi-Utility Cart 3D-Design Case study of the beggars of Guwahati followed by brainstorming for ideas for form with the attempt to create a form that follows function. 10
  12. 12. Projects Homeless Multi-Utility Cart 3D-Design Recumbent structure was preferred for final design of a cart which can be used to collect recyclables to provide an income, and serve as a shelter, for the homeless. Recumbent Cycle ® 11
  13. 13. Projects Design of a Wall Partition for Craft Industry The major challenge in this project was the use of locally abundant natural resources (coconut branches) to build a tangible product to promote small scale industries. The beauty of form was redounded to come up with the product which is a wall partition 12
  14. 14. Projects 3D-Design and fabrication of Air-Propelled Shallow Water Boat The final design considering for propellers and incorporating rescue boat features a scaled model of ratio 1:25 was made and details and intricacies figured out The spatial layout for the travel of eight travelers considering various human factors 13
  15. 15. Skills From making scaled models to form explorations to Software modeling to visualization drawing, skills were tenaciously developed. 14
  16. 16. Engineering Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Prosthetic Leg for Amputee Runners The load that develops on the lower blade of a transtibial prosthetic with Cheetah Flex-Foot® as a basis is analyzed through Finite Element Model ® Oscar Pistorius FE analysis for the carbon fiber blade of the flex foot for the various pressure points and stresses developing with the dynamic forces that act upon it 15
  17. 17. Graphic Design Designing of a Information brochure The Information Brochure for the department was designed to represent the department during IIT counseling. Ease of reproduction and modes of distributing were accounted as well. Creation of an Animated Movie Clip An Animation Movie Clip of duration 2:13 was developed which was the humoures reenact- ment of a scene from the famous Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ 16
  18. 18. Icons Three Line - Icons Icons were designed with a self-imposed constraint of using only 3 lines and 1 complex shading. Yin-Yang: Workings within On the field Preplanning and Striking the balance Learning/ Learnt Design & Engineering foresight Each icon emphasizes a prime aspect of that project that governed the design and thus represents my understandings from it Drafting and Project Detailing 3D Computer Manufacturing and In the Spotlight Visual through the Management modelling production lens of the designer