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Valet service marketing plan


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Marketing plan for Valet parking service using app

Published in: Business
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Valet service marketing plan

  2. 2. 1. Executive Summary
  3. 3. Valet Service is the first monthly parking spot that comes at your doorstep – they pick up your car, park it, and return it to you wherever you are. It is an automated long term parking for urban car owners. Valet service takes care of monthly parking, filling gas, car washes and maintenance. By 2020, Valet Service aims to achieve pioneer status as the go-to solution to eliminate the stress and inconvenience of parking in major cities. Valet service just opened its doors for business a little over a month ago. Business is good, and customers have been impressed with company’s offerings, but the company need to focus efforts on implementing the strategies, programs, and tactics outlined to differentiate with the present competitors like Constapark. Valet Service aims to evolve from simple monthly parking spot to car parking and multiple services like refuelling, car wash etc. with a single tap using the app. Without existence of any big competitor, it is the right time for the company to disrupt this $25 billion dollar parking and urban car service markets.
  4. 4. This presentation aims to make Valet Service as the market leaders in parking and urban car service markets and differentiating the company from its other competitors by providing hassle free parking and maintenance services which helps car owners and car drivers save a lot of time. In value terms, Valet Service will be about the same price but better than its competitor Constapark and will also focus on providing easy service to consumers. All of this can be achieved by placing Valet Service as a completely different service from its competitor Constapark by having multiple marketing campaigns that promote the different services offered by the brand and help customers differentiate the service from other similar brands. The presentation aims to achieve the brand vision we articulated for Valet Service and by 2020 we aim to achieve it.
  5. 5. 2. Situation Analysis
  6. 6. Company Overview: Valet Service ▸ Started business over a month ago. ▸Operates in parking and urban car service markets. ▸Core competencies: Hassle free parking and maintenance services ▸Closest competitor: Constapark
  7. 7. Market Overview: Valet Service ▸ Opportunities: Disrupt the $25 billion dollar parking and urban car service markets. ▸Threats: New entrants
  8. 8. Target Customers: Valet Service ▸ Age group: 18-60 years ▸ Car owners and Car drivers ▸ Stores facing parking issues ▸ Cab Service providers ▸ Stores in populated areas of the city. ▸ Real estate builders and management companies
  9. 9. 3. Goals
  10. 10. Goals: Valet Service ▸ Market leaders ▸ Projecting growth of 30% YOY ▸ Monthly revenue of 2500/car ▸ Projecting a profit of around 35 lacs in the year 2020 ▸Hassle free and time saving service provider.
  11. 11. 4. What is the strategy of Valet Service?
  12. 12. Target Market: Valet Service ▸ Customers: Efficient parking solutions and a stress-free and affordable maintenance services Profile: 1. Age group of 18-60 years. 2. People living in Urban areas 3. Middle class and upper class 4. Working professionals
  13. 13. Target Market: Valet Service ▸ Collaborators: 1. Cab service providers: Parking Solutions 2. Real Estate Builders: Parking Solutions 3. Malls and Shopping Complexes 4. Stores in populated areas 5. Corporates: Subsidised parking solutions.
  14. 14. Target Market: Valet Service ▸ Competitors: Constapark Points of Parity: 1. Valet on a Tap. 2. Safety and security 3. Get your car back on a single tap.
  15. 15. Value Proposition: Valet Service ▸ Customer Value: 1. Desired Value: Hassle free and affordable parking. 2. Perceived Value: By paying minimal monthly charges free and safe parking services are provided. Also an opportunity to get maintenance services.
  16. 16. Value Proposition: Valet Service ▸ Collaborators Value: 1. Desired Value: Parking space at minimal costs. 2. Perceived Value: Efficient and customised parking solutions incurring lesser costs compared to other solutions/infrastructure setup.
  17. 17. Value Proposition: Valet Service ▸ Company Value: Points of Differentiation: POD: 1. Re-fuel and car wash. 2. Vehicle drop-off facility 3. Track your vehicle 4. Monthly membership.
  18. 18. 5. What are different tactics of the company?
  19. 19. Product/Service: Valet Service ▸ Valet on a Tap. ▸ Safety and security ▸ Re-fuel and maintenance ▸ Time saving and hassle free service ▸ Track your vehicle ▸ Basic version of app: Free Premium version: $2.99 ▸ Monthly charges: $35 excluding other service charges
  20. 20. Brand: Valet Service Brand Identifiers: 1. Valet Service logo 2. Valet boy 3. Catchy taglines and slogans 4. Valet Service logos on products or services provided by different collaborators. 5. Valet persons in different parking spots and near traffic signals.
  21. 21. Price: Valet Service ▸ App: Basic Version: $0.00 Premium Version: $2.99/year ▸ Parking Service: Monthly charges: $35/vehicle ▸ Other Charges: Re-fuel: $1/vehicle Car wash: 3$/vehicle
  22. 22. Incentives: Valet Service ▸ Monthly discounts every time the subscription is renewed. ▸ One day free re-fuel and car wash per month ▸ Discount coupons for customers of different stores associated with the company. ▸ Competitive pricing with extra services ▸ Promoting collaborators on their app and placing brochures of collaborators in customer vehicles.
  23. 23. Communication Strategy: Valet Service ▸ App stores: Google Play Store, Apple store, Windows phone ▸ Advertisements on app’s of different collaborators. ▸ Banners and ads placed near parking spots and traffic signals. ▸ Social media awareness about the brand. ▸ Promotional strategies for customers buying a new car.
  24. 24. Distribution Strategy: Valet Service ▸ The service can be only availed through the app. ▸ Valet boy will be present at the location of pickup prior to your arrival ▸ Payment for any extra service will be done through app itself using payment platforms of other collaborators. ▸ A complete tracking service for premium customers.
  25. 25. 6. Implementation Strategy
  26. 26. Infrastructure Requirements: Valet Service Organization Structure R&D and Tech Customer Service Finance and Accounts Operations
  27. 27. Processes: Valet Service ▸ Buying or renting multiple parking spots in different locations across the city ▸ Hiring staff for fulfilling the valet service offerings ▸ Advertising the service extensively ▸ Collaborating with multiple businesses like: shopping stores, real estate builders, cab service providers. ▸ Proving a value investment for customers.
  28. 28. Future Plans: Valet Service ▸ Estimating a customer base of more than 1000 cars associated by the end of 2016. ▸ Delivering service to around 50-70 customers in the next 2 months. ▸ Collaborating with minimum of 10 stores in a particular city in next 2 months. ▸ After serving 1000 customers by 2016, expanding in nearby urban areas in the start of 2017 and so on.
  29. 29. SUMMARY
  30. 30. CREDITS Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ▸ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ▸ Wikipedia ▸ Constapark website ▸ Google Images ▸ Marketing Management by Philip Kotler ▸ Marketing Management Course by Udemy ▸ Website of Valet Anywhere
  31. 31. HELLO! I am Sumit Rajan Student at BITS Goa You can find me at @sumit.rajan3001 This presentation is a part of my work during an internship under Professor Sameer Mathur from IIM Lucknow.
  32. 32. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at