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IIFT Leadership summit- Data Analytics and Big Data Technology for business competitiveness


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This is the deck from my talk at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi on the August 28, 2013 at their Trade Winds 2013 Leadership Summit from the 'Data Analytics and Technology for business competitiveness' session.

This was a educational and informational session as the new MBA graduates were eager to know more about the Analytics Industry and opportunities in general

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IIFT Leadership summit- Data Analytics and Big Data Technology for business competitiveness

  1. 1. Data Analytics and Big Data Technology for business competitiveness Sumit Dhar Presented at IIFT Leadership summit, New Delhi August 27th 2013, New Delhi 8/28/2013 1Sumit Dhar ©
  2. 2. Topic of Presentation  Evolution of Data Environment  Current Data Ecosystem  Deconstructing Data Analytics  50000 ft View of Framework  Demand for Analytics  Interesting Examples  Why should a MBA be interested? 8/28/2013 2Sumit Dhar © High level conversation on Data, Analytics as a discipline, demand areas and how is it pertinent to today’s MBAs
  3. 3. Evolution of Analytics & Technology Ecosystem 8/28/2013 3Sumit Dhar © Today Enterprises have access to syndicated internal or even external data. ‘Big Data’ sources are creating new opportunities in value creation Adopted from AT Kearney- Big Data and the Creative Destruction of Today's Business Models
  4. 4. A Systemic View of 2013 ‘Big Data’ Ecosystem 8/28/2013 4Sumit Dhar © An Enterprise may store or have access to multitude of data sources from a diverse set of platform both internal or external to the organization
  5. 5. Deconstructing Data Analytics 8/28/2013 5Sumit Dhar © Data analytics is the discipline of using historical data- both internal and external in a enterprise to drive business decision and Strategy
  6. 6. Data Analytics Solution Framework 8/28/2013 6Sumit Dhar © Data Analytics in the Business Context is more than just ‘Data Science’, requires a mix of Business, Data, Techniques and Organizational Skills 1. Understand Business Goals 2. Charter Analytics Opportunities & Prioritize 3. Get Business Sponsorship 4. Identify Data & Data Stewards 5. Data “Munging” 6.Initial Data Analysis 7.Model Business Outcomes 8.Syndicate Insights & Actions Representative Consultative Framework
  7. 7. Business Demand for Data Analytics 8/28/2013 7Sumit Dhar © Enterprises- organizations and functions therein need insights and actionable intelligence to drive change and make bottom line and top line impact Signals indicate current penetration Adopted from AT Kearney- Big Data and the Creative Destruction of Today's Business Models
  8. 8. Interesting Applications of ‘Big Data’ Analytics 8/28/2013 8Sumit Dhar ©
  9. 9. Indian Industry Round up 8/28/2013 9Sumit Dhar © Data Analytics outsourcing to India was $ 375 Million in 2010 and expected to be $1,150 Million in 2015E Analytics Outsourcing 101 Sector Overview September 2012, Avendus Capital
  10. 10. What’s in it for me? 8/28/2013 10Sumit Dhar © Adopted from- 1. McKensey Global Institute , Big Data the next frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity 2. Heidricks & Struggles, Sourcing sorcerers How to find Top analytics leaders Brand Building Opportunity…
  11. 11. Parting Thoughts…  Data Analytics is a exciting new emerging are where Business, Analytics and Technology meet  Today Enterprises are leaving considerable digital footprint internally and externally which can provide insights and predictions into future business opportunities  Progress in computing technology now enables business to consume large portions of this digital footprint data  Analytics requires business alignment and sponsorship for insights generation and implementation  This is a growing discipline and requires talent with strong quantitative skills  The impending growth in the Data Analytics arena as a consulting or SaaS offering creates excellent long term career opportunity for new MBAs 8/28/2013 11Sumit Dhar © Let the excitement begin..
  12. 12. Thank you Sumit Dhar Mail: Twitter: @sxd213 Blog: 8/28/2013 Sumit Dhar © 12