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  1. 1. CICLO 2011-I Módulo: I<br />Unidad: 6 Semana:8<br />INGLES II<br />Angie Katherine BuitrònFernàndez<br />
  2. 2. UNIT 6: FOOD<br />
  3. 3. ORIENTACIONES<br />Espero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado:<br /><ul><li> Reconocer vocabulario referente a comidas, personas en un restaurante y preparación de comidas.
  4. 4. Comprender y utilizar los cuantificadores: much, many and a lot of y unidades de medida: a cup of, a bar of, twospoons of…etc.</li></ul>Recuerde que nuestro curso estará enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntos gramaticales, ítems que se tomará en cuenta en los exámenes y trabajo académico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar sus conocimientos y habilidades.<br />
  5. 5. CONTENTS<br />Vocabulary<br />Food<br />People and things in a restaurant.<br />Dialogues.<br />Grammar<br />Countable and uncountablenouns.<br />Quantifiers: many, much, a lot of.<br />Units of measure: a cup of, twoglasses of… etc.<br />Exercises.<br />
  6. 6. Did you eat any fish yesterday?<br />A: Did you eat any red meat yesterday?<br />B: Yes, I did. I had red meat for dinner.<br />A: Did you eat any peanuts yesterday?<br />B: No, I didn`t.<br />Note:For more vocabulary open your book to page 84.<br />
  7. 7. Can you bring me a menu, please?<br />A: Excuse me.<br />B: Yes. Can I help you?<br />A: Yes. Can you bring me some wine, please?<br />B: Sure. I’ll get some for you right now.<br />Note:For more vocabulary open your book to page 86.<br />
  8. 8. Are you ready to order?<br />A: Are you ready to order?<br />B: Yes, I`d like a large fruit salad and <br /> mashed potatoes.<br />A: Do you want something to drink with <br /> your mashed potatoes?<br />B: Yes. I’d like some cola, please.<br />A: Large or small?<br />B: Large, please.<br />Note:For more vocabulary open your book to page 86.<br />
  9. 9. Food and drinks<br />Bread<br />Cookies<br />Nuts <br />Crackers<br />Candy <br />Cheese<br />
  10. 10. Count vs. Non - count nouns<br />
  11. 11. Let`s practice<br />Readthesentences. Writethe plural form of thecountablenoun.<br />Mario got a postcardlastweek. Postcards.<br />Silvia receivedanawardlastyear.<br />Rafael has a sofa.<br />Julia needstobuy a necklace.<br />Sam isgoingtoeat a banana onhis break.<br />Anniebought a chickenfordinnerlastnight.<br />Shewantstobuy and Egyptiansculpture.<br />Write “C” in theblankifthenouniscountable and “UC” ifitisuncountable.<br />Bread (UC)<br />Rice<br />Coffee<br />Ketchup<br />Ice cream<br />mushroom<br />7. Apple<br />8. cheese<br />9. cake<br />10. sandwich<br />11. Fruit<br />12. water<br />13. Potato<br />14. Yogurt<br />15. Egg<br />16. Orange<br />17. Sugar<br />18. tomato<br />19. Lettuce<br />20. Carrot<br />21. Flour<br />22. Hamburger<br />23. Fish<br />24. tea<br />
  12. 12. Quantifiers<br />Totalkaboutlargequantitieswe use “much” (uncountablenouns), “many” (countablenouns)and “a lot of” (countable and uncountablenouns).<br />A lot of isalsopossible in questions and negatives ,butit’sless formal.<br />
  13. 13. Let`s practice<br />Fill in theblankswithHowmuchorHowmany.<br />WineHowmuch<br />Broccoli<br />Milk<br />Bananas<br />Eggs<br />cola<br />7. Beer<br />8. Onion<br />9. Bean<br />10. Mango<br />11. Rice<br />12. meat<br />13. Cake<br />14. Chocolate<br />15. Butter<br />16. Peanut<br />17. Oil<br />18. Red pepper.<br />Underlinethecorrectwordsto complete theconversation.<br />Steve: Do youeat(1) many / muchjunkfood, Melissa?<br />Melissa:Well, sometimes. Forexample, I eat(2)a lot of / muchsaltyfoods, likenuts and potatoships. But I don´teat(3) many / muchsweetfoods. I don`tlikethem.<br />Steve:Whathealthyfoods do youeat? Do youeat(4) a lot of / muchfruit and vegetables.<br />Melissa: I don`teat(5) many / muchvegetables, but I eat(6) a lot of / muchfruit. I loveapples.<br />
  14. 14. Jackieisbeinginterviewedabouthereatinghabits. Use a lotof , a lot, manyormuchto complete theconversation.<br />Interviewer: We`reheretoaskpeopleabouttheireatinghabits. Do youusuallyeathealthyfoodorjunkfood?<br />Jackie: Well, I eat (1) a lot of healthyfood, likefruit.<br />Interviewer:How (2) ______ fruit do youusuallyeat?<br />Jackie: I eat (3) _____. I havefruitwithbreakfast, with my sandwich at lunch, and sometimesafterdinner as dessert.<br />Interviewer: Whataboutsweets? Do youeat (4) ________ cookies oricecream?<br />Jackie: I don`teat (5) ______ cookies. Maybetwoorthree a week. And I don`teat (6) _____ icecream. I really try toeathealthysnacks, l ikenuts. <br />Interviewer: Do youeat (7) _______ potato chips?<br />Jackie: No. I don`tlikepotato chips. Can youbelieveit?<br />Interviewer:Howaboutbeverages? How (8) _________ coffee do youdrink?<br />Jackie: I think I drink (9) ___________ coffee. I drinktwo cups in themorning, and two more cups in theafternoon. It`s my onebadhabit!<br />
  15. 15. Units of measure<br />Two cans of soup<br />A carton of milk<br />A kilo of sugar<br />A piece /slice of bread<br />A loaf of bread<br />Milk, soup are uncountablenouns. Wesaya carton ofmilkbutnot<br />A milk. Wecannot use a in front of them<br />
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Let`spractice<br />Put a countableunit of measure in front of thefollowinguncountablenouns.<br />Bowlslicejar box piece bag head cup glass kilo<br />A bowl of soup.<br />A ___ of bread.<br />A ___ of mustard.<br />A ___ of cheese.<br />A ___ of cereal<br />A ___ of candy<br />7. A ___ of water.<br />8. A ___ of rice.<br />9. A ___ of lettuce.<br />10. A ___ of coffee.<br />11. A ___ of wine.<br />12. A ___ of meat.<br />13. A ___ of ketchup.<br />14. A ___ of icecream.<br />15. A ___ of tea.<br />16. A ___ of jelly.<br />17. A ___ of pizza.<br />18. A ___ cake.<br />Fill in theblankswiththeunits of measureaboveto complete therecipe.<br />Place a (1) kilo of meat in a largebowl and add a (2) ___ of cookingwine. Letitmarinateforonehour. Get a (3) ___of milk and drinkitwith a (4) ___ of cake whilethemeatmarinates. Next, get a (5) ____ of flour and mixitwith a (6) ___ of salt and pepper. Drainthe sherry fromthebowl. Addthree (7) ___ of mayonnaise and coveritwiththeflour mixture. In a large pan, melt (8) ____ of butter and frythemeatuntilitisgoldenbrown.<br />Kilo bottleglasspiece cup pinchspoonslice<br />
  18. 18. CHECKING KNOWLEDGE<br />I suggestdoingtheseactivities in ordertocheckyourunderstanding. Please pay attentiontothepages in bold.<br />STUDENT BOOK<br />Pages: 84,85,86,88,90,96,97<br />WORKBOOK<br />Pages:78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,90,91<br />
  19. 19. THANKS<br />